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Psalms 42:1-3 (MSG)- “A white-tailed deer drinks from the creek; I WANT TO DRINK GOD, deep draughts of God.

I’m thirsty for God-alive. I wonder, “Will I ever make it— ARRIVE AND DRINK IN GOD’S PRESENCE?”

I’m on a diet of tears— tears for breakfast, tears for supper. All day long people knock at my door, Pestering, “WHERE IS THIS GOD OF YOURS?

Systems, nations and territories have been asking; “WHERE IS THIS GOD OF YOURS?”. Our answer to them lies in drinking God. We won’t tell them, we would show them who we represent. we would “represent and re-present” the dynamics of God.

There are three brands of spirit that we need to get drunk in; 2 Timothy 2:7- “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind”. THE SPIRIT OF LOVE, POWER AND BOLDNESS. We need these triple combinations without missing anyone for effective demonstration.

It is those in the kingdom that really drink “spirit” not the worldly carnal people. Tell them to stop borrowing our words, if they really want to drink spirit, let them come to our camp (our joint). They will “Taste and See” that the Lord is good, they won’t “Taste and feel” because our “spirit diet” affects the sight.

Abnormalities are becoming the order of the day, hence, there is a need for the rise of abnormal breeds in God.

When a man is high, no one bothers to ask him where he got drunk because they are more concerned with the evidence.

Being drunk or high advertises itself with evidences. No drunkard tells any one that he is drunk, it is those that observed his actions that would conclude.

What matters in a bar is the substance you are served with not the place you are served. A drunkard doesn’t only show what he is served with, he becomes it by demonstration.

No matter how professional a drunkard is, he can’t tell when he will be drunk- “Tarry ye in Jerusalem UNTIL you are endued with power”, “UNTIL the spirit is poured upon us from on high”.

It is not the last drink or shot that makes a man high, it is the accumulation of what he has been drinking consistently and in patience over time.

If Jesus could turn over 600 liters of water to wine when he proposed that His hour hasn’t come, now that we know it’s our time to arise; “What would be said of us?”.

If men could still refer to God’s move through a man in 1930, what would be said of God’s move in our own days?

We are the move of God, we are the evidence nations are waiting for. We are the manifestation those in the valley of indecision have been waiting for. We are the medications for our sick world. We are the life saving system for this dying generation.

Men won’t have to wait for another generation for what God has commissioned for us to birth in this time. Men won’t wait for another move of God because we won’t miss out of God’s agenda for this season.

We would prepare His coming in details and mighty men of stature would emerge from among us. Pure breeds, spiritants and drunken masters.




The angels are brewing, the bar (His presence) is opened, the Holy Ghost is the bartender to give every man according to their thirst.

In this brewery, they don’t run out of stock. It’s going to be 12-hours non-stop drinking. We long to be intoxicated.

We won’t drink responsibly, we would drink intentionally till we enter that realm we desire. A realm of the usual where anything can happen.

We would demonstrate free madness as spoken in the scriptures that a spiritual man is mad (Hosea 9:7). We have come to understand that; it takes a level of madness to experience some spiritual dimensions and manifestations.

We would misbehave and demonstrate abnormalities. We would not only fall under the anointing, we would fall into portals and realms of the celestial.

We would see strange things and communicate with strange beings. Our manner of communication would be strange because we would speak mysteries in ancient language.

We won’t wait for our drink to ferment, it would be served fresh yet it will be 100% “Godkaholic”. We will purge and consecrate ourselves, we would avoid putting new wine in old wine skin.

Everyone of us will appear with different levels of thirst and desperation. Some we get knocked out by one teaspoon, some one cup, some one litre, some one gallon, and so on. Everyman with his vessels and limits.

It would be an experience that would provoke encounters and invoke celestial manifestations. The glory of the Lord would saturate the atmosphere like thick cloud and smoke.

In that realm, anything can happen ooo and it fit be you ooo. Don’t be surprised when the person beside you levitates or translocates, you pay attention to your own drink because suddenly, something strange will happen to you soon.

Get ready, plan and prepare to attend “FIRE IN MY BONES”, 12 Hours non-stop prayer cruise, JULY EDITION, 20th of July, 6pm to 6am. THEME- DRUNKEN MASTERS @RCCG, Messiah Praise Sanctuary, Redemption Camp.