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Dear Masterseeds,

Your father is improving daily to harness his potentials and explore more of spiritual realities not for himself alone but to create legacies for you all to benefit from. Don’t worry about your mum because she is doing the same too.

I’m making sure I minimize and mitigate struggles and challenges that may want to limit your impacts and exploits as I remain connected to men of like passion and learning from them.

You may not need to go through protocols to meet men that are influencing sectors and heralding our world with their lives in your time because they have been your father’s friends prior to your birth.

After considering your mother and I as your first mentor and role model, other men you see on the media or read about that you desire as your mentors would be quite feasible because they are your father’s company and covenant brothers.

I will be glad to introduce you to them as my seeds and they would be glad to also receive you as their own.

I’m anticipating your arrival.

Your Father,
Masterpiece David Olawade.



“Ask me not who my grandfather was, for I am more concerned about who my grandson would be”- Abraham Lincoln.
The Bible recorded that Levi had been blessed in Abraham (his grandfather). Levi had a covenant with the presence of God which transcended to his descendants.   The Levites were the only group of people permitted to sing while transporting the ark of covenant and minister in the temple. All these inheritances started from Abraham.
There are some virtues in me that would be transferred to my descendants if the coming of Christ tarries. I need to guard these jealously. The Bible also records that Abraham was great, Isaac was greater and Jacob was exceeding great. There is a trans-generational greatness I desire to initiate.
I overheard the interview of the children of Myles Munroe of blessed memory after his death. They said one of the challenges they have is replicating the personality of their parents in wisdom, marriage, ministry and career.
Each time I am privileged to be under the ministration of Pastor David Oyedepo (Jr.), I see wisdom personified and a greater replica of the glory of his father, Bishop David Oyedepo.
I have learnt from experience that children learn best by examples. Our parents often motivate us to do what they couldn’t achieve. They told us to be the best in what we do and fulfill destiny maximally using somebody somewhere as an example. They desire that we be the correction of their errors. They want us to be all they dreamt to be. That is why they show concern in virtually all that concerns us especially while we were children. They sent us to the best schools, they could afford and so on.
I have come to realize that the best way to get what we desire from people is to demonstrate it to them. Using my experience as a child in the primary school, each time I came in the first position in my class, my dad will buy me a gift. Though I was motivated to keep reading my books but the best motivation I got from my dad was that glorious day when he told me he wanted to discuss with me. Right in his room, he told me the challenges he had as an orphan who never saw his parents except from pictures. He said despite the hardship, he ended up being the best student in the class. He showed me his school records and I confirmed it. This gave me a sense of responsibility as I thought, “if an orphan who fended for himself and was not always punctual in school could survive and do excellently well, then I don’t have an excuse”. I was challenged. The little comfort he provided for me as a boy launched me to a tireless pursuit of academic excellence.
The principle of teaching by example I imbibed from my father helped me to discover the academic strength of my younger sister. I discovered initially as a junior secondary school student that she was either in the second or third position in her class repeatedly. I spoke to her and encouraged her but I didn’t see the change I expected. I trusted God for wisdom and remembered part of the motivation I had in time past. I called her to my room and gave her my secondary school report card to go through. After going through it she was amazed at my scores and I told her to do same. She had been complaining that she had been putting in her best. I told her no one is permitted to be better than her except she permits it because she is exposed to the same learning condition and processes with others. I told her from what she saw, “is there any term I was in the second or third position?”, she said, “no”. I repeated, “do the same”. After that, she was promoted to the senior secondary school and has been the overall best student in her class.
At an event some time ago with my younger sister in attendance, some people including my younger sister were asked to something about me. She said something I took note of, “my brother has been a mentor to me both academically and spiritually”.
I am obliged to be an example to my offspring be as it may. Every day and in every way, I am building capacity to be the best kind of person God wants me to be.
Parents have been sending punishment signals to their children by telling them to do what they haven’t done. I imagined the reason why toddlers cry while bathing in the morning. I think of the reason why children find it difficult to read. I have come to realize that the failure of parents to demonstrate what they want to see their children do accounts for the weeping of their children. A child will presume that his/her parent is wicked when they ask him/her to bath when they haven’t. They ask their children to read when the children have never seen them on the table.
Having written the series of these articles, I leave my beloved readers to the answer to the question of this caption, “Am I a Masculist?”
I sincerely appreciate my beloved kingdom friend and sister in the faith “Dr. Bien Sufficient” for granting me the privilege to write this as a follow up series of her article “Are you a Feminist”. I also appreciate all and sundry who spent part of their time to follow this series.
Love you all…………….

Olawade David.
For the love of Revival, Spiritual Re-awakening and Global Revolution.
Masterpiece Publishing House.