We owe our generation something relevant beyond contributing to the statistics of populace, let’s have in mind that we are solutions to the need of humanity and we are indebted to making our generation better.

We owe our family more beyond ascertaining that we are member of that lineage, we are to make our family name a name to reckon with for all and add dignity to it by the values our lives would have demonstrated.

We owe our spouse something bigger beyond the affections we claim to have and show, we must make sure that we live to fulfill purpose maximally by being all that God has made us with the union not resulting to an excuse but an advantage to help one another to be more purpose and impact driven having our loins rooted in Christ.

We owe our children beyond the responsible of parenting, we also should have the motive to be the first role model and mentor to our children in the things of the spirit, marriage, finance and other areas of life that might interest them.

We owe the media beyond the pictures and thoughts we share, we are to show them what the right culture and attitude to living are from what we have gathered over time by our lifestyle.

Our lives is worth beyond the degrees we are trying to acquire like thermometers, there is something we should discover that we can’t let go and get fulfilment from.

We owe the ministry beyond holding microphone, experiencing the supernatural as our everyday lives and helping others do the same is one of our aims in ministry.

Impact is crying deep from within us, our purpose is looking for the platform to find expression. If you are looking for where to find us, we can give you a clue. Our permanent address is His presence, under the roof of His purpose for our lives. We aren’t changing location.




“If I am successful that means I should serve you and help you to come up to where I am” – Sunday Adelaja.

May I never get to the climax that will make me despise the people around me. No matter where I’m now or where I would be years to come, may I continue to be conscious of the fact that some people’s contributions in one way or the other gave me a leap. Some by their words, books, prayers, encouragement, criticisms and love. 

I’m conscious of the contributions of my parent, siblings, mentors, friends of like passions and foes. How can I forget the prayers of my mum, the beautiful smiles of my younger sister, fellowships with men of like passion and critisms that takes me back to my table to accelerate my motion?

I don’t want to feel successful by the millions in my account, the property I would acquire, the nations I have visited, times I appear on the T.V, numbers of people that knows my name, what Wikipedia has to say about me or posters of me across the globe. All these can be achieved so cheap even by irresponsible acts.

I want to rate my success by:

How I have been able to effectively harness all the potentials God has embedded in me with proven results.

How I have made life convenient for the earth’s populace even when I go through the rigours on behave of mankind.

How much of me that humanity have benefitted from.

How I have made investments in myself to make virtues and values readily available for others to draw from.

How I have helped others to avoid the pains, neglects and failures I went through.

How my prowess and expertise has been solutions to global ills.

How I have helped others, young and old to be where I am and even better than me faster than I could have done.

How people have smiled in situations where I once cried and almost gave up.

I’m responsible to this “HOWS” and working tirelessly daily to see it accomplished. 


Please if you see me soon on your T.V screen spearheading protests against ungodliness and decadences in nations, don’t join others to say I have lost my prayer life neither did I backside.

If you hear on the your radio that I have been arrested for taking actions for global transformation in any quota, please don’t say God is punishing me for my sin. If it would cost me that being a convict, it’s worth it.

If you read on the dailies that I was shot dead for refusing to sign documents that would cause my children and the coming generation  to exalt immorality as a norm; don’t cry, rejoice because I happy to stand for such legacy in expense of my life.

I have made up my mind to fight impunity, ungodliness and decadence with my last blood. I have been preparing myself, reading, praying, fasting, writing, protesting, taking actions and so on till Revival, Spiritual Re-awakening and Global Revolution becomes a reality and the way of life of the people around me.

I don’t care how many people are with me neither do I give the thoughts of others against me a concern. What has eaten me up has done so much to me that I have no room to accommodate the neglects and beefs of others.



“The world is full of so-called prayer warriors who are prayer-ignorant. They’re full of formulas and programs and advice, peddling techniques for getting what you want from God. Don’t fall for that nonsense”- Matt 6:7 (MSG)

In a generation where people pay less attention about the pains and tears of others. In my country where we pray for unity but never take action and responsibility for transformation. We pray, fold our hand and watch people die due to our inadequencies and irresponsibility of citizens. We say we love ourselves but when we hear of kilings and attacks on our fellow citizens, we say we would pray for them only but our heart whispers to us “thank God they are not my family members and it’s not happening in my state”. 

The question is, if we hear that our houses and some members of our families are set ablaze, will we continue on our kneels without taking a step?

If we hear that our brothers and sisters are kidnapped, will we go online to say those that are reacting against kidnapping are over exerting their pains?

If we hear that our parents are slaughtered by same set of people that have been killing other families, will you say those that are protesting are not spiritual and born again?

I know if Elijah was in our generation, we would have sent him out of the church and told him he is not a christian for not joining the other prophets in the cave eating bread while they claimed they were praying to God to touch the heart of Ahab and stop the atrocities of Jezebel.

We would have denied Moses being part of us for going straight away to Pharaoh for their freedom. We would have told him, we would continue to be at the mercy of the taskmaster and continue to pray that one day God will deliver us from the Egyptians. We would have called him “KANU” for trying to bring the people of Israel out of Egypt even when it was God’s instruction.

We would have said Jael and Deborah do not understand the bible for rising up against the rulers of the nations. We would have called them enemies of peace, unity and progress.

Continue clapping hands when men are preparing to be corking guns against the church. Continue to pray when people around you are already making believers preys due to negligence and complacence when they are suppose to take steps


Where are men like Martin Luther King (Jr.)? Who was a voice on social rebirth and against impunity. A man who does not desire to live long but to initiate a legacy that would speak till eternity.

Where are men like John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln who died for a course against immoralities and decadence. Men that are unbendable to false compliance.

Where are men like Pastor Sunday Adelaja, who fought the beasts in Ukraine and made the country stand still until the order of godliness was restored in the government and economy. You know what? the church saw him initially has a rebel for his actions but they are now reaping the fruits. He was never afraid of various assassination attempts on his life as he had to run into the crowds while spearheading the national transformation to avoid gun shots on him as he could see some of the assassins.

Believe me friends, these men also prayed too but their kneels never made them irresponsible to get to their feet and take actions.

So painful that we can quote these men, read their books and called them our role models but never make attempts to do what they did.



Many times as we move with a passion for Jesus

And his Message to our generarion

A lot of things come up as distractions

From Trap of competition and Approval addiction

To outright rejection, in all We Focus.

Many times, we preach and the Word is well received

People rejoice, excited, set ablaze

Other times people are dosile to the message

You tell them Jesus loves them, they reply you… And so what?

Friends, no matter what We Focus.

This Journey of the Spirit, Is not for the Faint Hearted

You must reject the wiles of the devil

From Discouragement to self Accusation

And even Inferiority complex.

You must shut down those tendencies with the word of God.

Why?? We must remain focused.

Whenever it looks as if the word bounces back against you

You keep your eyes on the one who sent you.

Whenever you miss step with the Spirit

You lift your heart and say Lord I’m sorry and bounce back

We Don’t give the devil space.

For we on a journey, God has sent us

There’s much ground to cover

Much work to be done, and by the Spirit it shall be done

Therefore… we FOCUS.

KNOW YOUR ASSIGNMENT By Temitope Olawunmi 

KNOW YOUR ASSIGNMENT By Temitope Olawunmi 
On many occasions, we lament and lament on how we don’t seem to be able to live up to our potentials or make sense out of our abilities or talents. You hear some youths say “I can sing, I can act, I can dance and I can write. I am multi-talented and I still don’t know what to make of my talents”.
You know, there are three things that you don’t share with anyone not even your twin, which are your fingerprint, your eyeball and your DNA. When God created us, He had wired everything that we would need to fulfil purpose into our DNA including what we call our talents (Gen 1:28). Unfortunately, after we were formed in our mother’s womb and delivered (Jer 1:25), so many us really forgot who were created to be in destiny, because naturally  the mind of a child is a tabular laser, it is empty. So He can’t relate who he was created to be in destiny with who he is now. So he begins to act anyhow regardless of his many talents. The only way we can be in synch again with destiny is by knowing  our assignment.
Our assignment is God’s will for us framed in the moment called ‘now’.While our purpose is God’s will for us framed in the time called eternity. Knowing your assignment is knowing what God wants you to be doing  now.
Today, we find so many young men blessed with a persuasive tongue that speaks sweets words and all they use it to do is flirt with ladies and even decieve them. Many are blessed with the talent  of writing and this is exhausted on writing love letters alone. So many are blessed  with great voices and the best they can do with it is to sing about how hot they’re and how much money they have. Because they don’t know God’s assignment for their talents , they abuse it.
When you have a relationship with God , and you bear  adherence to his leading, you would know how to manifest all of your potentials  because you will know His will. And naturally, your assignment will use up your talent(s) beautifully well no matter how many they’re.
Oftentimes, we’re concerned about discovering purpose ( which I would emphasize next time). However, if you’re able to carry out your assignment(God’s will per time), you will find out that you have succeeded in fulfilling purpose at the end of the day.
For example, the purpose of your parent sending you to school is to get an education, but you were first assigned to KG1 , then KG2 until you acquired a Phd, thereby ultimately fulfilling the purpose of your going to school, you got an education. That’s how assignment leads to purpose.
Indeed, in the journey called life, God expects us to add value to the places we pass through and the people we meet before moving to another phase.
Your assignment is the place where the gloryof the Lord shines upon you and your talent will be utilized at this place.

YOUR LIFETIME IS WRITTEN II (Don’t eat it all)  by Temitope Olawunmi

YOUR LIFETIME IS WRITTEN II (Don’t eat it all)  by Temitope Olawunmi
In part 1, it was noted that indeed God created us in destiny and His will is that we should be excellent ambassadors on earth as He is an excellent God.
However, for us to be excellent in our ways, there must be little alterations in our everyday lifestyle, particularly if we have habits that are derailing to our destiny. Our habits can cause us to walk off or on the track of God’s plan for our life.
One habit that is most common amidst youths is blowing their income or whatever they receive all at once. So many youths live for the moment and do not have a sense of  direction even as they thread on this journey called life. They go anywhere the wind takes them believing, someway somehow they’d make it.
So many students while they are still in school, they forget there is life after school or better still they  wait for the government as usual, therefore they blow up all that their parent, guardians, uncles,aunties and others give them. They finish all in a little time.
The most popular excuse is that ,  they haven’t gotten to a stage where they can save a little and  they would wait till they start earning big. Same applies  to that bricklayer that earns a thousand naira per day and consumes everything on the basis that ,it is not enough . But will it ever be enough ?
The reason why so many people of the older generation are mourning in poverty today is because they had developed the culture of using all they get at once and we of the younger generation have joined this train . Traders and vocational entrepreneurs  would have probably been the richest citizens of their nation if they had been diligent in keeping a little of their meager income.
A lot of us really enjoy spending on things that are not necessary like clothes , jewelries, cars , phones and many other things that are very extravagant for our pocket.
You know Ruth in the scriptures was getting so little from Boaz’s field , and yet she was  disciplined enough to reserve a little out of the low quantity she had.( Ruth 2:18). That was a woman that was seeing her tomorrow and she was willing to pay the price.
If you are thinking that it is when you are getting much that you would be able to reserve something, don’t be surprised that when you finally get to the top, you would not be prudent with spending and you’d keep wanting more.

You’re in a relationship and when your spouse collects his salary, the next thing he decides is to take you to where a table is worth 120 thousand naira, when he is earning just 130 thousand naira, and you’d gladly support him. I pity you, when he is done spending his own ,he will collect your own.
Joseph in the scriptures saw what would happen in the next seven  years in the land of Egypt  and because he was a man of great insight , he deviced a way for the Egyptians to keep some away .
It doesn’t matter what level you are now, you can still work towards your tomorrow because that tomorrow would soon be your today. Reserve a little out of that little ,and you would be suprised about the result.

 If you investigate many great men today ,you would find out that they kept a little away until it became the empire they have now . Be ready to pay the price  to greatness and take hold of your future because you can only have a future you create.