Sister, that brother calls you often than he calls his parent and siblings but you said it doesn’t mean, he is just being nice. That kind of “niceness” is deep oh that he could skip his quiet time in the morning to have an hour of personal time with you on the phone.

He sends you airtime while he borrows airtime from his service provider to ring you if you got what he sent. He could do anything to please you but you feel he has no motive for these.

He takes you out for shopping, to see movies and sends you gifts on different occasion as a bid to win your heart but you think he is running a charity organization. If you think he is running a charity organization, hope you know and he knows you are not less privileged?

He introduced you to his mother on one of their family functions and his mum called you; “omo mi (my daughter)”. Lol, you think the old woman was saying that due to cultural attraction but she knows what she said from the signals she got that you failed to be sensitive to.

His friend calls you; “our sister” as they took you as their own but you concluded that everyone around him are just so nice.

You took his phone and saw yourself as the wallpaper but you said; “that’s so kind of you, let me give you more and better pictures”. He has over hundred of your pictures but only two of his mum. You concluded that all these doesn’t matter and he is just a friend with a different mindset. You are correct, there is a different mindset he has that you are about to be aware of.

He floods his social media timelines and statuses with your pictures when it’s not your birthday, he meant the smileys he uses but you feel; “what are friends for?”

You had a relationship talk with him and you asked him when he is likely to be engaged, he said soon. He told you he desires a lady like you and you responded with a free heart in sincerity; “may God grant you your heart desire”. He sees it as a confirmation and believed the prayer has been answered as he took a step of faith.

Suddenly, the anticipated day came when he invited you to the restaurant. You appeared alluring as usual but you wondered why he chose this restaurant of that status in town. You “cat-walked” step by step as he beholds you from afar and he couldn’t wait to declare his manifesto, he stood up to give you an ovation until you sat.

Everything is still appearing as drama to you as you wondered which role are you playing in the scene. You were amazed that the scene is a table for two and not the usual restaurant of table for five you usually visit with him. His outfit appeals to you more this time because he was well packaged than usual as you wondered why he was appearing in such manner just to have lunch with you.

His motive for having lunch with you is to launch into a relationship with you but you were not sensitive yet. The lunch began as you started eating the fried rice and chicken while he was looking closely at you. You have taken over ten spoon while he is yet to take one as he dropped the fork in the plate and looked at you the more.

You asked him why he wasn’t eating but he said he felt full immediately he saw you. You didn’t know that it was his love for you that made him full and out of the multitudes of his belly, his mouth will speak.

Then he called your name in a solemn manner, looked into your eyes and told you he loves you. You were filled with awe and you responded; ” hope you haven’t taking it too far, we both love ourselves as friends”. He told you not as just friends but as spouses in the long run.

You felt he just cracked your nuts, you never saw it coming, a bit worried and disappointed. You couldn’t finish your favorite meal again and you told him you have to go promising to see him later.

Sister, his approach may be wrong but he has an intention and you were playing along. You aren’t the only female friend he has that should deserve all those attentions if he doesn’t have an intention.

To be continued.

_Senior Advocate (Prophetic Romance Constituency), Association Of Baeless Single Brothers Of Nigeria._




Sister, if that your Boo tells you he loves trousers, don’t tarry to get convictions to start wearing trousers. He wants to see something on you that other strange ladies out there have been calling his attention to. Please, do well to wear the trousers and flaunt something for him. As simple as that is, it can save your boo from being a fornicator or an adulterer.

Don’t say, you are S.U or a pastor. You can wear it at home or special occasion with your boo. That doesn’t make you an hypocrite. Don’t give attention to what people would say about that because they will also have something to say when your boo starts flirting around or when your marriage start having issues.

Don’t be deceived when folks tell you; ” trousers would take you to hell”. If that’s true, women like Kathryn Oilman should be in hell after all her exploits for the kingdom than her contemporaries who had never wore trousers in their lifetime.

Sister, if your Boo says he loves to see you wear ear rings, please wear it ma. Don’t be like those sisters that condemns people who wear ear rings but when their Boos gave them engagement rings to propose to them after years of waiting, they collected it and put it on. What’s the difference between hand or ear?

Lol, if they tell you your golden ear ring will take you to hell. Argue with them, tell them; “it is only heaven that has streets made of gold and angels wear golden crowns not hell”. Tell them, what you are wearing can only be seen in heaven not hell. Tell them to get understanding of what qualifies one for hell.

Anty, If your Bobo likes different styles of braids and hair fixing that requires attachments and weavons. Please, wear it ma. If they tell you, those artificial hairs are made by mermade under water. Tell them that’s the reason why a spirit filled sister like you should wear it so that the anointing on your head can terminate the evil agenda they are plotting with it.

Bobo, you can follow my footstep oo. I have been following my Coldstone (younger sister) to salon when I’m not busy. I’m learning how to be patient and how to share my time with my spouse when she goes to the salon rather than feeling lonely till she comes back.

When I get to the salon, I ask for the hairstyles magazines, memorize the names of the ones I love, ask my sister about the one she did and help her to loose it when it’s due.

Brother, help your Bae to loose her hair, wash her hair when it’s on shampoo or conditioner, it’s part of your duty sir. You can start learning it now. Those are part of the preparation for a good marriage not only by speaking in tongues.

Speaking in tongues can’t send angels to assist your wife in the kitchen, you have to avail yourself to do that. You can’t prophecy for your Bae’s hair to get loosed, you have to hold the cutting comb yourself.

As the saying goes; “a true gentleman never goes out of fashion”, please sir, “be fashionable and be a fashionister”. It doesn’t cost you much, it only demands you paying attention to it.

Don’t say; “I don’t care about fashion”, your Bae may care about it. It’s an insult for your Bae to always tell you she loves how some brothers use to dress. What makes you different from those brothers is your negligence, they aren’t better than you.

Brother, you can go online and start saving those atiires you want your Bae to appear on and sister, do the same. Save and snap those attires that “burst your head” when you see people on it and recommend it for your spouse. Don’t rate someone somewhere above your spouse, you can create whatever you desire in him or her and bring him or her to the knowledge of it.

Sister, you can enrol in a catering school now. You can start joining your mum in the kitchen again to learn more dishes. As you are memorizing stuffs about your career, also, memorize the recipes too for your marriage.

Brother, I know you are a man and you may have lots of stuffs to attend to. Please, create time to ease that Bae in the kitchen. Don’t be like those men who enter the kitchen only to complain to their spouse when they can’t endure hunger again.

If you want your Bae to remain classic, relief her of stress and pain. Remember, she has quite a number of pains to attend to momentarily. She has her monthly menstrual pains, pregnancy pangs for nine months, child birth pains during and after delivery. Biko, don’t add to her pains.

Entering the kitchen sometimes to cook for your Bae is not a prove that you don’t have something to do, it’s actually a prove that you have something to do but you value what your Bae has been doing.



Psalms 42:1-3 (MSG)- “A white-tailed deer drinks from the creek; I WANT TO DRINK GOD, deep draughts of God.

I’m thirsty for God-alive. I wonder, “Will I ever make it— ARRIVE AND DRINK IN GOD’S PRESENCE?”

I’m on a diet of tears— tears for breakfast, tears for supper. All day long people knock at my door, Pestering, “WHERE IS THIS GOD OF YOURS?

Systems, nations and territories have been asking; “WHERE IS THIS GOD OF YOURS?”. Our answer to them lies in drinking God. We won’t tell them, we would show them who we represent. we would “represent and re-present” the dynamics of God.

There are three brands of spirit that we need to get drunk in; 2 Timothy 2:7- “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind”. THE SPIRIT OF LOVE, POWER AND BOLDNESS. We need these triple combinations without missing anyone for effective demonstration.

It is those in the kingdom that really drink “spirit” not the worldly carnal people. Tell them to stop borrowing our words, if they really want to drink spirit, let them come to our camp (our joint). They will “Taste and See” that the Lord is good, they won’t “Taste and feel” because our “spirit diet” affects the sight.

Abnormalities are becoming the order of the day, hence, there is a need for the rise of abnormal breeds in God.

When a man is high, no one bothers to ask him where he got drunk because they are more concerned with the evidence.

Being drunk or high advertises itself with evidences. No drunkard tells any one that he is drunk, it is those that observed his actions that would conclude.

What matters in a bar is the substance you are served with not the place you are served. A drunkard doesn’t only show what he is served with, he becomes it by demonstration.

No matter how professional a drunkard is, he can’t tell when he will be drunk- “Tarry ye in Jerusalem UNTIL you are endued with power”, “UNTIL the spirit is poured upon us from on high”.

It is not the last drink or shot that makes a man high, it is the accumulation of what he has been drinking consistently and in patience over time.

If Jesus could turn over 600 liters of water to wine when he proposed that His hour hasn’t come, now that we know it’s our time to arise; “What would be said of us?”.

If men could still refer to God’s move through a man in 1930, what would be said of God’s move in our own days?

We are the move of God, we are the evidence nations are waiting for. We are the manifestation those in the valley of indecision have been waiting for. We are the medications for our sick world. We are the life saving system for this dying generation.

Men won’t have to wait for another generation for what God has commissioned for us to birth in this time. Men won’t wait for another move of God because we won’t miss out of God’s agenda for this season.

We would prepare His coming in details and mighty men of stature would emerge from among us. Pure breeds, spiritants and drunken masters.



Dear Padi mi,

It gives me great delight again my brother to write you in anticipation to hear that Princess Charming you so desire has finally consented to your proposal.

I know you have been very proactive to prepare your body, soul and spirit for her with many actions that would make the relationship very promising. I guess if she was aware of these actions she may hasten in giving you a positive response.

Before you conclude on carrying out such plans, please, consider these words because her case may be different and her desires for that prospective relationship may not be what you have on mind for her.

Bobo, I know you have the list of gifts you plan sending to her momentarily. The make up kit for her convocation, the wrist watch for her birthday, the surprise pizza for lunch at work, the perfume after conniving with her best friend to know the brand she loves, the peplum gown of her favourite colour so you could see her express that alluring nature she gat, the engagement ring for the official marriage proposal and so on.

Don’t be surprised if all these gifts doesn’t really move her like your attention to help her activate and sharpen the “spiritual gifts” she is graced with because she is concerned about her within than her without.

You may be planning hanging out with her at different places; at shopping malls, the cinema, the beach, restaurant and the likes. Don’t consider her as “spiricoco” if she desires more that you hang out with her in the secret place in fellowship with the Holy Spirit than in public relaxation centers. Her best place could be the secret place and where she gets real cool may be the closet.

You may be planning to spice up her activities by introducing her to doing bodily exercises, playing of video games with her and so on. Don’t be worried bros., if all these activities are making her bored. What interests her more may be you introducing her to new patterns of spiritual dynamics and realities.

I know you have started visiting the gym since you overheard someone tell you many sisters love “six packs” and you discovered that what you have is “fat packs or one and half packs” at the moment. Please, keep doing the push ups but she may be concerned about your Spiritual stature than your physical muscle. What she desires may be “Mr. Spirit” rather than “Mr. Macho”.

Bros., I know you have started knowing and preparing to start taking those recipes to last longer in bed and to avoid erectile dysfunction so you could satisfy her on bed. Good decision sir but she desires more that you last longer in the prayer room than in the bed room. Yes, she likes the activities in the other room but she wants to see you more active in the upper room.

Of what use is your life if you desire and can be active for one hour in the bed room (other room) while you are sleeping in just 20 minutes in the prayer room (upper room)? Something must be wrong with you nigba yen.

Bobo, wise up, give attention to what matters to her so you won’t end up beating the air and looking stupid to her.

Don’t get me wrong sir, please do those activities you have on mind for her because they would also facilitate the relationship but give more attention to her concerns.

Love you brother, I’m concerned about your relationship.



Dear Bobo,

If you really follow CR7, the football legend, you could be familiar with the fact that a referee that once gave me red card later game him a penalty some day. Ronaldo accepted the red card, used the moment of suspension to restrategize and stepped up the game. When he was privileged again to be on the field with the same referee, the referee consented to his conviction in grand style.

It’s only a player that doesn’t have clear prospects in a tournament that would give up in a tournament that he is not playing again because he received a red card during a particular match.

Brother, I know you are downcast that the Bae gave you a red card after all your convictions and confirmations. I know you felt disappointed that you prayed and you were led to propose to her. I know you even saw her in your dreams but the only thing she could imagine that you deserve is a “NO”.

Padi, don’t go and drink “battery water” because you are still feeling embarrassed that she gave you a “NO” for that proposal. Don’t consider jumping into the well because you think you would not be able to withstand her friends getting to know about it.

If you consider doing any of these negative actions, don’t be surprised that if you die on her matter, another brother would still propose to her on the day of your funeral. It may even be during the ceremony. Calm down baba, something positive can still happen.

Before you make the decision to behave like some players do, don’t shout back at the referee during the match because she gave you a red card. She may make you feel the match is over for you at that moment but I want you to know that the tournament is still on and she is still in the tournament.

Maintain and cultivate a good relationship with her because she can start to develop interest in your prospect later.

Like VAR (Video Assistance Referee) at the world cup, the Holy Ghost is the VAR in this tournament and he can replay your matter to her again and she can get back to you or prepare for you to get another opportunity if you persist.

I know you cried after the red card as you comforted yourself with the words; “men don’t cry, they only shield tears”. Padi, whether it’s a cry or tears, I just know say water comot for your eyes.

I know you have started deleting her pictures on your phone. Yeye, as if you can erase her image from your heart. Lol, as you read this letter you can still see the pictures of this Princess Charming, she is freshly fair like “Mammador Groundnut Oil” and you still can’t tell why you can’t lose your feelings for her.

This moment of your suspension, use it to pray to win her heart, appreciate her and restrategize. Let her know, you won’t relent on her matter and the tournament is still on. This game is “WHO WANTS TO BE A BAETONAIRE”, don’t walk away. Use other live lines, call a friend or tell the Holy Ghost to remove things in her that is not making you the answer in her heart.

She actually saw your proposal as a hard tackle that deserves a red card hopefully because she never saw it coming, she wasn’t prepared for it or she never expected it from you. Don’t give up bro., she can still award you a penalty to compensate you of your desires.

If she eventually gives you a penalty, please don’t play the penalty to “throw in”. Don’t despise her concern and care for you. Take advantage of the chance positively, don’t use it as a pay back moment for giving you a red card earlier. Don’t try to prove that you don’t deserve a red card earlier by making her feel she is at your mercy. You didn’t only demand her, you deserve her and she does too.



Dear Honey pie,

I find it important to discuss some issues that are of high esteem to me at this time as it appears more and more as though we can’t do without ourselves. Please, if you truly love me, give attention to every word I would emphasize in this letter and your adherence to the instructions would be a great prove of your love for me.

Bae, please, remind me moments after moments when I come around you at times and places that aren’t convenient that God has put me in your garden with a forbidden fruit that I can’t taste for the now until God hands you legitimately to me to be your gardener.

Remind me that there are other trees in your garden that I can eat from for the now which includes; the tree of your wisdom, intercession, expertise, counsel and comfort but that tree of knowing you in that “glory” in the other room is forbidden for the now.

If I persist in our relationship that I don’t want to only know you in the upper room that I want a taste of you in the other room, please tell me you will report me to God in this manner as Jesus said of his disciples; “out of all the brothers you have given me O God, I have kept all except David the son of Fornication”.

Please threaten me with a “red card” if I desire to give you a hard tackle. Don’t cover up for my excesses or inadequacies. Slap me if you can because that your anointed slap on my cheek in such moment can save God’s call upon my head.

If we get to see and be alone, if I tell you I want to touch you, remind me that I have come to a mountain that can’t be touched. If I move closer again to you on the couch, say to me again; “touch not my anointed and do my prophetess no harm”. If I’m not relenting after you have quoted these scriptures, please permit the anointing to slap me to come upon you.

If I get angry for you to have slapped me in such moment, tell me; “since the day lust crept into my heart till now, our relationship suffereth violence and the violent taketh it by force”. The slap and the scripture would reset me back to my default configuration and feel free to report my strange acts to my spiritual father that you know.

Masterqueen, If we are together alone and I tell you I feel led to lay hands on you, please tell me I’m the one that needs deliverance from lust and rebuke that strange desire. Don’t listen to me no matter the dimension of anointing you see me manifest when I’m alone with you and I tell you I want to impart you where no third party is.

I have a secret agenda if I tell you I want to do impartation for you in the bed room, bae wise up oo. Pray that God exposes and reveals every hidden agenda I have towards you both the good ones and the bad ones.

If I’m confident to tell you, I want to touch your body, be bold to tell me your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. If I tell you the Holy Ghost lives inside of me and I want to touch you, tell me at such moment that it’s lust you are seeing in me and not the Holy Ghost.

Don’t give me a mind when I tell you eyes should not see neither should it come to the heart of men what I had prepared for you as your lover in the secret place if you follow me. Tell me you can behold in open face like in a glass wherever I have prepared for you and God has also prepared something better for us when we get married.

If I tell you, I wish to be greeting you with a holy kiss as recorded in the scriptures, remind me about the account of Judas whose kiss on Jesus became an issue because it was done in the wrong place, for a wrong motive and at the wrong time.

If I tell you that “my case is different” also threaten me by saying; “my red card will be different” because I will it for committing the foul of kissing you while we are still courting.

Please don’t response to my chats or voice notes when I sing these songs to you; “draw me close to you, never let me fall” or respond in this manner; “if you want to fall, fall alone and not on me or with me”. If I also sing this to you late in the night; “I just want to be where you are, dwelling daily in your presence”, tell me; where you are now, I can’t be there and I can’t get to be around you daily for the now.

Bae, don’t let these my strange actions discourage you or doubt my love for you. I will try to avoid them from happening but if it eventually happens, please do the necessary. I know there will be moments where I feel like touching and cuddling you but I will try to fight this good fight of faith to make purity our watch word in our relationship and I won’t bridge my commitment in upholding it.

My love, I know there will be moments when we are together that your own body will be doing “gim gim” towards me too. Please, try and curtail it oo. Don’t let me know and pretend that you are fine because I may just be waiting for you to throw yourself to me at such a time to take the advantage.

Remember, in our society, women mostly get the blame, you can ask the woman caught in the act if adultery that was brought to Jesus. I believe it takes two people to commit adultery, I wonder why they spared the man after they were caught in such act.

This proves the point that, purity in our relationship to a large extend is determined by you as I also strive to play my part.

Bae, remind me that we will one day tell our children and generation how we prepared ourselves for our marriage. We won’t tell our story as a lesson for them to avoid our mistakes because everything done in the secret would have to be revealed in the opened and we would be hypocritical if we tell them to do what we couldn’t do in abstinence and purity.

Please, tell me of a time after we now have access to know ourselves anytime, anywhere and anyhow that I can be around you for days and not feel like touching you because I would have been used to it and at that time what would sustain our love would not only be sex.

I’m still finding it difficulty to believe it that I will be around you under such hospice and spare you, I’m anticipating such a time someday sha. Maybe I don’t get it, I’m trying to fathom it that you will be under my “ministration” in the other room and I won’t stir the anointing to lay hands on you and impart you saying “such as I have, I give you”. We shall see, only time would tell.

I see you dear, I love you for you.
Your soon to be Boo.

Senior Advocate (Prophetic Romance Constituency), Association Of Baeless Single Brothers Of Nigeria.



I have met quite a number of young believers in meetings and what I experience around them never ceases to amaze me. These experiences left me with answers why many young folks would never carry the fire of God despite their activities and “passion” for God.

Meeting some of them for the first time, before discussing in two statements, I hear them bring tell me; Last week, I was at Koinonia in Zaria with Apostle Selman, I will be at Convergence this weekend with Apostle Arome Osayi and next week, I will be at “Fire In My Bones” with Pastor Daniel Olawande, next month, I will be at Face to Face with Apostle Tosin Adegoke.

Don’t get me wrong sir, I’m not saying attending meetings is outrightly wrong. I attend some of these meetings too consistently but I would be addressing some strange motives on this caption

I get to listen some folks arguing at meeting and some come to ask me, who is more anointed among Apostle Johnson Suleiman, Pastor Paul Enenche and Pastor David Ibiyeomen. So painful to hear this among folks. Please, how did we get here? Who did this to us?

I was conversing with a folk online who told me he felt led to follow me and he started telling without asking him his spiritual port folio. He said he has over 500 messages of Apostle Selman, over 300 messages of Apostle Arome Osayi. When I heard that, I told him; “you don’t need to follow me, go and do the instructions in the messages. I’m surprised that your spiritual life still lacks evidence all this while”.

I’m not among those men that are looking people to follow them as a proof for spiritual growth, I’m among the gang that are looking for more pathways of the spirit to follow and looking desperately for more signs to follow our lives as we also look for more prices to pay.

I was chanting with a folk of recent and he started telling me about great men of God that have laid hands on him that he is still reaching out to more hands to be laid on him. I laughed, as I wondered how he has seen laying on of hands as a short cut to spiritual growth.

Thank God for the hands that have been laid upon me but my desire and concern is laying hold of more dimensions of God personally in my closet.

Listen to me, if there is any shortcut to spiritual growth then it must be a broad way to spiritual retrogradation if not properly approached. I don’t think any believer needs a prophet to know that prayer, fasting and study of the word has no substitute in our quest to host the presence of God.

Those great men of God with proven track records of kingdom exploits that you are running after their ministrations touching their cars or clothes for transference of the anointing, ask them if that was the method they used to attain the dimension they are operating from?

Even if you see them transfer the anointing with their handkerchiefs, why can those materials carry the anointing while your own head is still empty after many hands have been laid on it?

A preacher’s popularity can’t ignite the fire of God to you, go to the secret place. Visiting a man of God will not confer the power of God he carries on you until you visit where he visited or visits momentarily, the place of prayer.

Elisha saw beyond carrying the bag of Elijah and calling Elijah his father in the Lord. He built a capacity in hunger and thirst to carry double portion of the anointing. God told Elijah to transfer his anointing to three people due to the magnitude; Hazael, Jehu and Elisha.

Three people were qualified to substitute for Elijah’s departure. Meaning they were qualified to get one third of the anointing each but Elisha’s thirst and capacity made him to get double portion of the anointing not the following alone.

I hear folks say, if so so man of God is not coming to that conference, I won’t attend. Hmmm, this mentality of knowing the guest minister coming for a meeting before attending shows that you are not really hungry for God. If a man is really hungry, he does not care about who serves him or the kind of restaurant to visit.

What a saga, many are missing in their secret place while they are always available in different public meetings, that’s why their spiritual lives have no evidence of tangible results and track records of consistency.

Some are trying to dodge spiritual responsibilities and commitments by keeping relationship with a man of God and attending “big” conferences. Listen to me; “kolewark”. Let your motive for attending meetings be out of the capacity you have developed in the secret place, that’s is how you can sustain, utilize and effectively maximize what you receive from a meeting or relationship.

I have tried to engage some of these folks who claimed to be consistent in attending quite a number of different meetings, have volumes of messages and different hands laid on them. When I tried praying with them, in less than 30 minutes they yawn in weariness and I wonder how all the claimed spiritual pedigrees can’t build their prayer life over time.

Listen to me, there are some folks who are in the secret without seeing their faces regularly in public meeting but are desperately burning for God. Very soon, the line of demarcation would be drawn between those that are really seeking God and those that have been carried away by activities. Only time would tell, the results would soon speak.

These folks may not attend many public meetings, they may not have all the tapes, they may not read all the books, they may not have several hands laid on them, their spiritual father and mentor may not be popular, they may not have the contact of “big” man of God or may not be privileged to snap pictures with anyone of them but their consistency and fervency over time would soon speak.

Don’t be intimated if you are in that category, only make your prayers in the secret place more intensed and see what follows you later. Hear me, using a popular man of God as your profile picture can be a way of honoring them but that’s not what adds to your own spiritual profile.

I’m looking for a generation that would focus on the dimensions the men of God ministered and be provoked to pray than the man of God. I’m looking for men that would run into the bush or their prayer closet after a minister’s ministration rather than running after the minister. Sir, impartation is good but consistency and commitment to spiritual growth is the ultimate.

Enough of young people who love traveling with men of God than travailing with them. We miss it when we prefer to chat with ministers rather than chant with them. We are now taking most of our time with our mentors and spiritual fathers playing with them instead of praying with them. We are becoming familiar with them because we spend more time organizing meeting with them rather than agonizing in prayers for what we desire in them.

Many words, encounters and spiritual realities have passed you by because you despise the preacher for not being popular or the meeting for not being the “big” conference you desire.

Please, take heed to these. You can change this false mentality. You can carry this fire and host his presence if you engage the right approach.

PS; I will be at the meeting, Face to Face with God, Ado Ekiti, a 3 days Marathon prayer and fasting encounter on the 20th to 22nd of July as we consider “How To Host The Divine Presence”, powered by Holistic Healing Crusaders. I believe we would be able to expound on this caption more.