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Dear Honey pie,

I find it important to discuss some issues that are of high esteem to me at this time as it appears more and more as though we can’t do without ourselves. Please, if you truly love me, give attention to every word I would emphasize in this letter and your adherence to the instructions would be a great prove of your love for me.

Bae, please, remind me moments after moments when I come around you at times and places that aren’t convenient that God has put me in your garden with a forbidden fruit that I can’t taste for the now until God hands you legitimately to me to be your gardener.

Remind me that there are other trees in your garden that I can eat from for the now which includes; the tree of your wisdom, intercession, expertise, counsel and comfort but that tree of knowing you in that “glory” in the other room is forbidden for the now.

If I persist in our relationship that I don’t want to only know you in the upper room that I want a taste of you in the other room, please tell me you will report me to God in this manner as Jesus said of his disciples; “out of all the brothers you have given me O God, I have kept all except David the son of Fornication”.

Please threaten me with a “red card” if I desire to give you a hard tackle. Don’t cover up for my excesses or inadequacies. Slap me if you can because that your anointed slap on my cheek in such moment can save God’s call upon my head.

If we get to see and be alone, if I tell you I want to touch you, remind me that I have come to a mountain that can’t be touched. If I move closer again to you on the couch, say to me again; “touch not my anointed and do my prophetess no harm”. If I’m not relenting after you have quoted these scriptures, please permit the anointing to slap me to come upon you.

If I get angry for you to have slapped me in such moment, tell me; “since the day lust crept into my heart till now, our relationship suffereth violence and the violent taketh it by force”. The slap and the scripture would reset me back to my default configuration and feel free to report my strange acts to my spiritual father that you know.

Masterqueen, If we are together alone and I tell you I feel led to lay hands on you, please tell me I’m the one that needs deliverance from lust and rebuke that strange desire. Don’t listen to me no matter the dimension of anointing you see me manifest when I’m alone with you and I tell you I want to impart you where no third party is.

I have a secret agenda if I tell you I want to do impartation for you in the bed room, bae wise up oo. Pray that God exposes and reveals every hidden agenda I have towards you both the good ones and the bad ones.

If I’m confident to tell you, I want to touch your body, be bold to tell me your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. If I tell you the Holy Ghost lives inside of me and I want to touch you, tell me at such moment that it’s lust you are seeing in me and not the Holy Ghost.

Don’t give me a mind when I tell you eyes should not see neither should it come to the heart of men what I had prepared for you as your lover in the secret place if you follow me. Tell me you can behold in open face like in a glass wherever I have prepared for you and God has also prepared something better for us when we get married.

If I tell you, I wish to be greeting you with a holy kiss as recorded in the scriptures, remind me about the account of Judas whose kiss on Jesus became an issue because it was done in the wrong place, for a wrong motive and at the wrong time.

If I tell you that “my case is different” also threaten me by saying; “my red card will be different” because I will it for committing the foul of kissing you while we are still courting.

Please don’t response to my chats or voice notes when I sing these songs to you; “draw me close to you, never let me fall” or respond in this manner; “if you want to fall, fall alone and not on me or with me”. If I also sing this to you late in the night; “I just want to be where you are, dwelling daily in your presence”, tell me; where you are now, I can’t be there and I can’t get to be around you daily for the now.

Bae, don’t let these my strange actions discourage you or doubt my love for you. I will try to avoid them from happening but if it eventually happens, please do the necessary. I know there will be moments where I feel like touching and cuddling you but I will try to fight this good fight of faith to make purity our watch word in our relationship and I won’t bridge my commitment in upholding it.

My love, I know there will be moments when we are together that your own body will be doing “gim gim” towards me too. Please, try and curtail it oo. Don’t let me know and pretend that you are fine because I may just be waiting for you to throw yourself to me at such a time to take the advantage.

Remember, in our society, women mostly get the blame, you can ask the woman caught in the act if adultery that was brought to Jesus. I believe it takes two people to commit adultery, I wonder why they spared the man after they were caught in such act.

This proves the point that, purity in our relationship to a large extend is determined by you as I also strive to play my part.

Bae, remind me that we will one day tell our children and generation how we prepared ourselves for our marriage. We won’t tell our story as a lesson for them to avoid our mistakes because everything done in the secret would have to be revealed in the opened and we would be hypocritical if we tell them to do what we couldn’t do in abstinence and purity.

Please, tell me of a time after we now have access to know ourselves anytime, anywhere and anyhow that I can be around you for days and not feel like touching you because I would have been used to it and at that time what would sustain our love would not only be sex.

I’m still finding it difficulty to believe it that I will be around you under such hospice and spare you, I’m anticipating such a time someday sha. Maybe I don’t get it, I’m trying to fathom it that you will be under my “ministration” in the other room and I won’t stir the anointing to lay hands on you and impart you saying “such as I have, I give you”. We shall see, only time would tell.

I see you dear, I love you for you.
Your soon to be Boo.

Senior Advocate (Prophetic Romance Constituency), Association Of Baeless Single Brothers Of Nigeria.




Based on reports from married people. I have been made to understand that there are days you will be begging your spouse to allow you rest small, that you are tired of sex. And she will say NO WAY.

I learnt that some people even used to promise their wives gifts of cars etc, just to let them rest for some days. And the woman will say NO WAY.

Some women said that some times, when its getting dark, their body will start shaking. And in the midnight, they will face the wall pretending that they are snoring. So that the master will not start work again. But yet, the man will still rise up in power to possess his possession.

The sex they were crazy about when they were unmarried is now what they are running from. Friends that sounds interesting.

Now I know why Joseph ran away from Portphars wife. Because he remembered that days are coming when he would be legally married and he will be the one running from sex from his wife.

I am talking to my fellow unmarried people who will soon get married. If Joseph could achieve it without the Holy Spirit dwelling inside if him, we can do better, sir.

Speak to your hormones. Bring to subjection every thought and imagination any time they want to raise their heads above the knowledge of Christ.

Days are coming, according to married people. And I know that it is not far, when we will be the ones running away from that ‘program’.

May we not drive God away from our lives because of loneliness. There is nothing you bear for God that He will not pay you back for.

Sister, don’t honour that invitation this weekend.Keep that your body for the Holy Ghost. It will not be long. That spouse will come. And according to them, you will be the one running away.

But me, Iyke Oriaku. I am waiting to see how I will ever run away from such a divine program. After all these years. And someone will expect me to ever run away from that working place.

OK. Till then, Lol. I love you…



Gen 11:6 …, and now nothing they have imagined they can do will be impossible for them”.

Lots of young ladies have taken the purity covenant, yet find themselves being lured,  young men who want to abstain find themselves falling into the act and some married people do not seem to be able to gain control over their  sexual escapades.

 I’ve come across articles, attended seminars, read books, listened to tapes, yet this menace doesn’t seem to leave the society. The quest for a sexually pure world don’t seem to leave the lips of so many in the society, yet, we hear of more perverts by the day.

 The messages couldn’t have been wrong but more emphasis has been placed on the action to resist rather than the *SOURCE* of the action. 

Behind every action is a cause in the mind. No one acts without thinking, not even an insane person.  

Impurity as a state does not just come upon people, it stars from seemingly unharmful little thought in the mind which is retained and processed till it multiplies and the actual act is carried out.

Many a times, we are too quick to mention how Joseph in the scripture ” _fled_ ” from Potiphar’s wife without considering the thought procession in his mind. 

His ability to flee was not because Potiphar’s wife wasn’t beautiful nor rich, of course, a rich man’s wife is expected to be. Joseph’s ability to flee wasn’t magic, neither was he already programmed like a robot, Uncle Joseph had flesh and blood running in his veins.

He had been pressurised several times before she finally grabbed him yet, he found it difficult to do because he had not retained it in his mind. He said, ” _how could I do such an immoral thing and sin against the Lord”._ It was unimaginable.  Amnon, Tamar’s brother was able to rape his sister because he had imagined it immediately his friend advised him to. 

You are only able to consume a meal offered to you because you’ve initially imagined the satisfaction and pleasure you’d derive from it. A house would never be built without an already laid foundation.

The human mind is constantly a battlefield. the battle for purity is a never ending one hence, the need to *DILIGENTLY* guard it (placing all care and attention to it).

The only reliable and consistent way to control your actions is to control your thoughts. 

One could Wonder, how would I guard my heart? 

By being Productive.

A difference exists between being productive and being busy. A busy person could only be occupied with a lot of activities but not result but for productivity, every of your effort is geared towards yielding results. Do not stay idle, an idle mind is a play ground for licentious thoughts.

Also, avoid things or people that propel such thought. This includes staying away from romance novels, music videos/audios and pictures, keeping off from friends that discuss only immoral discussions and REPLACE  them with books and programs that edify and likewise keeping a company that think aright. An inch of  thought might surface but keep a sieve handy to sift out any unholy thought that is not in conformation to God’s will and your destiny.

Sexual impurity(Masturbation, formication, homosexuality and adultery) beclouds one’s sense of judgement and thinking pattern. 

The fight for purity is a fight for wholesomeness, you can stay pure AGAIN!

you’re too dignified and special to fall back into it.

 *You are the change the world is waiting for, let the change begin with you.*



DECISION: The very first thing I believe is needed to keep your virginity till marriage and
to stay sexually pure is decision. You have to get to the point that you are convinced
that this is the right thing to do, and then you make a decision based on your
conviction. The decision has to be from your personal conviction.
A decision you make from your personal conviction will be easier to keep, irrespective
of who is watching or not. You will be holding yourself accountable to your decisions,
which is the sweetest part of it all. The very fact that you are doing what you are doing
out of your conviction, not because someone else forced you to gives you a good
feeling. Knowing that you are doing want God wants you to do, and at the same time,
you are in charge of your life. I like that feeling!
I was only 10yrs of age when I made this wonderful decision, I went to the altar to
make a covenant and vow to God all by myself. Looking back at that incident now,
which is still very vivid in my mind, I still get amazed at myself. All I can say is thank
you Jesus for how far you have brought me; you are indeed a covenant keeping God.
PRINCIPLES: Secondly, it is very important to set principles for yourself. The rules you
will live by personally in other to achieve your goal of staying sexually pure and keeping
your virginity till marriage. Without a set of dos and don’ts for yourself, you will easily
go overboard without realizing it. You have to have a standard to live by.
In my case my number one principle (out of many others) was not dating. I decided not
to date anyone. I have a lot of male friends; I resolved to building strong and healthy
relationships with the opposite sex, but not dating until I am ready for marriage. The
very first man I date for real will be my husband. Yes and that is what it has being by
God’s grace.
Some people find this very strange, but sincerely speaking this is the best decision I
have ever made, as regards staying sexually pure. I believe is the best decision anyone
can make. This has given me the privilege to build strong and healthy relationship with
the opposite sex, and at the same time enjoying my single life.
Yes the single life is a beautiful phase of life. But very few people really get to know the
beauty of this phase of life, talk more of enjoying it. They are busy moving from one
sexual relationship to the other all in the name of dating. As long as I am concern, in
my opinion, dating is a distraction.
CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS: Thirdly, you have to choose your friends! Be friendly with
everyone but don’t let everyone be your friend. Choose friends that have same values as
you, not the ones that will try to talk you out of your conviction. Let it be friends that
will encourage you, a friend you can be accountable to and vice versa. A friend that will
tell you the truth and believe in what you believe in.
MAKE YOUR STAND KNOWN: fourthly, you have to be vocal about what you believe in,
by so doing you keep yourself in constant check. It greatly helps to let does around you
know your believes, and make them respect your believes. Don’t let anyone intimidate
you. Be polite and firm about your beliefs and decisions for your life. Don’t force it on
others and don’t let others force theirs on you.
CHOOSE WHERE YOU GO: Fifthly, you have to choose where you go to and where not
to go. Avoiding being in a confirmed room with the opposite sex alone is a wise
decision “He that thinks he stands should take heed least he falls”. You have to avoid
going for wide parties and clubbing. Why set a trap for yourself. If you are on a diet,
and you go to seat in fast food joints for hours, I wonder how far you can really fight
the temptation of not breaking your diet. In my humble opinion, it is better to just stay
CHOOSE WHAT YOU LISTEN TO: sixthly, the truth is you become what you constantly
listen to. Be careful of the kind of music you listen to, the movies you watch, the books
you read, the kind of conversation you listen to and engage in. Guild your heart with all
The three gates to your soul are; your eyes, your ears and your mouth. I am very strict
when it comes to my choice of music. If it does not edify, then is not for me.
GET BUSY: Seventhly, when you occupy yourself with the right stuff, you have no time
to think about the wrong stuff. “An idle mind is the devils workshop”. When I was in
college, I so occupied myself with different self-building activities, ministry, school work,
etc. that I barely have free time. My free times were times I slept. There was never a
moment of boredom with me, even till date. There is always something to do! Yeah,
welcome to my world of enjoyment. Smiles!!!
STAY AWAY FROM ALCOHOL: Eighthly, a lot of people struggle with alcohol addiction.
It is better not to drink alcohol at all. During my counseling sections on this topic, some
people admitted to the fact that they were drunk the day they were sexually violated, or
gave in to sex freely ‘under the influence of alcohol’. Some said their drinks were
drugged and after which they were raped.
Stay away from alcohol and save yourself the head and heart ache. There is nothing
special about alcohol that you cannot do without. Some will argue, I drink but I don’t
ever get drunk. Really? Bravo! We should give you an award, big deal isn’t it? Alcohol
has addictive tendencies, and besides that alcohol is not good for your overall healthy
(body). So stay clear of the deceptive friend called alcohol.
I hope the above few points where helpful to you. I mean those who want to keep their
virginity till marriage, those practicing abstinence and those who wants to stay sexually
I want you to know that keeping your virginity to marriage and staying sexually pure is
not difficult or impossible as some people will like you to believe. Do not buy into such
cheap lies.
It might be demanding but not impossible!
It might be challenging but is obtainable!!
It definitely will demand discipline but is worth it!!!
My journey so far has not being without challenges. At the same time it is not difficult
as some people will want you to believe. I am enjoying every minute and second of my
life. I am glad I made the decision and vow to dedicate my body to God. I believe you
can also do the same. To God be the glory for how far He has brought me. God can
also do the same for you if you ask.
I love living life, Jesus makes it all beautiful!!!!
I hope this massage helps someone out there struggling with the issue of sexual purity.
It doesn’t matter how far you have fallen, if you will only take the decision and ask the
Holy Spirit to help you, surely He will.
Finally, sexual purity is not only for singles, even married people struggle in this area. So
take decisions, set your principles and boundaries and let the Holy Spirit help you.
I wish you a happy life, and a happy married life.
Stay blessed!!!
Dr. Bien Sufficient.



Dear Teenagers, Youths, Boys and Girls…..
Your virginity is not something to be ashamed of, but rather something to be proud of.
The moment you mention the word virginity, then you begin to get those that will
antagonize you immediately, even “Christians”.
Their argument is that virginity is not purity; people do all kind of things (kissing,
caressing, oral sex etc.) as long as they don’t have sexual intercourse, and then they
call themselves virgins.
As much as there might be some facts in the arguments above….
My question is why will you choose to think that anyone that is a virgin is involving in
some other kinds of sexual act?
Second, do you mean to tell me that there are no decent virgins who have kept their
sexual purity till marriage?
Third, why do we always choose to rather jump into conclusion, taking sides on the
negative side as long as this topic is concerned?
We do not want people to talk about the topic of virginity, who ever does, is criticized.
The next thing you will hear is; you are condemning those who have lost their virginity.
Virginity is not the key to heaven etc.
To set the record straight, these series of articles that I will be writing is not in any way
condemning or criticizing anyone. Rather the purpose of these articles is to encourage
our young ones to keep their virginity and sexual purity till marriage.
Yes virginity might not be a key to heaven, but it might just be the key to avoiding
unhealthy relationships, unnecessary heart breaks, sexual transmitted diseases,
unwanted and teenager pregnancies etc.
We are leaving in a time when sex is being sold at every corner you turn to. Different
kinds of sexual perversions are spreading in our world today, pornography, television
shows, movies, adverts, sex magazine, erotic movies and songs etc. all selling sex,
just to pervert the heart of young people. Painting a picture that suggests that virginity
and sexual purity is a myth (impossible or unattainable).
People are proud of doing what is wrong, and try to shout out those who are doing
what is right.
Virginity in our generation today is termed old fashioned; hence every young person
wants to get rid of their virginity. Those who are virgins hide it for the fear of being
Our children from the tender age of five and above are already sexually active. Many of
them are being sexually abused by adults. Teenagers are being trapped into the sexual
act by peer pressure.
Teenage pregnancy is increasing by the day. Sexual transmitted diseases on the
rampant. Yet anyone who dares to talk about sexual abstinence or virginity is tagged as
judging or criticizing.
No that has to challenge!!!
Our young people need to know what the truth is. They need to have a role model that
is doing what is right. Not some porn stars and prostitutes modeling the wrong values
to them.
We have to speak out for what we believe in. we need to direct our youths right. So let
the campaign for virginity, abstinence and sexual purity begin!
And yes there is nothing wrong with keeping your virginity to marriage.
Your virginity is your pride, oh yes! It is very fashionable.
Your virginity is something to be celebrated and not ashamed of.
The next time your friends try to talk you down or belittle you because you are still a
virgin, let them know that what you have they have lost, and can never have it again.
They can never be like you anymore, but any day you decide to be like them, you can
be like them is not difficult.
What you have is priceless and there is no value to what they have.
Why? Because there is nothing like save sex outside marriage.
Never allow yourself to be intimidated again because you are a virgin. Rather celebrate
your innocence and your pride.
For those of you who might have lost your virginity, either willing or unwilling through
(rape or sexual abuse) don’t beat yourself up. There is what I call secondary virginity
I have divided virginity into primary and secondary groups:
Primary virgins are those who have kept their virginity from birth, those who have never
being sexually active.
Secondary virgins are those who have being sexually active previously; but have now
chosen to practice abstinence till marriage. Both categories are priceless, they are
saved from unnecessary head and heart aches.
Say no to premarital sex! Sex can wait!! Sex is not love!!!
A relationship whose only bond is sex will not last. Be wise and avoid unnecessary
heart breaks. If he/she loves you they will wait.
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