I know I’m a talented writer since I was a secondary school lad after losing at a quiz competition at a particular round having been privileged to represent the school.

I wrote an article to comfort myself of the failure to get to the final round. A colleague was later privileged to read the article and was almost in tears as the style of writing my thoughts with the creativity dazed her.

I have a dream to become one of the best selling author who will influence the globe through writing with proven track records but I came to the understanding that my first step to see this dream fulfilled is to do add qualities and virtues to my talent. I made up my mind that in fulfilling this dreams, I have to write not only has a hobby but also as a profession.

I have met many talented writers who are yet to successfully write a book not because of lack of resources but failure in commitment to it while I have seen many untalented writers with quite a number of books in book stores yet people are being blessed by their books.

I have met dynamic young people with unique oratory skills and thought provoking mind sets but the peak of them displaying this prowess is only in a dialogue or conversation because they never see to the necessity of being committed to get results with what they have while I have seen people with poor mannerism of communication taking the lead on air and events with thousands listening to them.

Take a moment to consider those your secondary school folks who have enviable talents and are gifted in one thing or the other but you are yet to see them get tangible results from it or hear about their milestones with such prospects while the claimed “write offs” are doing something productive with their lives.

Consider that old man in your street endowed with a noticeable distinct trait but can’t account for success achieved with such expertise over time.

Haven’t you known people who should have risen to the top but didn’t?

Haven’t you known people who had all the talent they should ever need but didn’t succeed?

Why is it that the most influential people in the world are not often the most talented?

Yes! Talent makes you stand out, get you noticed, separate you from others and gives you an edge over others. Remember, talent doesn’t guarantee an end, it only gives a prepared launching pad to begin a conquest. You have to keep working on that talent until it produces tangible and provable results, otherwise, people would end up despising it.

Talented people mostly have the desire for others to recognize their expertise but overlook their deficiencies such as inconsistency and lack of commitment.

The advantage talent gives a man is temporal. If talent is not consistently worked upon, it becomes a story to be told someday.

Talent is like the edge an athlete get to discover on the lane to start a race when he is positioned ahead of others. He has to understand when he starts the race that there are bendings and curves ahead on the lane that can make those behind him to catch up and overtake him if he is not committed to keep the pace to stay ahead of others.

That he is placed ahead of others to start the race doesn’t guarantee him staying ahead of others during that race and winning the race.

Many talented people started with an advantage over others but lose the advantage because they rely too much on their talent instead of working on it to produce their success. They assume that talent will always keep them in front of others.

Hard to believe that if some folks never had special talent or had the understanding of their unique gift, they would have been diligent and be successful in different conquests..

I’m not against talents with this article because I also have talents too and it’s giving me an edge in some areas of life but it’s better to be a “talent-plus personality”. Add to that talent.




Why are you so quick to bring out the red card? Hope is not that brother with the “red car” that you are envisaging that he would come and propose to you someday. Bae, he may tarry long and never come, by then you would have missed this one and those that would come that time may not be an option but you will see them as a rescue mission.

Why are you so quick to tell him you are still praying when you knew you will never take his matter to God because you have already made your decision from Day 1. Please, stop this prayer warrior camouflage approach and let the Bobo know his faith oo.

Why are you saying you are not convinced when you know you are really confused because you never imagined such a brother coming to you.

The reason why you want to answer that brother with a “No” is because he doesn’t appear like the brother you are envisaging and you already have a standard for your future boo.

Sister, stop comparing that brother with “Masterpiece” ooo. He may not dress like Masterpiece who is still on “Legedes Benz” and using “solĂ© airways” (a moving motor park) for his journeys while the brother loves to appear on casual with his Lexus SUV.

Don’t compare that brother with David Olawade who has a sense of humour and can write romantic letters. The brother may appear gentle and not be expressive but he can learn to be that kind of man you desire if you give him your consent.

The brother may look too spiritual and you have made up your mind not to go out with a SU. Remember, he won’t be a SU in the “other room” oo. That he always talk about the upper room doesn’t mean he doesn’t mind the other room when you give him the chance, only time would tell.

Don’t be deceived because he didn’t propose to you like your colleague’s boo did to her. What matters more is the end, not the approach.

Don’t judge that brother or his spiritual life because he doesn’t appear on the posters, what is more important is he appears in the portals of heaven and he is gaining ascendancy momentarily.

He may not appear before men often to minister as you desire of a boo but be sure he appears before God often to touch more spiritual realities. Remember, there are lots of men who minister to people but maltreat their spouses.

You may not get to see him in many events that you desire to see him, be sure he is not missing in the secret place. You may not see him with the microphone but he is called to do something in God’s agenda and the microphone may not be his own tool.

Aunty, if you want to give him a red card, please, give him on time. Don’t use him and keep him waiting to fill in the gap as you anticipate your desired “Prince Charming”.

Don’t also think of giving him a red card because you are afraid and concerned about how you can cope with the height he has attained in life, ministry and career. Before he considered you among others, he must have thought of that and he saw something in you that you may not be conscious of. See it as a privilege and an opportunity to brace up and learn.

You can make your decision now ma.

*Much love,*
_Legislator and Minister of Affairs, Association Of Baeless Single Brothers Of Nigeria,_
*Masterpiece David Olawade*



It’s not enough to see visions because I will ask you if she is the only lady you have ever seen in your dreams over time and will you propose to all of them because you saw them?

It’s not enough that your friends and mentors have confirmed her as your prospective future wife, that you are convinced doesn’t mean she can’t be confused and her consent determines the game.

It’s not enough that she is inquisitive to know every thing about you, she might be doing it from a free heart, you may be the one giving meaning to it.

That she is checking and following your social media status doesn’t mean she will be the one to change your marital status to “engaged”.

She may introduce you to her friends many times but she is not seeing you as the man she wants to introduce you the right time to her parents as her Mr. Right.

Don’t mistake her desire to spend and share her time with you to her desire to spend her lifetime with you.

She may always love to engage you with discussions but never imagined to engage you with her emotions.

That your body is doing “gim gim” around her is not a sign to see her as your spouse, it may be as a result of you lusting over her cleavages. What you need at this time may not be a relationship with her but a deliverance from her.

Bobo, I know you want to eagerly tell her how you are feeling for her. I know you have written down names you want to call her, poems you want to read to her and songs you want to sing for her. I know you want to cuddle her and famz around her. I know you want to have eventful moment with her to share memories together.

Padi, I know you want to leave your colleagues in the “BAELESS ASSOCIATION OF SINGLE BROTHERS” and upgrade to join your colleagues that are engaged. I know you want to do morning and evening devotion with her on the phone. I know age is not on your side as your bald head and beards are becoming obvious by the day.

Take a moment to have a rethink. The words in this letter will either catalyze you to take action on time and terminate the whole process.

Please, I want you to know that “red card” is real and “red card” is not a respecter of persons, anointing or age. If she is already giving you some “yellow card” signals by her late dispositions to your sudden desire to get closer to her, don’t commit the next foul because that can cost you a straight “red card”.

I want you to know that many sisters will continue to respect you as a friend and would remain faithful to your relationship if you don’t eventually take this step of declaring your manifesto when you aren’t sure.

Truly that sister likes you and she is eyeing you but she loves you as a friend. Truly she is comfortable around you but she would only be comfortable with you as a friend.

If you cross your boundary, it may result to a relationship bandit oo. That you are her spiritual father or mentor doesn’t mean she will automatically play to your emotional drama.

If you think it’s her beauty that is attracting you to her, hope you know getting engaged to her doesn’t stop other ladies from being beautiful and you will also acknowledge their beauty.

If it’s her cleavage or physique that is turning you on, you will still see diverse “manifestations” of it on other ladies ooo. Don’t allow that be your conviction, you can wake up someday to discover that the physique is gone and the boobs are sagging.

Don’t think you can use her as the solution for your cravings for sex, research has shown that adultery is at the higher rate than fornication. Speak to your hormone sir, that “hard marking and tackle” you desire to give that sister can wait and be sure she is the one that deserves it.

Bobo, if you know you are convinced enough, don’t tarry oo else someone overtakes you and take your possession from you. Please, make your intention known on time.

Much love,
Legislator and Minister of Affairs, Association Of Baeless Single Brothers Of Nigeria,
Masterpiece David Olawade.



Dear MasterQueen,

Let me play the ring tone to you again, “you know I love you and I will always do”. I can hear your sonorous voice in response to the statement and it sounds as if it’s your first time of saying it to me. My heart is resonating in thoughts while my brain is revolving round the statement in deep meditation.

Bae, I’m yet to figure out the status I was when I approached you to pronounce my conjugal manifesto in anticipation of the ultimate proposal that would penultimate my action to take you to the altar for the whole world to see that I got a good catch finding the bone of my bone.

I can’t say if I was in the spirit or flesh when I approached you but I think what happened had never happened to me before. I was in the spirit and in the flesh at the same time.

I was in the spirit because I knew I prophesied, all the revelational and vocal gifts were at work in me at the same time; the discerning of spirit, spirit of prophecy, word of knowledge and word of wisdom found great expression as I told you things that happened to me years ago that I didn’t know earlier and experiences that would happen to us in years to come after moments of speaking in tongues before approaching you.

Bae, not only were Revelational gifts of the spirit were at work that day, the power gifts were at stand by. I held to the gift of faith, if you give me a “red card” for my intentions, I will remain positive, keep the faith alive that better days are ahead and with God all things are possible. I was steadfastly with the gift of healing, if you broke my heart with your disposition that day, I would be able to heal my heart immediately.

Even the fruit of the spirit were also at play; I am “gentle”, I felt “peace”, I had “Joy” like a river, I am “humble” and ready to let go of myself and ego, I was ready for “longsuffering”, to be “patient” and to “endure” if you will keep me waiting or on hold for long. I had to check my “temperament” to agree with yours and I have decided to be “faithful” to my words as a “meek” dude that I am.

I was in the flesh as I felt nervous and lots of vibrations were occurring inside me at the same time. I was emotional and looking into your eyes answered the thousands of questions on my mind.

I told you that I like you and you said you like me too. I told you again that I love you and you said you love me, but with the love of Christ and I began to wonder if my own love is love of Dragon. I proposed to you to marry me and you said you need to pray about it. I hope my manifesto hasn’t turned you to a prayer warrior and intercessor?

Please don’t use the time we are supposed to start this experience that I’m anticipating to go on your knees and if you are praying to rebuke that spirit that led me to you, “kole wark oo”. I’m also praying and ready to stay on your matter.

Please, in case your answer is going to be YES. Also pray that Jesus won’t come here anytime soon oo. Because you and I will not join Him back ooo. We will take permission and travel to one Island, for our honeymoon.

After some months, they will give us direction how to meet them up there in heaven. I have read Bible front and back, I have not seen any where God said there will be honeymoon in heaven.

I know you will report me to your friends, mentors, spiritual and biological parents. Before you make your decision, think deeply on their advice and counsels. Don’t just anchor your decision on them but if I be a man of God, every counsel of Ahitophel would not stand. Please permit my prayer, I don’t know how it’s doing me again my dear.

For your friends, I may have offended one of them before unconsciously or one of them is eyeing me and sees this time as a pay back; your mentors don’t know me, they may have issues against my name and career which may influence their judgment; your parents may not like my tribe and pocket, this can result in them being biase with their advice.

Bae, I know marriage is a spiritual institution but we would not leave the carnal engagements unturned ooo. As we would concentrate and give attention to the spiritual we would also take our time on the carnal involvements too.

I know speaking in tongues would be the official language in our home, we would greet ourselves in tongues, pray together, prophesy together, study together, fast together, get revelations together, get visions and fall into trance together.

We will also be carnal together, play football and watch matches together, exercise together, cook together, grace occasions together, play together and so on. We would minister to ourselves in the spirit, also in flesh and blood.

We will both be active together in the “upper room” and in the “other room”. As the people of Israel appeared before the Lord and were not ashamed. We would appear before ourselves and know ourselves intimately, we would not be ashamed.

We would have regular intercourse in the glory realm, we would smile, speak in tongues, prophesy and catch visions about the seeds that would be conceived. When you conceive, I won’t say, “You are pregnant”, I would say; “We are pregnant” because intercourse is an action between two parties in agreement. We would both take all the responsibilities; the house chores, waking up at midnights, cooking and even delivering of our baby.

We won’t use personal or subjective pronouns for entities in our pocession. We would say; our houses, our cars, our children and so on.

MasterQueen, as we had proposed over time to make ourselves the first mentor to our children in ministry, finance, marriage and career, we would do all in our capacity to live the best of life we can.

Matching attires and outfits is not negotiable in many of our outings oo. We will make some of our outings fashion parade and our children would be the judge.

To be continued.



The only game Africans can play well is politics so don’t get hurt that two Africa nations have already crashed out of the world cup after playing just two matches. Tell those countries that are doing well at the world cup to come and compete with us in politics and see who can do it better.

We have track records of presidents, governors and senators retaining their positions for over 20 years despite several elections.

People whose votes from the results of our elections are more than those who registered to participate in the election, how many countries can beat that? Or how many countries have presidents who is older than the country in age?

As the world cup continues with different surprises, Africans has dominated in the surprises. 4 out of the 5 own goals were conceded by African teams while the 5th we had a hand in it for the other country to concede it. Meaning, we are experts in killing ourselves and making other people kill themselves too.

Out of the several direct free kick goals scored at the world cup, none was scored against an African team. Meaning, no free campaign or responsibility would thrive in Africa.

80% of the goals scored against African teams were from set pieces. This signals that any arrangement set in Africa would soon be pieced over time if care or proactive measures aren’t taken.

Now to the team “Nigeria”, if it would interest you; Our team prayed before the match, at the beginning of the match and after half time but they ended up losing to Croatia. The lesson is, some things answer to hard work, diligence and preparation not prayer or anointing. Don’t just pray for the Nigeria team to win, pray for them to prepare and strategize well.

After the loss to Croatia, do you know while many lamented and complained, the players got their financial alert for the match bonus, some visited a place to dance and celebrate as some Russian sisters in the Lord ministered to them in flesh and blood.

There is something different about our team that no other team can do. They make us, the fans to become mathematicians and soothsayers. They always leave us with a responsibility to predict the failures of other teams that can favour their failure or be to their advantage each time they represent us in a competition. Please, celebrate this uniqueness today ooo.

Please, someone should help me rebuke the spirit of “falling down” in Victor Moses ooo. Is he a London Bridge, a Mango tree or Rain?

If football was a spiritual gift and the Holy Spirit is a coach, it would have be written in the scriptures; “he gave some falling down and some hugging of their opponent”. Someone should also help me tell “Ekong” to stop hugging the opponent so intimately during the match oo. He should stop making the Referee avoid homosexuality display by awarding penalty to the opponent.

Someone should help me tell John Obi Mikel to stop jogging and doing fine boy on the field oo. He is not better than Marcelo or Ronaldo who are not ashamed to get stained on the field of play. He should neglect the statement of his wife after the loss to Croatia. She said whether he loses or wins, he remains a winner. If he loses, he is not a winner ooo, he would become a Returnee and Participant from Russia ooo.

Iceland is a country with population slightly above 300,000. The population in my local government area of resident is more than the whole country. Their football team comprises; medical doctors, farmers while their coach is a dentist by profession. Nigeria team have players that have been playing football for at least a decade as their profession so they have no excuse not to win today.

The big day is here, I stand with Nigeria as a patriot. We are winning, we are qualifying and we are proceeding to the next round by our calculations. Argentina and Iceland beware of the Super Eagles. Let’s go to Russia.

For the love of my Country, Patriotism and Football.



Dear Masterprince,

It gladdens my heart that I’m writing you again to emphasize some of the prospects I shared with you sometimes ago. You know your exploits, impacts and relevance mean a lot to me. We would both be a failure if you fail to fulfill destiny maximally.

Listen to me champ, if you see my achievement in career, ministry and marriage as the standard to your success, that’s your first step to failure. Don’t try to match up with what I have done or what I’m doing, see beyond it and take it as a starting point for your conquest.

I know there are some opportunities I have made available to you that I never had access to while growing up, please do well to utilize and maximize them. As time goes on, I will share with you areas of my life where I failed and took with negligence before getting over them. These affected my progress to an extent but glory to God that I’m who and what I am today.

I can relate to how you feel as a teenager, the exurberances and peer pressure would seduce you but they are not more than what you can overcome. I also faced some, gave in to some, overcame some and many lessons were learnt. You don’t have to learn from negative experiences, all you need do is to be discipline and take responsibility.

I know how you feel those lonely nights and that early mornings when your body does “gim gim”. It’s a craving that shouldn’t be fed for the now. Don’t give in to “porno or masto”, I believe you understand my terms boy. Moments when rain falls and you feel cold as you imagine a company.

Don’t give in to do stuffs that aren’t convenient, the urges are signs that your hormones are getting ready for the real day and the appointed time.

Do well to respect the opposite sex ranging from your sister, your peer group and your future spouse. Defend them and don’t make them feel irrelevant. I know you must have heard that they are “weaker vessels”. Truly if they are weaker that proves the point that you are also weak and both needs the strength of God.

Champ, don’t be moved when some folks present to you immoral acts like smoking, clubbing and getting high on alcoholic beverages. Listen to my directives more because the folks around you are only privileged to experience one side of life that they don’t want to let go.

Why you should give attention to my words more is because I have been privileged to experience both sides of life, the good and the bad but I know that which is better.

Listen my prince, if you want to get high in the right earnest, you don’t need to go far or haywire to get that done, you only need to draw from within you. Inside you is a brewery and a wine press, the Holy Ghost is the bartender to give you as much as you desire. I tell you, this wine is never stale, just a shot of it would intoxicate you to do the supernatural.

I was a drunkard on the other side of life before I found this kind of level. When I discover this one, the difference is clear and I became a drunken master per time. I carry this brewery every where I go, I stagger and feel intoxicated time after time. There is no better way than this my son.

Some of your folks would call you small boy for not doing what they are doing but they are indeed the small boys. Bigger boys represent the kingdom, engage kingdom principle and demonstrate the supernatural as a lifestyle.



Dear Masterprincess,

I won’t get tired of telling you “I love you” my dear and when those my other sons from another father try to get your head on by telling the same thing, you will be familiar with the statement because I sing it to your ears on daily basis.

I won’t force you to choose a career or discover a purpose, I will only try to connect you to He who has predestined you for a purpose, made you in His own image and knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb. When you get to know this personality then you can make your inquiries and see reasons to be acquainted to Him.

Dear, I’m just like a watch dog over you, you and I will give account someday to this personality that predestined you for a purpose and made you in His image. I beg your pardon, do well to listen to my instructions and directives as you grow to becoming all that God has made you to be.

Don’t just give your life to him because I told you reasons to do so. Please, see reasons and be convinced before making such decision. If some folks tell you that living such life for Him is boring, tell them they are yet to taste the real one. The Holy Scriptures tells us, “taste and see that the Lord is good”, I’m a testimony to this.

There are decisions to make with ulterior motives but there is one that comes with ultimate motive. This decision is not a call to being religious or practicing doctrines, I will emphasize this when we discuss more in person.

Don’t give in to anyone who tells you that wearing ear rings, necklace, make ups, trousers, attaching braids or weavons would send you to hell. If you are comfortable with it in modesty please do my dear, your father is not condemning you and I’m sure your mum won’t. I will even buy them for you if you want me to.

Don’t listen to your friends who would tell you to “dress to kill”. From the intention they asked you to engage “to kill” they want you to partner with the devil on his mission; “to kill, steal and destroy”. Realistically, you end up killing guys in lust with such outfits but they also wound you too by their actions in formication.

Be careful, when they tell you; “you are hot” because they may be telling you in actual sense that you are radiating the heat from hell with your attire.

Don’t let them give you the compliment; “slay queen” by attires that exposes your cleavages, I will present to you a better and a more excellent way to slay guys.

It is called; “slaying in the Holy Ghost”. This kind makes those possessed to vibrate and fall at your appearance in decency. Don’t worry my dear, your mum will teach you more of this because she is also a “slay mama” in the actual context.

If any of friends tells you abstinence and keeping your virginity is archaic, run from her because she is your enemy. Those that lose theirs, lost it due to ignorance and negligence. Many are still feeling the hurts and pains till date and want you to experience similar occurrence.

If they tell you “virginity is lack of opportunity”, tell them you are proud to miss such opportunity to misbehave and live in regrets. Such miss is worth it my princess.

Don’t let any man touch you in a way that isn’t convenient. Any man that is not married to you that licks your lips or any part of your body is not kissing you but tasting you.

Don’t start any relationship at the early stage of your life when you don’t have plan for marriage soon. Don’t try “dating”, prepare to do courtship. Courtship shouldn’t be a Bsc certificate for 4years or MBBS for 7years, there are better things to do with your life. Use the early stage of your life to court your purpose and get married to your goals.

Don’t be deceived by engagement ring that has no marriage in view. Such ring becomes key holder in your finger or handcuff for life imprisonment. Connect with a guy that deserves you not the one that demands you and I will be so glad to hand you over to him in right earnest.

Don’t join folks to do the “twerking”, if you check their lives they are trekking with their future and trending in immorality.

Read and digest these for the now my dear, I will send you other directives as time goes on. I’m anticipating your arrival as I continue in making plans to do the necessary to give you the best life available for you here.

Your mum and I love you forever my princess.

Your soon to be Father,
Masterpiece David Olawade.