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Psalms 42:1-3 (MSG)- “A white-tailed deer drinks from the creek; I WANT TO DRINK GOD, deep draughts of God.

I’m thirsty for God-alive. I wonder, “Will I ever make it— ARRIVE AND DRINK IN GOD’S PRESENCE?”

I’m on a diet of tears— tears for breakfast, tears for supper. All day long people knock at my door, Pestering, “WHERE IS THIS GOD OF YOURS?

Systems, nations and territories have been asking; “WHERE IS THIS GOD OF YOURS?”. Our answer to them lies in drinking God. We won’t tell them, we would show them who we represent. we would “represent and re-present” the dynamics of God.

There are three brands of spirit that we need to get drunk in; 2 Timothy 2:7- “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind”. THE SPIRIT OF LOVE, POWER AND BOLDNESS. We need these triple combinations without missing anyone for effective demonstration.

It is those in the kingdom that really drink “spirit” not the worldly carnal people. Tell them to stop borrowing our words, if they really want to drink spirit, let them come to our camp (our joint). They will “Taste and See” that the Lord is good, they won’t “Taste and feel” because our “spirit diet” affects the sight.

Abnormalities are becoming the order of the day, hence, there is a need for the rise of abnormal breeds in God.

When a man is high, no one bothers to ask him where he got drunk because they are more concerned with the evidence.

Being drunk or high advertises itself with evidences. No drunkard tells any one that he is drunk, it is those that observed his actions that would conclude.

What matters in a bar is the substance you are served with not the place you are served. A drunkard doesn’t only show what he is served with, he becomes it by demonstration.

No matter how professional a drunkard is, he can’t tell when he will be drunk- “Tarry ye in Jerusalem UNTIL you are endued with power”, “UNTIL the spirit is poured upon us from on high”.

It is not the last drink or shot that makes a man high, it is the accumulation of what he has been drinking consistently and in patience over time.

If Jesus could turn over 600 liters of water to wine when he proposed that His hour hasn’t come, now that we know it’s our time to arise; “What would be said of us?”.

If men could still refer to God’s move through a man in 1930, what would be said of God’s move in our own days?

We are the move of God, we are the evidence nations are waiting for. We are the manifestation those in the valley of indecision have been waiting for. We are the medications for our sick world. We are the life saving system for this dying generation.

Men won’t have to wait for another generation for what God has commissioned for us to birth in this time. Men won’t wait for another move of God because we won’t miss out of God’s agenda for this season.

We would prepare His coming in details and mighty men of stature would emerge from among us. Pure breeds, spiritants and drunken masters.




The angels are brewing, the bar (His presence) is opened, the Holy Ghost is the bartender to give every man according to their thirst.

In this brewery, they don’t run out of stock. It’s going to be 12-hours non-stop drinking. We long to be intoxicated.

We won’t drink responsibly, we would drink intentionally till we enter that realm we desire. A realm of the usual where anything can happen.

We would demonstrate free madness as spoken in the scriptures that a spiritual man is mad (Hosea 9:7). We have come to understand that; it takes a level of madness to experience some spiritual dimensions and manifestations.

We would misbehave and demonstrate abnormalities. We would not only fall under the anointing, we would fall into portals and realms of the celestial.

We would see strange things and communicate with strange beings. Our manner of communication would be strange because we would speak mysteries in ancient language.

We won’t wait for our drink to ferment, it would be served fresh yet it will be 100% “Godkaholic”. We will purge and consecrate ourselves, we would avoid putting new wine in old wine skin.

Everyone of us will appear with different levels of thirst and desperation. Some we get knocked out by one teaspoon, some one cup, some one litre, some one gallon, and so on. Everyman with his vessels and limits.

It would be an experience that would provoke encounters and invoke celestial manifestations. The glory of the Lord would saturate the atmosphere like thick cloud and smoke.

In that realm, anything can happen ooo and it fit be you ooo. Don’t be surprised when the person beside you levitates or translocates, you pay attention to your own drink because suddenly, something strange will happen to you soon.

Get ready, plan and prepare to attend “FIRE IN MY BONES”, 12 Hours non-stop prayer cruise, JULY EDITION, 20th of July, 6pm to 6am. THEME- DRUNKEN MASTERS @RCCG, Messiah Praise Sanctuary, Redemption Camp.



There are dimensions of God we are yet to experience. The challenge over time has been that we are quickly too satisfied with a level and we remain there for long.

There are more encounters waiting for us, the Holy Spirit is calling us deeper.

A broken heart and a contrite spirit the Lord would not despise.

My heart is quaking right now, the distractions of my generation is bulky but there is a way out. In a time like this when information and revelations are increasing while adherences and performances are declining.

A new dawn and a new order. Men on retreat, take a position and posture in the spirit, incline your ears to the signals, stand on your watch tower and discern the season.

We can’t continue to be visitors in our secret place, we are to be dwellers. We won’t only desire His presence, we would seek tireless after it until the full expression is done on us.

Oh my comrades, do the needful for the seasons while these portals are opened. Let ascend and descend, caught in the third heaven to bring down God’s counsel for the now.

Where are the interpreters, watchmen, intercessors and nobles? I call you forth. It time for a personal solemn assembly and a corporate feast of incense. Let us walk in the reality of ancient wisdoms in the crucible of the mysteries of the ages.

Can you hear that sound in the spirit? Can you see those pictures, structures and patterns? Let’s take a new journey in the spirit, relinquishing every limitations of the flesh.


Galatians 5:16-17 KJV

This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.

[17] For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would.

Don‘t Feed the Flesh at the Expense of the Spirit.

Many times when you want you make progress in your spiritual Journey there are things that seems to weigh you down and back, and as you press into the Spirit by the word and prayer to know the lord, sometimes it feels like you should take a break.

You know what I mean right??

Like you’ve been praying and fasting, studying the word and you feel like.. can’t i have a break and watch a movie, a football match or go to the cinema?

I know a certain young man who fasted for many days. (No food and no water, he was praying and fasting). He made so much progress in the spirit , but after the fasting and prayer he went wild on eating and resting to “Gain Back” his physical strength.

But the problem was that he didn’t know when to stop. Soon enough he had fed his flesh so much that at a point it began to look as though he didn’t even fast at all, worldly and fleshly desires began to re-surface. He wasn’t WATCHFUL. ..

That’s how it is with US. We all face these things on daily basis, when the Spirit is nudging us to Pray and go further with him that’s when you want to watch the movie more, you want to sleep more, you want to eat more….

Sometimes it’s really hard I must confess, just when you want to start the sleep the Spirit begins to nudge You to Arise. The conflict between the Flesh and the Spirit. We must choose whom we shall submit to. But choose the discipline of the Spirit and walk into the liberty of God _ Hallelujah!!!

As great as these things are, you must know when to STOP and not allow your flesh overrun your spirit. Don’t play games till you can no longer study the Bible, don’t talk to bae or boo till you can no longer talk to GOD. .

Be watchful.

Tell me if this blessed you.


This does not in any way mean that it’s wrong to eat, or it’s wrong to go to the cinema or it’s wrong to play games. It means they shouldn’t take more priority than the things that really matter

David Oghenerobor

PUNCHLINES AT FACE TO FACE WITH GOD  “FLOOD OF THE SPIRIT”, 3 Days marathon fasting and prayer encampment, 25th to 27th of August, 2017, Akure, Ondo State.

PUNCHLINES AT FACE TO FACE WITH GOD  “FLOOD OF THE SPIRIT”, 3 Days marathon fasting and prayer encampment, 25th to 27th of August, 2017, Akure, Ondo State.


There are appointed men for appointed season. Something is about to happen to us, in us and through us.

*We don’t criticize grace here, we celebrate grace. We don’t envy what God in doing in the lives of other men of like passion, we covet the grace at work in them and we keep company with them. That’s how we roll, we know who we are.*

Any man that criticizes the grace of God at work in a life will end up a calamity in the ministry.

*When a man is not thirsty for more of God, it’s a signal of satisfaction. Compassion is not enough.*

The order of believers is the order of manifestation. Manifestation is a product of hunger and desperation for God.

*”You are the light of the world”- how long will you continue to look for who are? Look from within.*

Don’t talk God, show God. May it not be said of you that you are in place and the presence of God can’t be felt.

*Salvation has unveiled us to reveal Christ to everyone that comes in contact with us.*

The history of Jesus doesn’t change anything, it’s the revelation of Jesus that makes things happen.

*Show me what you are panting for and I will show you what you will show your generation.*

What you have burden for is a trace to what you are born to solve, nurture your burden.

*What God bestows on you is what is best for you, don’t be a waster.*

We are the extension of God in every sphere of life, dominion is our inheritance.
Tell my generation, we are coming. Men are on holy rampage, enough of the christian life being a laughingstock to many.



We are tired of being neither cold or hot,

Lukewarmness is a cancer to the health of our spirit,

We are the voice of God and not the “spit out of God”,

Our spiritual temperature must remain red hot,

This fire must remain on our heads until we see Him in glory,

Our hearts long for the flood of the spirit.

We don’t want to begin in the spirit and end up in the flesh,

Our generation is losing their secret place to sinning place,

The watch nights to chat nights,

Quiet times to slumber times,

A re-awakening is what our heart cries for,

Our hearts long for the flood of the spirit.

Our burden is becoming boring to us,

Little or no passion for end time move has become the order of the day,

We have no choice,

This ocean must drown us and carry us away from our comfort zone,

Here we are Oh Lord,

Our hearts long for the flood of the spirit.

“Where are the miracles our father told us?”,

We are tired of reading our inheritances from books,

We want to experience it ourselves,

Learning the practices alone is failing us,

We need help to be responsible to the principles,

Our hearts long for the flood of the spirit.

We don’t want to have confidence in the flesh,

This grace upon us must not be in vain,

That we may labour more abundantly,

We take a posture in the spirit,

We are not satisfied with Doctrines and theologies,

Our hearts long for the flood of the spirit.

The day is coming sooner than expected,

We have anticipated it for long,

The clouds are gathering,

The atmosphere is thick with the glory of God,

We are ready oh God!

Our hearts long for the flood of the spirit.

Men are rising,

Soldiers are at attention,

Men of like passion are waiting for where to drop their burden and take up another,

We won’t miss this rain of the spirit,

Akure (Ondo state)  we are coming,

Our hearts long for the flood of the spirit.

See you there, Shalom!



Hmmmm! We have remained stagnant for long. That we are floating in the ocean of the spirit doesn’t mean we are progressing. Though we are not drowning but being stagnant on the face of the water is not God’s intention for our life, “deep calls unto deep”.

It’s time to remove the life jackets we have held on too, we don’t want to float any more, we want to swim in the ocean of the spirit (Ezekiel 37). The ocean current is very high in this season as the spirit of God hovers over the waters. 

Let’s free ourselves from these life jackets of church doctrines, false teachings, spiritual negligence and complacency, pulpit rivalry, gospel without power and so on. They are only making us remain on a spot. We cannot experience the supernatural in full experience when we have these jackets on.

As for me, I will remain kitted in my swimming trunk of fasting and prayers, I would remove all life jackets and take a swimming posture as I plan to attend “FACE TO FACE WITH GOD” on 25th-27th, August, 2017. I will yield myself to the ocean current as I desire to navigate through deeper dimensions in God. 

I want to be soaked until the supernatural becomes my lifestyle. This spiritual journey is a metamorphosis that requires constant progress. I will release myself for this flood to carry me behold the natural realm of the flesh to a place of unlimited manifestations of the power of God.

God would be using Pastor Peter Olaniyan to stir the water, Pastor Pelumi Joshua would be increasing the frequency of the ocean current, Minstrel Oghenerobor David would be there to create an atmosphere of worship for everyone not to swim against the tides. 

Apostle Awe Ayodele would be there to show us different swimming techniques that we need as the ocean current increases, Olawade David would be there to give oxygen to those that are weary but has made up their minds to take this journey of the spirit, Prophet Jide Adesanya would be there to signal to us the pace we need momentarily.

If I were you, I will start preparing my swimming trunks and disengage anything that would rob me of missing this journey. Make it a date with God to see him FACE TO FACE, anticipate “FLOODS OF THE SPIRIT”.

Christ Church, Federal Housing Estate, Sagari, Akure, Ondo State is the Location.