Have you ever asked yourself why? Do you often ponder on the motives for your actions? Is it a concern that your actions carry the right motive so you do not produce a corrupt result? Has it ever crossed your mind that your motive matter most than your action?

It is a common saying that “the end of a thing justifies the means”, is that really true? Does the fact that you gave out stipends from the money you stole justify your greed and wickedness? Why do you think that because you blessed someone by your action that it justifies the fact that you were instructed not to do that in the first place?

We live in a world where men do things with all the wrong motives and they think that because it comes to a “good” end it is justified. What makes you think it is good? Want makes you think that is the end?

We do all kinds of things in churches, giving the impression that we want to please God, yet we are just pursuing our selfish ambition, and we think because people are blessed, it is okay. It is not Okay!

We go on in this foolish charade and we forget that we seek to please a God who judges the intent of our hearts and he can clearly see that we are not out to please him. We become so blinded by our success that we forget it counts for nothing before our God because he did not send us on such an assignment.

Why do we time in time out labor in works that we know would get burnt on the Day of Judgment? What keeps us so held bound by such way of living, is it the fame or the earthly gain? Why suffer to gain the favor of men and yet have no regard before God?

It is sad to see people take up all kinds of jobs or get involved in all kinds of activities just to feel important or to please some folks. Do you not know it is a waste of your God given time? Have you not heard that every time you have, you have been given for a predestined purpose and the end of such purpose is to please your creator? Or do you think your time is just to pursue all your selfish desires and that you would not give account to your creator on how you have spent the time he lent you?

Friends, this is a call for serious soul searching. Ask yourself this questions, why am I doing what I am doing? Why have I set this goals for myself? Why am I working so hard in this area of life? Is it because God has called me to labor there? Is God desiring to use me to impact lives in this area?

I started writing fully because it was the way I spoke to God and God spoke to me. I could be so burdened and start writing a poem and after writing I see that God spoke the answer while I was writing. While I did my study, I could get so much from the Holy Spirit if my biro and note pad was active. So, writing for me was a sacred thing, one which enabled me communicate my thoughts to God and in turn hear his mind on the matter that bothered me.

I was told to start up a blog to publish my thoughts but I knew it was not God’s will for me. I had attempted to compile and publish my poetry work but could not because it was not yet time for it. Writing and publishing articles only came now, because God had something he wants to make public through my writing.

I write not because I want to write, but because God has created this platform to commune with me and those who read my write Ups. This way I would not invest in writing, but bring God glory in writing.

I publish, not because I want to keep a record of published articles but because God wants to make his word to me public through writing.

It should be the burden of every Christian that God is the motivation behind their actions. Yes, that he is the instructor and that he determines how the act should end. Never come to a point where you do your own things in the name of pleasing God. Let him instruct you and lead you on the path he has set for you to please him. Let him determine how you serve him. Let not your success push you to begin to dictate your pattern of service. 

No work of ours count before God except He is the author and the finisher of our works. Selah!




Have you ever had the fear that you may not pull through that trial or temptation and remain standing in faith? Has the battle been so fierce and you have become so tired and you say to yourself you cannot make it? Well, let me let you know this secret truth, you can make it. Yes, the temptation seems so frightful, and the storm rages so fiercely, still you can make it.

On the eve to the day of writing this piece, there was this underlining secret fear I had. Questions raging through my mind in the face of Satan’s relentless battle. Will I survive this trial? Will I have the capacity to say no and remain firm? Would not the pressure get so hard that I cannot resist? While my mind was attacked, my spirit kept speaking the word of truth and in there was the assurance that because Christ was with me, I shall not fall. My right standing with God would not be destroyed. I’ll succeed this temptation and come out victorious. 

Unknown to me, God heard the silent cries of my spirit and gave me the encouraging words I’ll share with you in this piece as I meditated on his word the next morning.

One thing I had always known or had come to learn from experiences in my Christian journey is that God is more interested in our victory as Christians than we are. Yes, He wants you to come out victorious from that temptation, He would not put you through a trial that you cannot handle and He surely is always there by you to see to it that your victory is complete.(1 Corinthians 10:13 Amplified Version)

As I meditated by the help of the Holy Spirit on 1Samuel 7:7-17, where our God was called the Ebenezer (Rock of Help), it suddenly became clear to my mind that God would always help me. Yes, his help was always going to be available for me through the trials, temptation, and storms of life. I did see that God would never let me be defeated, not by the devil or his wicked plotting’s. This gave me courage to press on, for I am confident that no matter what the enemy throws at me, be it temptation, trial or mountains, with God’s help, I’ll come out undefeated, victorious!

Other scriptures came to my mind and they all pointed to this reality, I have readily available to me, always, God’s help to live a victorious and fulfilled life in Christ Jesus. (See this scriptures, Zechariah 4:6, 2 Corinthians 12:9, Psalm 107, John 14:25-27).


God’s help is always available for us if we but call out to him for help. He has been through all that we could ever go through without failing and so we are confident that he knows the best way to help us. (See Hebrews 14:15-16). Let me add here that though we were only told three temptations of Jesus but it was recorded that he was tempted for the whole of forty days without falling ( Luke 4:1-12). It is possible that if yours do not fall in the three mentioned, it’s in the others not mentioned. Is that not relaxing😁! 

We can all live victoriously throughout our Christian journey if we but call out to the Lord for help. Christ did it, so can we!

What keeps us away from victory is because we try to live the life of Christ without his help. God never meant it to be so that is why he sent his spirit to empower us, that same spirit that teaches us and graces us to live in accordance with his will always. (Titus2:11).

The moment you turn to God for help in that trial or temptation you are going through, he is sure to come to your rescue. Do not try to fight it on your own, you cannot win. Call to the Lord for help, ask for his grace, meditate on his word and you would see yourself coming out victorious every time the enemy comes knocking.

Friends, there is a way out of defeat. Yes, it is in the hands of Jehovah Ebenezer. So, call out to him today, and always call out to him, he is sure to help you as he has promised!

Remember, God is more interested in your victory than you are, for he is “Your Ebenezer”



We are living in a time when everybody seems to have a say and an opinion about the life of another person without even knowing them or having facts.

They have an opinion on what they think you should do and how you should do it in order to be accepted. Anything other than what they think you should do, is automatically wrong as you are expected to live by the status quo.

People talk more this days than they can even think.

My dear friend, do not be carried away by what everyone have to say about your life, that you forget who you are. Do not allow the opinions of others weigh you down or place a limitation on you. Always live in the consciousness of your uniqueness.

If you want to know who you are, if you want to know what to do, then go to the bible you will find all your answers. Look deep down within you in silence and in the serenity of your mind and you will surely discover who you truly are and what you are to do.

Be careful of those you take advice from. If you must take advice from someone, let it be those who have knowledge and a track record to show for the advice they are giving you. Like my popular saying goes, don’t tell me what you know, but show me what you have done with what you know. If you have no result then you are not qualified to advice me. It’s not pride, it’s called being reasonable, careful and watchful in a world filled with too many wrong informations.

Learn from everyone, but don’t follow everyone. In order words be a good student and not a follower. Think critically and let your decisions come from your own convictions and not from what others say. Develop yourself and have a mind of your own. Don’t let anyone manipulate you with empty words.

Above all build a personal relationship with God, seek to know God for yourself. Stop running from one pastor, bishop, prophet to the other. Learn to pray and seek God by yourself. Those that are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God. So says the scriptures. It didn’t say those that are led by pastors, bishops and prophets. I’m l against having a pastor? No, I am rather against letting your pastor take the place of God in your life.

Do not be deceived by thus says thy Lord. If your Spirit do not confirm it, if it’s not in line with the word of God then is not from God. Study and endeavour to stay up to date with the happenings around you and in the world. Be a good soldier of Christ. Always be on the alert!

Finally my brethren! Be watchful of who you tell your problems and life situations. Not everyone is qualified to be a friend, even though you must be friendly to all. Learn to talk less, listen more and you will safe yourself from unnecessary headache. Beware of time wasters. Those who do not have any constructive idea but are full of gossip and rumours. Run away from them if you want to be successful for TIME IS LIFE!!!

Always remember to stay in charge of your life. You and you alone will give account of what you did with your life to God. Your Pastor, Bishop, Prophet, Father, Mother, siblings, relatives, friends and colleagues will not answer for you. Therefore live your life to the fullest from your own conviction given to you by God.




Excellence is that name we all desire to be called, yet very few of us get to that height of excellence in every area of our lives. We have gotten too used to seeing Christians not excelling in all areas of their lives simply because they are Christians. Yet we serve an excellent God and we are born in his image. Why then are we failing to see his excellence in every area of our lives?

Excellence is a labor. It is something you work at until you see it manifest in your life.

Excellence is not achieved at once. It takes patience and diligent persistence to work out the workings of excellence

Excellence is costly, it is demanding, it requires sacrifices that many are not willing to pay and so many would never achieve excellence.

Excellence is what we see when a man has paid the price of diligence and tireless tries despite countless failures.

To achieve excellence you must first realize that it would demand you keep working until that fine result of excellence is carved.

Excellence was never and would never be the meat of the cowardly, for it takes courage to be excellent.

We see this in everything God created, “excellence of work” is the name.

When I consider the creation story (Genesis1 & 2), I am amazed at God’s labour unto excellence. God was never going to give up on anything until he was satisfied that it was good, fitting and admirable. That is excellence! He was so driven by this that he was able to notice that creating man alone was not so excellent. In his bid to achieve excellence, he worked at creating all kinds of animals until he found one suitable and fitting as a companion to man, woman! That is excellence!

When we consider also God’s work for our salvation and eternal redemption, we see God at work in his excellence. He was not going to rest until he had achieved perfectly the salvation of man. Though it took years but he did arrive in the perfect and excellent way, the birth, death and resurrection of Christ Jesus. (Hebrews 8)

Everything God does is perfect and speaks of divine excellence. It is in this manner we were created and given the responsibility to continue in God’s work of creation and Christ’s work of salvation. For we were created unto good (excellent) works. (Ephesians 2:10).

So it goes without saying, that God expects excellence, not just in our spiritual walk and ministry, but also in every other areas of our lives. In our businesses, careers, marriages, even our relationships, God has a pattern for them, excellence!

No Christian should think that it is okay to be spiritually excellent and fail in other areas of our lives. That, is living short of God’s expectation on our lives! That, is not to have allowed the spirit of God to take total control of our lives! For the spirit of God is an excellent spirit and not an author of failure or the not-so-goods!


He is excellence, his works are excellent and he delights in excellence!

He created us to bring delight to him and excellence in our lives delights God.

Note here that why God so loves excellence in our live is because our excellence is a pointer to this world of his awesome excellence.

Yes, it is the way we witness to the world of his ultimate excellent plan for all who come to know and accept his son (Jeremiah 29:11)

Remember that the tabernacle was built in such excellence as instructed by God but it was only a pointer to the excellent plan to be fulfilled in Christ. (Exodus 36-40, Hebrews 9 & 10).

So it is with all that we do, it should be a shadow of the excellence enshrined in Christ Jesus.

Seriously, you do not expect your boss at work to receive the gospel when he cannot see the excellence of that gospel in your work, your relationships and even your attitude. When men see the excellence of Christ written all over your life, they are forced to ask questions and that would lead you to witnessing about the source of all excellence, Christ! This brings glory to God! (Mathew 5:16).

Look friends, it takes excellence to delight God. Excellence birthed by the working of his spirit within and through you. For God is a God of excellence!

Wherever you have been called to labour for God, in every area of your life, do not just desire to be excellent, work at it, labour diligently until you produce excellence.

For God is a God of Excellence!” and “God Delights in Excellence!”



I was privilege to counsel certain persons recently and I found out that while we found it easy to proclaim Christianity as our religion, we do not know Christ, nor are we anything near Christ like.

It was easy for these persons to say, yes I am a Christian yet not all were quick to affirm that they were born again. Some even declared that they were born again but have boxed Christ into one corner of their lives while they take charge of the others.

The question is, is the name Christian just a cliché, or is it a pointer to our true identity?

In Acts 11:26.when the disciples were first called Christians, it was an expression of identity. They saw in the disciples the character of Christ and then called them Christians (Christ-like). Unfortunately, the name Christian is not sufficient to identify one who is truly like Christ. We must add, true-Christian, or born again Christian. The question is, should there be a false Christian or a not born again Christian?

We have become so comfortable to identify with Christ and at the same time deny him. We have found it easy to say we are Christians yet we fail to represent the character of Christ. We have become so used to hearing non-Christians say they are Christians and we think it is normal. Is it normal?

Is it normal to go to church, the place where the body of Christ meets and be cut off from Christ? Is it normal to shout hallelujah to the lamb who was slain yet fail to accept his sacrifice for you? Is it normal to cry at the altar and proclaim Christ as your lord and master yet you deny him the right of control over your life? Is it normal to say Christ is the only way to God but have refused to follow the path he has set for you? What is normal in being filled with the Holy Spirit and manifesting all kinds of gift yet you do not allow the fruits of the Holy Spirit to bud in your life? There is no normal when we say we are Christians yet it is not for us an expression of our true identity in Christ but the sound of a familiar cliché. 

While I was counseling, I heard my brother counsellor tell a young man, if Christ is true then be serious with him, do not waste your time professing what you are not( paraphrased). 

Some weeks after that I was watching a programme on television (THE RAMP) and I heard the facilitator tell the youths who were listening that she made up her mind that if she would follow God, she would be true to him. She said further that if they wanted to follow God they should do it in truth, no need wasting time doing it falsely (paraphrased).

Now I tell you the same thing, do you call yourself a Christian? Then be true to it. No need wasting your time calling yourself what you are not, it would not make you one.

The funny thing about this is that we lie daily when we tell people we are Christians when we are not and it only makes us the more not Christians for a Christians do not tell lies!

Christians are men who have come to accept Christ as their lord and saviour. Christians are men who know that the life they live is not theirs but Christ and have decided to let Christ live through their living. Christians are men who have come to accept Christ as the only way and would not negotiate with any other way. Christians are men who have accepted Christ invitation to be his friends and are seeking daily to grow more intimate with him and would not willingly do anything that would tamper with their relationship with him. Christians are men who have chosen to follow Christ and take up the burden of his kingdom on their shoulders and would so do no matter the cost, even their lives. Above all, Christians are men who personally have come to see Christ as their God and are personally committed to knowing, following and serving him.

Dear friends, calling yourself a Christian is not a traditional title. It is a term that should relate to who you know, who you are, who you serve, who you live for and who you die for. 

I end with this, if you are a Christian, be true!



The easiest way to a miserable life is to think everybody is talking about you. Learn to ignore and overlook many things if you truly want happiness in life.

Never allow anyone to steal your joy from you.

Never worry yourself about what people say behind your back because its none of your business as long as you are true to yourself.

*Sometimes minding your own business does not keep people out of your business.*

No matter your situation in life people will always talk. You can never stop people from talking about you, what you can do is to stop giving them what to talk about.

There is a time limit for every rumor in life. Never allow freelance broadcasters put your life in hold. Do what makes you happy. *Anyone who cannot feel your pain, has no right to judge you in life. 70% of those who talk bad about you behind your back, wish to be like you.*

When people can’t be like you they try to bring you down and condemn what you have. Those without money will sarcastically say money is not everything in life. (Is poverty anything?)

*Never allow anyone to put you in a position of depression and self pity in life. Those whose life has no joy will always find every means to remove happiness from other peoples life.*

*Enemies are inevitable if there’s GRACE of GOD in your life. If no one has never gossiped or talked bad about you means nothing good has ever happened to you. Grace can turn an old friend to a new enemy.*

Never feel bad when old friends become new enemies. They are just tired of acting painfully like enemies as friends.

*Never allow the opinions of people who didn’t see your tears stop your laughter in life. You don’t owe anybody an explanation to be happy.*
Never see yourself through the eyes of those who don’t value you.

To be beautiful means to be yourself. To stand out is to be out-standing. You do not need to be accepted by others. You just need to accept yourself.

Never beg anyone to accept you for who you are. Anything you acquire through begging will require begging to maintain.

*Be humble but selective. Being selective doesn’t mean you are arrogant or proud. It simply means you know your worth. If you are conscious of your personality avoid too much familiarity.*

Sometimes when you treat people too much like celebrities, they end up treating you like ordinary fan. You are equally important.

*Never downgrade yourself while trying to upgrade anybody in life. Anyone who sees you like an option doesn’t deserve to be a priority in your life.*

*The dream of a fool is for everybody to become a bloody fool. Avoid negative people if you have a dream. Those without mission will say your vision is just an illusion.*

*Negative minds will never give you a positive life. Anyone who is always reminding you about what is wrong with you has a personal problem which he/she wants to take out on you.*

*Most people spend half of their entire life analyzing the faults in other peoples life, when their own lives need urgent repairs.*

*Never worry yourself about enemies and friends, because everybody in your life will eventually fall into one of two categories.*

*Some will hate you and some will love you. Loving you or hating you are both in your favor. When people love you, you live peacefully and happily in their heart; and when people hate you, you become the landlord in their head living painfully in their brain everyday and giving them sleepless nights.*

*Never allow negative people to rent a space in your life, kick them out of your life and increase the rent.*

Good Day….



The question is, why do we celebrate Christmas? Or better still, why should we celebrate Christmas? Why travel several miles to all places amidst the danger of road accidents, plane crash and armed robbery just to mark a day of eating and drinking without sense?

Christmas today is mostly announced by all kinds of ‘bashes’ characterized by a high level of immorality and pursuit of pleasure that injure the soul and quench the spirit. There is the craze to make money by all means to defile the town with the wine of pride. We shop for the best of material to fuel the fire of inequality and social discrimination. We gather around tables and cast lots for the garment of condemnation and quarrelling. We intensify our greed and gamble away our future. All because of Christmas!

Of a truth, we organize carols and thereafter we contaminate our souls as we soon get swayed by the wave of worldly rhythm. We make commitments, but shake them off to build up dust on the pew of our churches. What then is our Christmas experience? Why put so much energy to a day that passes and makes no difference?

We have heard the news of the prophets and have sang the songs of the angels and have remained wolves in sheep clothing. What difference has this big feast made in our lives through our years of great celebration? Too little for the kind of preparation we put in!

Christmas is spiritual. It signifies the coalition of heaven and earth. It is pregnant with the child of God’s covenant and it birth in us the fulfillment of his promise.

To raise a remnant of the dynasty of David that would reign forever

To restore the glory of Israel lost to battles and colonization 

To establish a new covenant on the petals of justice and peace

To bring to being a season of joy, mercy and salvation

To dwell amongst men and to be their God and they his people.

Christmas is a time of encounter, a season set by God to reveal himself to all who are seeking. It is a time of deliverance, a time of direction, a time to receive peace, a time to be healed by God’s joy, a time to receive the gift of salvation.

Christmas bears in its gift (Jesus Christ) its purpose (Immanuel –God with Us). Christmas is a time of personal retreat, a time to cry for the lord to be revealed in our lives afresh, a time to seek his innermost desire for our lives and a time to share the love we have received to others.

We cannot come to possess this gift of Christmas until we see Christmas as a highly spiritual season and prepare for it spiritually. We would never enter into this realm of God that Christmas opens to us until we level the mountains of our sins and fill up the valleys and pot holes that prevent us. Oh, how we would miss the grace that heaven releases this season if we fail to prepare the way of and for the lord.

Christmas is about the coming of the Lord and it is not just a season for physical preparation, it is a season for more spiritual preparation so as to enter without hindrance the state of divine wholeness and to receive without measure the gift of God.

If we preoccupy ourselves this season with so much physical and material preparation, the day would pass away and we would have missed out on its purpose.

Let us therefore resolve as we celebrate this year’s Christmas to sanctify ourselves for the precious gift of God’s presence to be greatly revealed in our lives. Let us put down the mountains of sin and let us fill up the valleys of weights that easily beset us. Let us walk the path Christ has set for us for He longs to reveal himself to us in a greater dimension this season.

Let us wear the garments of love as we celebrate this season, with purity in our hearts and righteousness of acts. Let us celebrate with the consciousness of his presence with and within us, the eagerness to know him more and the earnest expectation of his second coming when his kingdom shall be fully established. Yes! His second coming that births a world when all that has been spoken by the apostles and prophets of his coming would crystalize. 

Let us set our focus on being part of that world even as we celebrate this season as it remains the ultimate goal for the coming of Christ.


This my friends is the purpose of Christmas, it is the reason why Christmas is sacred, it is the reason why we must sanctify ourselves  in preparation for it and it is the reason why we must celebrate with Christ as the centre of our celebrations.

And so I raise a cry, that Christ would be revealed in us this season and in Nigeria. That the peace and joy he brings, would be manifest all over Nigeria. That we would by this seasons grow in our relationship with him, become more like him and be better empowered to bring his Kingdome to manifest in Nigeria. Amen
Merry Christmas!