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I have met quite a number of young believers in meetings and what I experience around them never ceases to amaze me. These experiences left me with answers why many young folks would never carry the fire of God despite their activities and “passion” for God.

Meeting some of them for the first time, before discussing in two statements, I hear them bring tell me; Last week, I was at Koinonia in Zaria with Apostle Selman, I will be at Convergence this weekend with Apostle Arome Osayi and next week, I will be at “Fire In My Bones” with Pastor Daniel Olawande, next month, I will be at Face to Face with Apostle Tosin Adegoke.

Don’t get me wrong sir, I’m not saying attending meetings is outrightly wrong. I attend some of these meetings too consistently but I would be addressing some strange motives on this caption

I get to listen some folks arguing at meeting and some come to ask me, who is more anointed among Apostle Johnson Suleiman, Pastor Paul Enenche and Pastor David Ibiyeomen. So painful to hear this among folks. Please, how did we get here? Who did this to us?

I was conversing with a folk online who told me he felt led to follow me and he started telling without asking him his spiritual port folio. He said he has over 500 messages of Apostle Selman, over 300 messages of Apostle Arome Osayi. When I heard that, I told him; “you don’t need to follow me, go and do the instructions in the messages. I’m surprised that your spiritual life still lacks evidence all this while”.

I’m not among those men that are looking people to follow them as a proof for spiritual growth, I’m among the gang that are looking for more pathways of the spirit to follow and looking desperately for more signs to follow our lives as we also look for more prices to pay.

I was chanting with a folk of recent and he started telling me about great men of God that have laid hands on him that he is still reaching out to more hands to be laid on him. I laughed, as I wondered how he has seen laying on of hands as a short cut to spiritual growth.

Thank God for the hands that have been laid upon me but my desire and concern is laying hold of more dimensions of God personally in my closet.

Listen to me, if there is any shortcut to spiritual growth then it must be a broad way to spiritual retrogradation if not properly approached. I don’t think any believer needs a prophet to know that prayer, fasting and study of the word has no substitute in our quest to host the presence of God.

Those great men of God with proven track records of kingdom exploits that you are running after their ministrations touching their cars or clothes for transference of the anointing, ask them if that was the method they used to attain the dimension they are operating from?

Even if you see them transfer the anointing with their handkerchiefs, why can those materials carry the anointing while your own head is still empty after many hands have been laid on it?

A preacher’s popularity can’t ignite the fire of God to you, go to the secret place. Visiting a man of God will not confer the power of God he carries on you until you visit where he visited or visits momentarily, the place of prayer.

Elisha saw beyond carrying the bag of Elijah and calling Elijah his father in the Lord. He built a capacity in hunger and thirst to carry double portion of the anointing. God told Elijah to transfer his anointing to three people due to the magnitude; Hazael, Jehu and Elisha.

Three people were qualified to substitute for Elijah’s departure. Meaning they were qualified to get one third of the anointing each but Elisha’s thirst and capacity made him to get double portion of the anointing not the following alone.

I hear folks say, if so so man of God is not coming to that conference, I won’t attend. Hmmm, this mentality of knowing the guest minister coming for a meeting before attending shows that you are not really hungry for God. If a man is really hungry, he does not care about who serves him or the kind of restaurant to visit.

What a saga, many are missing in their secret place while they are always available in different public meetings, that’s why their spiritual lives have no evidence of tangible results and track records of consistency.

Some are trying to dodge spiritual responsibilities and commitments by keeping relationship with a man of God and attending “big” conferences. Listen to me; “kolewark”. Let your motive for attending meetings be out of the capacity you have developed in the secret place, that’s is how you can sustain, utilize and effectively maximize what you receive from a meeting or relationship.

I have tried to engage some of these folks who claimed to be consistent in attending quite a number of different meetings, have volumes of messages and different hands laid on them. When I tried praying with them, in less than 30 minutes they yawn in weariness and I wonder how all the claimed spiritual pedigrees can’t build their prayer life over time.

Listen to me, there are some folks who are in the secret without seeing their faces regularly in public meeting but are desperately burning for God. Very soon, the line of demarcation would be drawn between those that are really seeking God and those that have been carried away by activities. Only time would tell, the results would soon speak.

These folks may not attend many public meetings, they may not have all the tapes, they may not read all the books, they may not have several hands laid on them, their spiritual father and mentor may not be popular, they may not have the contact of “big” man of God or may not be privileged to snap pictures with anyone of them but their consistency and fervency over time would soon speak.

Don’t be intimated if you are in that category, only make your prayers in the secret place more intensed and see what follows you later. Hear me, using a popular man of God as your profile picture can be a way of honoring them but that’s not what adds to your own spiritual profile.

I’m looking for a generation that would focus on the dimensions the men of God ministered and be provoked to pray than the man of God. I’m looking for men that would run into the bush or their prayer closet after a minister’s ministration rather than running after the minister. Sir, impartation is good but consistency and commitment to spiritual growth is the ultimate.

Enough of young people who love traveling with men of God than travailing with them. We miss it when we prefer to chat with ministers rather than chant with them. We are now taking most of our time with our mentors and spiritual fathers playing with them instead of praying with them. We are becoming familiar with them because we spend more time organizing meeting with them rather than agonizing in prayers for what we desire in them.

Many words, encounters and spiritual realities have passed you by because you despise the preacher for not being popular or the meeting for not being the “big” conference you desire.

Please, take heed to these. You can change this false mentality. You can carry this fire and host his presence if you engage the right approach.

PS; I will be at the meeting, Face to Face with God, Ado Ekiti, a 3 days Marathon prayer and fasting encounter on the 20th to 22nd of July as we consider “How To Host The Divine Presence”, powered by Holistic Healing Crusaders. I believe we would be able to expound on this caption more.