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Briskly this morning I visited the bank to complete a transaction as I desired to get it done on time so as to attend to other schedules for the day.

I walked into the banking hall, followed the usual procedures as I queued till I was able to get through to the bank cashier. I approached her with the required documents including my national voters’ card.

Immediately the cashier discovered the transaction I was about to complete would require her making photocopies of the required documents, her countenance changed because the machine at her counter wasn’t working.

To my amazing, she spoke to be in a way I couldn’t imagined, out of fury she said; “go upstair, meet the security personnel to make photocopies of the documents”.

I was filled with awe as I spoke to myself as if I’m from the state I’m yet to visit, “what the heck is wrong with this folk?” and also spoke from the locality I’m from and I’m; “no be only you sabi vex or para, I fit para for you too oo. If no be say today na Monday, I for give you back as he dey hot”.

I couldn’t imagine a bank cashier sending me on an errand with such mannerism. I quickly put myself together with thousands of words and thoughts on my mind. I didn’t want to create any drama and didn’t want to waste my time in the banking hall so I proceeded upstair.

Short story, I met the security personnel and he went to an office to make the photocopies of the documents. I returned to the cashier and got the transaction done.

The focal of this experiences is that, the security personnel and the cashier desired me to tell them “thank you” after the transaction. I made them understand they didn’t deserve my thank you as far as I’m concerned.

I’m the one that deserve their thank you for sending me on an errand when they aren’t doing me a favour for that because the transaction I did was also favouring the bank and they are doing their job by attending to me even when I have to do part of their job for them by running errand for them.

I’m always surprised when I hear folks tell me what they go through when they go for job interviews and their employers tell them “we don’t need you here, we are only helping you not to be jobless”. In the long run, when they get employed, they use them like a waste bin.

I’m always wowed when I hear about what folks go through as an employee. Someone told me of getting a bank marketing job where she has to meet up with a target of about 50 people monthly to open a bank account with millions of naira to get a required salary.

The target seems almost impossible and I asked her, “do you think your employer can meet this target themselves”. I told her, “You are jobless and enslaved”. One’s job shouldn’t be a punishment or a burden. I had people use their body to stay on a job, what a NONSENSE in a capital letter. You have been priced for cheap enough, discover yourself and know your worth.

Listen to me program convener, you aren’t only doing that your minister a favour for inviting him or giving him honorarium, he is also meeting a need and he deserves a level of appreciation.

I’m encouraging you young minister, when you get to some platforms, when they ridiculed you, failed to receive you well, give you honorarium that isn’t even commensurate to your transport fare after the stress and preparations for coming, your pay day is closer than you can imagine.

A time is coming when you will be reaching out more to those that deserve your worth or value and not only those that demand it, it’s not pride but it’s a process and stage.

A time is coming when those that were not there when you were depositing and investing into your personal life and development will be ashamed to withdraw from it due to their excesses and selfishness.

Listen to me, Mr. or Miss or Mrs Ego, you are not doing that your spouse, fiancĂ© or fiancĂ©e a Favour for choosing them ahead of others or saying a “YES” to their proposal, they are also doing you a favour. In all thy getting, get sense.