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Dear Honey pie,

I find it important to discuss some issues that are of high esteem to me at this time as it appears more and more as though we can’t do without ourselves. Please, if you truly love me, give attention to every word I would emphasize in this letter and your adherence to the instructions would be a great prove of your love for me.

Bae, please, remind me moments after moments when I come around you at times and places that aren’t convenient that God has put me in your garden with a forbidden fruit that I can’t taste for the now until God hands you legitimately to me to be your gardener.

Remind me that there are other trees in your garden that I can eat from for the now which includes; the tree of your wisdom, intercession, expertise, counsel and comfort but that tree of knowing you in that “glory” in the other room is forbidden for the now.

If I persist in our relationship that I don’t want to only know you in the upper room that I want a taste of you in the other room, please tell me you will report me to God in this manner as Jesus said of his disciples; “out of all the brothers you have given me O God, I have kept all except David the son of Fornication”.

Please threaten me with a “red card” if I desire to give you a hard tackle. Don’t cover up for my excesses or inadequacies. Slap me if you can because that your anointed slap on my cheek in such moment can save God’s call upon my head.

If we get to see and be alone, if I tell you I want to touch you, remind me that I have come to a mountain that can’t be touched. If I move closer again to you on the couch, say to me again; “touch not my anointed and do my prophetess no harm”. If I’m not relenting after you have quoted these scriptures, please permit the anointing to slap me to come upon you.

If I get angry for you to have slapped me in such moment, tell me; “since the day lust crept into my heart till now, our relationship suffereth violence and the violent taketh it by force”. The slap and the scripture would reset me back to my default configuration and feel free to report my strange acts to my spiritual father that you know.

Masterqueen, If we are together alone and I tell you I feel led to lay hands on you, please tell me I’m the one that needs deliverance from lust and rebuke that strange desire. Don’t listen to me no matter the dimension of anointing you see me manifest when I’m alone with you and I tell you I want to impart you where no third party is.

I have a secret agenda if I tell you I want to do impartation for you in the bed room, bae wise up oo. Pray that God exposes and reveals every hidden agenda I have towards you both the good ones and the bad ones.

If I’m confident to tell you, I want to touch your body, be bold to tell me your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. If I tell you the Holy Ghost lives inside of me and I want to touch you, tell me at such moment that it’s lust you are seeing in me and not the Holy Ghost.

Don’t give me a mind when I tell you eyes should not see neither should it come to the heart of men what I had prepared for you as your lover in the secret place if you follow me. Tell me you can behold in open face like in a glass wherever I have prepared for you and God has also prepared something better for us when we get married.

If I tell you, I wish to be greeting you with a holy kiss as recorded in the scriptures, remind me about the account of Judas whose kiss on Jesus became an issue because it was done in the wrong place, for a wrong motive and at the wrong time.

If I tell you that “my case is different” also threaten me by saying; “my red card will be different” because I will it for committing the foul of kissing you while we are still courting.

Please don’t response to my chats or voice notes when I sing these songs to you; “draw me close to you, never let me fall” or respond in this manner; “if you want to fall, fall alone and not on me or with me”. If I also sing this to you late in the night; “I just want to be where you are, dwelling daily in your presence”, tell me; where you are now, I can’t be there and I can’t get to be around you daily for the now.

Bae, don’t let these my strange actions discourage you or doubt my love for you. I will try to avoid them from happening but if it eventually happens, please do the necessary. I know there will be moments where I feel like touching and cuddling you but I will try to fight this good fight of faith to make purity our watch word in our relationship and I won’t bridge my commitment in upholding it.

My love, I know there will be moments when we are together that your own body will be doing “gim gim” towards me too. Please, try and curtail it oo. Don’t let me know and pretend that you are fine because I may just be waiting for you to throw yourself to me at such a time to take the advantage.

Remember, in our society, women mostly get the blame, you can ask the woman caught in the act if adultery that was brought to Jesus. I believe it takes two people to commit adultery, I wonder why they spared the man after they were caught in such act.

This proves the point that, purity in our relationship to a large extend is determined by you as I also strive to play my part.

Bae, remind me that we will one day tell our children and generation how we prepared ourselves for our marriage. We won’t tell our story as a lesson for them to avoid our mistakes because everything done in the secret would have to be revealed in the opened and we would be hypocritical if we tell them to do what we couldn’t do in abstinence and purity.

Please, tell me of a time after we now have access to know ourselves anytime, anywhere and anyhow that I can be around you for days and not feel like touching you because I would have been used to it and at that time what would sustain our love would not only be sex.

I’m still finding it difficulty to believe it that I will be around you under such hospice and spare you, I’m anticipating such a time someday sha. Maybe I don’t get it, I’m trying to fathom it that you will be under my “ministration” in the other room and I won’t stir the anointing to lay hands on you and impart you saying “such as I have, I give you”. We shall see, only time would tell.

I see you dear, I love you for you.
Your soon to be Boo.

Senior Advocate (Prophetic Romance Constituency), Association Of Baeless Single Brothers Of Nigeria.