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John the Baptist was filled from the womb since he was conceived by Elizabeth (Luke 1:15). When Mary visited Elizabeth, John from the womb caused his mother to be filled in the spirit (Luke 1:28, 41-45) and she prophesied.

In this glory realm, our children would be filled with the Holy Ghost from the womb. We won’t be surprised when our children kick in the womb and their mother is slain to the extent of falling under the anointing.

We won’t mistake it for health issues or dizziness, we would catch the signals that it’s the supernatural in play.

Gone will those days when an anointed christian couple would have sexual intercourse in marriage and be ashamed because they see it as carnality.

In our time and days, we won’t be ashamed because heaven would bear witness to the day for the conception through the intercourse would be a glorious seed that would shake generations to come.

We would finish sexual intercourse with our spouse, we would thank God, agree together, pray in tongues and prophesy. We would catch vision about our seeds. We would feel the sensation of the anointing during and after the intercourse.

Our children won’t need to pray against generational curses having effect on their lives because we would have completely overcome it for them before they were conceived.

Our children would flow in the supernatural from the womb and we won’t be surprised if the first statement they would make would be in other tongues.

In our family, unknown tongues would be the official language for all. Before we tell our spouse good morning, we would first of all “skabosh” and she would respond in this manner “lankuata lakete”.

When our children act nasty, we would punish them by sending them to our prayer room to pray in tongues for 5 hours and we would join them to engage in the exercise. Our spouse won’t be able to beg for our children because our punishment would not damage their body but would always edify their spirit.

_We would change the word over our children, “in sin did my parents conceive me” to making our children tell their generation, “In righteousness did my parents conceived me”._

*We would validate the statement by getting married to the right spouse, practice courtship in purity no matter how our body do “gim gim” and avoid marriage crisis in the long run.*




Please, I won’t listen to any apologies or explanations on his behalf and I would be so factual to communicate my plight.

Often times, we have been mistaken to be “twin brothers” but he does not care to leave me as a “single brother”.

He accepted that I’m is brother on different occasions when he was asked but he didn’t tell me how to make a sister around me accept relationship proposal even when we see on different occasion.

He told me to always sustain the fire in my bones but he didn’t tell me to look for a sister that carries fire to be the bone of my bone as he did.

He told me the Lord would make “everything beautiful in his time’ but he didn’t tell me to look for a sister that his “beautiful all the time in everything” as he has found sister Nifemi.

He told me I need to be “prophetic to be impactful”, he didn’t tell me I needed to be “prophetic to be romantic”.

He told me “how necessary it is to be engaged with the things of God” but he didn’t tell me “how necessary it is to be engaged to the sister of God”.

Anytime we meet, he tells me about the “move of God in the public” but he didn’t tell me “the sister of God is moving him in the secret”. Please help me ask him, is that not “hypocrisy”.

The last time we saw, he addressed me as “boss” with the same mouth he uses to call sister Nifemi “Bae”. Thank God everyone knows who the Boss is between us and who the Bae is. Please, is that not “deceptive”.

Lol, you think I didn’t know that it was not flesh and blood that revealed the pattern of your proposal to you that day at RCCG Youth centre.

You think I didn’t know that it was the gift of discerning of spirits that you used to capture that song you sang before the proposal, “Ife re po, ife re po gan”.

Baba, you sly me big time and you know I’m really going to get back to you. Lol, from today I “dis-twin brother you oo” and don’t beg me.

I love you sir, thanks for always inspiring me. Been a long time coming Boss. Together we would be all that Christ has made us and do our part in heralding this generation.

I put my hands into yours and would stand by you till the end. You are my brother, my daddy is your daddy and importantly, my God is your God. Lol, I know some folks are expecting me to add “you spouse is my spouse” but I don’t want to die young. Our daddy (Daddy G.O) during the wedding anniversary told us that he can kill because of our Mummy (Mummy G.O) and I know definitely you can do the same with same believe and covering.

We are connected for life. Greater things are ahead of us. Let’s keep pressing and progressing. Our beginning is yet to began, we are still warming up.

Our minds are made up, our heads are up high and our eyes are on the goal. Everyday is a plus for us.

Thanks for checking on me this morning. I’m not taking it for granted neither did I deserve it, love made it all possible.

Now, I’m waiting for who will apologize or give an explanation on your behave.



The aim of this article is not to actually give an excuse for being single neither is it to advertise my status to attract people to my present condition but to encourage others who are also in my shoes even though I’m planning to come out soon. I’m about to upgrade to that realm too.

I know there are many out there who think something is wrong with them for being single till now even when it appears that many around them are engaged, married and raising their children. Don’t worry that Mr. or Miss right is coming your way soon. Be discerning, time and chance happens to it all. 

Often, the reason why you feel something is wrong with you is because you compare yourself with others and listen to what others are saying. 

As for me, parents, friends, pastors, fathers and mothers in the faith have asked me how long will you remain in this status without a clue?

Some told me that I’m really in a confused state, I told them confusion is an under statement because sometimes, everywhere looks like the way and being surrounded with wonderful great minds of like passion is not helping my matter at all (Winks).

They told me, “you need to get engaged as soon as possible to avoid the temptations of seeing beautiful sisters as you go about with the ministry”, I replied that “getting engaged does not stop other sisters from being beautiful anywhere I go”. I’m yet to get a prove that ministrations can stop one’s beauty or volumes of itineraries of a minister could close down beauty shops in areas where he would visit.

They said I’m getting older by the day, I responded by saying “I don’t need a prophet to tell me that, the rate of the growth of my beard lately is enough”. I also need a confirmation that being in a relationship increases or reduces a man’s age.

They brought to my knowledge that marriage is very important in one’s quest to fulfilling destiny, I responded from what my beloved sister, Dr. Bien Sufficient taught me over the years “purpose is greater than marriage and of what use is my marriage if I’m drowning in the ocean of purpose”. The greatest discovery of a man after knowing who God is to him is purpose not his spouse to be (though it’s also very important to discover your future partner).

They reminded of the fact that there is a vacuum in my heart that if not filled as soon as possible, I might misbehave. I smiled and responded by saying, “the vacuum has been there since I was born while haven’t I been mishaving and why is it that there are folks who has filled their vacuum yet still misbehaving?”.

They said I might not be able to control my body from doing “gish gish” again if I continue on this status. I said “getting engaged or getting married is not the remedy to stop this, it our natural body reaction”.

Folks, please, if you see or know my Miss Right, tell her I won’t tarry long again and if she hears my request she shouldn’t harden her heart.

To be continued, follow closely.



Some folks have asked me lately about proposing to someone and they get a “no” for an answer while others said what if the person they desired is not showing any attraction.

Hmmm! I have my reservations though and I’m not a relationship expert as it appears. I’m even yet to really experience one and if they knew I wasn’t engaged, they would have understood they met the wrong person on the subject. Lol, it appears like the blind leading the blind.

These are my reservations;


A. Anyone that rejects you the way you are out of God’s will as a man gives your future spouse (wife) the opportunity to appreciate God for bringing a wonderful man like you her way if you have discovered purpose and on the quest of fulfilling it. Be of good cheer.


B. Anyman you desire but not showing attraction signals that he is not for you, your “Prince Charming” is on the way. Don’t attract someone’s so you won’t fall in the wrong hand. You don’t have to let someone who shouldn’t be occupy your heart, that’s not how to prove that humans are “matter” and can occupy space. The scripture “occupy till I come” is for our soon King Jesus, not someone “occupy till He(your prince charming) comes”.


C. Purpose is greater than Marriage and marriage is a choice. God allowed Adam to have the understanding of his purpose and the assignment before him before the need of a help meet. Why are so worried to discover your spouse when you are yet to discover purpose?

If young people give attention to “purpose discovery” the way they give attention to “spouse discovery”, the world would have been better than this. Many ideas, innovations and inventions have been lost on the journey of relationship and marriage.

If young people can listen to messages and attend seminars on purpose the way they listen to messages and attend seminars on relationship, the population of young people that are mediocres would have been negligible by now.

And to those changing fiance and fiancees like clothes, I tell you “weldone sir and weldone ma”, if you have been changing your approach to your purpose like this, you would have made a headway.

I would rather remain a single fulfilling purpose than get engaged to someone when I have disengaged from purpose. Lol, but I want to have beautiful wife and wonderful kids too that why I have been working tirelessly to fulfill purpose maximaxilly.

I want to be an asset to my spouse and I want her to be the same. I don’t want to be a liability neither do I want her to be. Enough of my generation raising confused singles that are graduating to confused partners without a direction for their lives.

To some, their duration of being in a relationship to see whether it would work is equivalent to the time of having a MBBS degree. They are also doing “house job” by sleeping around in the home of each other after over seven years of being in a “cult-ship”. Many are doing something productive with their years, you are reducing yourself with something you don’t understand. Look at my lips as I do this “Smhhh”.

My friend by wise, it’s only a fool that blames others or a factor for his ignorance.


D. If God is in it, it will work.  At this juncture, I’m not speaking to category of people that tells me they are engaged but not sure whether the person really want to marry them. I have answered them often to continue fooling themselves as pleasure toys and waste bins.

When it’s on a godly basis with a purpose in view, it will work. Stop comparing who you are engaged with to someone else’s spouse. Whatever you desire from him or her, let the person know. Build what and who your spouse to be constructively with mutual agreement.

Let me stop here, before some people crucify me. I hope with this few point I have been able to convince you and not confuse you to stay focus on your purpose and get connected to the one who deserves you and not demand you.

Thanks for reading. I know it’s worth a while and it’s on relationship, you love it. Please if God has told you who my spouse would be please help me tell her, I will meet her soon someday. Sooner than expected, we would get to know ourselves. It’s not that I don’t desire to look for her now but I also desire to settle some things at this season of my life, she would appreciate and admire me the more for this.



Marriage is not your primary purpose for living, so why chase marriage when you have not discovered your purpose, talk more of pursuing it? If you do not discover your purpose before you get married, then marriage will become a burden instead of a blessing.

As much as marriage is an important institution for the prepared, it can also be a disaster or destruction to the unprepared. Marriage is not what will give you fulfillment in life. If you go into marriage, expecting marriage to bring you fulfillment and fill all your emptiness, then that is the beginning of your life in delusion.

If you do not have what to offer, then marriage is not a place for you to go. Until you are single and independent, until you can be happy all by yourself, you are not ready for marriage. You don’t go into marriage, believing your partner will be your source of happiness.

You have to know that marriage is a part of life, but is never compulsory. It is an institution you can choose to be a part of when you are ready or not if you are not ready. Take note of the phrase “when you are ready”, not when the society says so, but when you know you are ready and matured enough to live with another person successfully.

Maturity though, has got nothing to do with age, so you don’t just run into marriage because you think you are of age. The question is; do you have what it takes? Are you ready to go into marriage to give or you want to go into marriage to receive? If you are in the latter category, then you are going to be greatly disappointed.

The most important part of it all is that, God is not going to ask you on the last day, who did you marry? But what did you do? What did you do with all the talents I gave to you? What did you do with all the gifts I gave to you? Did you fulfill the purpose for which I created you?

Based on what you did on the earth you will be judged in eternity. Not because you were married/not married or who you were married to. So wake up from that deception you are in and begin to pursue your purpose. Your purpose is far more important than marriage. You were born with your purpose. Fulfilling your purpose in life is mandatory. You do not have the right to choose if you will fulfill purpose or not. God demands that you fulfill purpose but marriage is totally your choice to decide.

If you can just get this straight, it will straighten a lot of things out for you and for your life. If you will only pursue your purpose and begin to fulfill it, every other thing you desire will be added unto you. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and every other thing shall be added unto you” Matthew 6:33.

I hope this article blesses you and helps you to put everything about your life in perspective. Don’t just follow the crowd. Don’t just do things because everybody else is doing it. Whatever you do, make sure you do it out of your conviction. Let knowledge, understanding and wisdom be your watch word. GOD BLESS YOU!!!



Friends, I really want you to know this, God is not an author of confusion. Don’t let anyone deceive you into doing anything you do not have peace or conviction about. If God can say it to him/her, God can also confirm that to you.

It is astonishing to witness some of the things people do in the name of God this days. People have mastered manipulating the emotions of others using the name of God. They even cover up their laziness with a big Bible in their right hand and their mouth ranting about the visions they have just received from God. It is a amazing to know that as common as wooing a woman is, “many Christian brothers” do not know how to do it. They will rather come and tell you “God said.”

I will never forget one of the numerous experiences I had while still single. I was invited to minister in a church program. After my ministration, it was quite late before I could return to my hotel room because of the several people I had to see for Counseling. I patiently saw all of them and gave my direct mobile contacts to all those who asked for it thinking I was being nice. A mistake I made, that would later cost me my peace.

After I returned back to my base, of course my kindness was abused by the reckless calls I kept receiving. There was one from this particular pastor who believed God told him I was his wife. Maybe there are people they use that for and it worked for them but definitely this time around, he met the wrong person. This pastor called me up and told me God said I am his wife. I said it was ok, that was fine but God did not tell me anything concerning that.

I thought I had passed my message clearly to this young man but that was the beginning of my nightmare. After so much disturbance and endless calls, I called this pastor up and told him, “I do not want to see any calls from you again, wait until God tells me you are my husband too, then we can be on the same page. But until then, I forbid you from ever calling my phone to tell me about what God said and did not say. If God can speak to you, He can also speak to me. If you think you are so close to God that is why He will only speak to you, please go back to God and tell Him to speak to me too or better still marry God.”

Wow! That was harsh, yes I know. I have zero tolerance to those who manipulate others all in the name of God. Who knows how many other ladies have become victims of this deception and are now in hell all in the name of marriage because someone told them God said? Why can’t you go to God to ask Him too for yourself? Are you not a child of God? Why will God only speak to him and not you? Wake up and stop letting this wolves in sheep’s clothing deceive you.

A friend once told me of a Pastor who asked for her hand in marriage. The sister told the man of God no, that she was not interested. And the man of God just exploded, “WHO ARE YOU TO SAY NO WHEN GOD HAS SAID YES?” I laughed when I heard this story until my stomach was hurting me. How fake! How superficial!! So apparently, the sister does not have a right to decision or choice making, she has to say yes because you said God said yes?

Is this not madness of the highest order? It is high time all this people get off their high horses and learn how to woe a woman. Drop the ignorance and laziness and stop hiding behind God said to deceive others. Why should you even open your mouth to say God said when God has not said?

Please my dear ladies, do not be deceived. You are not obliged to marry anyone you do not have conviction about. Just because they say they are convinced should not make you ignore your lack of peace. At the end of the day, there is no one particular person God made and said this is the person you must marry. Be Wise!!



I am tired of life was the loud scream I heard that faithful Saturday. Kill me and let me just die. This is not life, why don’t you just kill me. Why are you bent on tormenting me all day long? What wrong did I do to you? Did I commit an offence by marring you? This shame is too much for me to bear, I want to die, kill me.

After those words mixed with sounds of crying and shouting did I hear the sound of a man on the background in response to the helpless woman crying. “If you say you want to die I will kill you and burry you and nothing will happen”. Not even your father can do anything about it. No one will even question me. Who do you think you are? A low life like you? You should be grateful I married you.

The next thing I heard was a sound of slaps, hitting and screaming I could not keep calm anymore. This was a new neighborhood I came to visit on one of my trips to Nigeria. I didn’t really know anyone in the compound except for the people I came to visit. I beckon on my host to intervene in the situation before someone gets killed. They asked me not to border that I should forget about it. That is how they always fight every time, disturbing the peace of the neighborhood.

They changed the topic and starting discussing something else. But I could not concentrate because of the screams of the woman I was hearing. It was as though someone or something was ribbing my heart off. I told them I am sorry but I cannot seat down here and act as though nothing is wrong when I can hear someone in pain.

I walked out of the house after they could not dissuade me from going, they followed me. We Started towards the direction where the noise was coming from. What I saw was a horrible sight. I could not believe my eyes as I walk towards the window of the house that was half open. This clown of a man was beating his wife with his belt. She was already bleeding from the cut he gave her on her four head but he was still beating her.

When I saw it I went straight to the door to push, but discovered it was locked. I started knocking but this man refuse opening why he continue beating the wife and she screaming. I was knocking on the door together with my host and wife who were his neighbours, but this man refused to open. So I told him that if he does not open this door now, I will call the police. He told me to go to hell.

So I called the police on him, and begged three other young men from the neighborhood to force the door open, to at least safe her life before the police arrived. So they came broke down the door and rescued the woman. He turns to the young men to fight them and they gave him the beating of his life.

The moment they were able to get her away from him, we called for a first aid kit to dress her wounds, why the police came and arrested the man at my request.

But what amazed me the most was that, that was not the first, second, or third time this man was unleashing this kind of brutality on his wife, yet she didn’t live.

So I asked her, what exactly are you still doing with this man? Are you waiting for when he will truly kill you before you know this is not a place for you to be?

But her response even broke my heart the more. Where will I go? How will I start? To whom will I run? Everyone believes is my fault if my husband is beating me, that I do not know how to be a good wife. I have tried my best to be a good wife to him, but my best seems not to be good enough for him. The more I try the worst he gets. He beats me up at every slight opportunities. Leaving me with different bruises every time.

He does not have any regards for my parents. They have talked to him, begged him to stop beating me but to no avail. My parents have warned me that they are Christians, have position of authority in church and do not believe in divorce. That is why I am still here. I am helpless. She burst into tears. The stigma from my church for anyone who divorces is even alarming I don’t know what to do. I am tired, I want to die.

I was able to counsel this young woman and helped her to be separated from her so called husband. Today she is living happily well with her kids. The most amazing thing was, she was the bread winner of that home. Why she decided to live with such brutality because of the fear of what people will say, is what I do not understand.

Dear Friends, it is better to be divorced than dead. I am not a believer in divorce, but you need to be alive to stay married. Don’t put your life in danger and risk because of the fear of public opinion. Remember your children need you alive!

Domestic Violence Destroys… Say no to it.