Dear Honey pie,

I find it important to discuss some issues that are of high esteem to me at this time as it appears more and more as though we can’t do without ourselves. Please, if you truly love me, give attention to every word I would emphasize in this letter and your adherence to the instructions would be a great prove of your love for me.

Bae, please, remind me moments after moments when I come around you at times and places that aren’t convenient that God has put me in your garden with a forbidden fruit that I can’t taste for the now until God hands you legitimately to me to be your gardener.

Remind me that there are other trees in your garden that I can eat from for the now which includes; the tree of your wisdom, intercession, expertise, counsel and comfort but that tree of knowing you in that “glory” in the other room is forbidden for the now.

If I persist in our relationship that I don’t want to only know you in the upper room that I want a taste of you in the other room, please tell me you will report me to God in this manner as Jesus said of his disciples; “out of all the brothers you have given me O God, I have kept all except David the son of Fornication”.

Please threaten me with a “red card” if I desire to give you a hard tackle. Don’t cover up for my excesses or inadequacies. Slap me if you can because that your anointed slap on my cheek in such moment can save God’s call upon my head.

If we get to see and be alone, if I tell you I want to touch you, remind me that I have come to a mountain that can’t be touched. If I move closer again to you on the couch, say to me again; “touch not my anointed and do my prophetess no harm”. If I’m not relenting after you have quoted these scriptures, please permit the anointing to slap me to come upon you.

If I get angry for you to have slapped me in such moment, tell me; “since the day lust crept into my heart till now, our relationship suffereth violence and the violent taketh it by force”. The slap and the scripture would reset me back to my default configuration and feel free to report my strange acts to my spiritual father that you know.

Masterqueen, If we are together alone and I tell you I feel led to lay hands on you, please tell me I’m the one that needs deliverance from lust and rebuke that strange desire. Don’t listen to me no matter the dimension of anointing you see me manifest when I’m alone with you and I tell you I want to impart you where no third party is.

I have a secret agenda if I tell you I want to do impartation for you in the bed room, bae wise up oo. Pray that God exposes and reveals every hidden agenda I have towards you both the good ones and the bad ones.

If I’m confident to tell you, I want to touch your body, be bold to tell me your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. If I tell you the Holy Ghost lives inside of me and I want to touch you, tell me at such moment that it’s lust you are seeing in me and not the Holy Ghost.

Don’t give me a mind when I tell you eyes should not see neither should it come to the heart of men what I had prepared for you as your lover in the secret place if you follow me. Tell me you can behold in open face like in a glass wherever I have prepared for you and God has also prepared something better for us when we get married.

If I tell you, I wish to be greeting you with a holy kiss as recorded in the scriptures, remind me about the account of Judas whose kiss on Jesus became an issue because it was done in the wrong place, for a wrong motive and at the wrong time.

If I tell you that “my case is different” also threaten me by saying; “my red card will be different” because I will it for committing the foul of kissing you while we are still courting.

Please don’t response to my chats or voice notes when I sing these songs to you; “draw me close to you, never let me fall” or respond in this manner; “if you want to fall, fall alone and not on me or with me”. If I also sing this to you late in the night; “I just want to be where you are, dwelling daily in your presence”, tell me; where you are now, I can’t be there and I can’t get to be around you daily for the now.

Bae, don’t let these my strange actions discourage you or doubt my love for you. I will try to avoid them from happening but if it eventually happens, please do the necessary. I know there will be moments where I feel like touching and cuddling you but I will try to fight this good fight of faith to make purity our watch word in our relationship and I won’t bridge my commitment in upholding it.

My love, I know there will be moments when we are together that your own body will be doing “gim gim” towards me too. Please, try and curtail it oo. Don’t let me know and pretend that you are fine because I may just be waiting for you to throw yourself to me at such a time to take the advantage.

Remember, in our society, women mostly get the blame, you can ask the woman caught in the act if adultery that was brought to Jesus. I believe it takes two people to commit adultery, I wonder why they spared the man after they were caught in such act.

This proves the point that, purity in our relationship to a large extend is determined by you as I also strive to play my part.

Bae, remind me that we will one day tell our children and generation how we prepared ourselves for our marriage. We won’t tell our story as a lesson for them to avoid our mistakes because everything done in the secret would have to be revealed in the opened and we would be hypocritical if we tell them to do what we couldn’t do in abstinence and purity.

Please, tell me of a time after we now have access to know ourselves anytime, anywhere and anyhow that I can be around you for days and not feel like touching you because I would have been used to it and at that time what would sustain our love would not only be sex.

I’m still finding it difficulty to believe it that I will be around you under such hospice and spare you, I’m anticipating such a time someday sha. Maybe I don’t get it, I’m trying to fathom it that you will be under my “ministration” in the other room and I won’t stir the anointing to lay hands on you and impart you saying “such as I have, I give you”. We shall see, only time would tell.

I see you dear, I love you for you.
Your soon to be Boo.

Senior Advocate (Prophetic Romance Constituency), Association Of Baeless Single Brothers Of Nigeria.




Please, I won’t listen to any apologies or explanations on his behalf and I would be so factual to communicate my plight.

Often times, we have been mistaken to be “twin brothers” but he does not care to leave me as a “single brother”.

He accepted that I’m is brother on different occasions when he was asked but he didn’t tell me how to make a sister around me accept relationship proposal even when we see on different occasion.

He told me to always sustain the fire in my bones but he didn’t tell me to look for a sister that carries fire to be the bone of my bone as he did.

He told me the Lord would make “everything beautiful in his time’ but he didn’t tell me to look for a sister that his “beautiful all the time in everything” as he has found sister Nifemi.

He told me I need to be “prophetic to be impactful”, he didn’t tell me I needed to be “prophetic to be romantic”.

He told me “how necessary it is to be engaged with the things of God” but he didn’t tell me “how necessary it is to be engaged to the sister of God”.

Anytime we meet, he tells me about the “move of God in the public” but he didn’t tell me “the sister of God is moving him in the secret”. Please help me ask him, is that not “hypocrisy”.

The last time we saw, he addressed me as “boss” with the same mouth he uses to call sister Nifemi “Bae”. Thank God everyone knows who the Boss is between us and who the Bae is. Please, is that not “deceptive”.

Lol, you think I didn’t know that it was not flesh and blood that revealed the pattern of your proposal to you that day at RCCG Youth centre.

You think I didn’t know that it was the gift of discerning of spirits that you used to capture that song you sang before the proposal, “Ife re po, ife re po gan”.

Baba, you sly me big time and you know I’m really going to get back to you. Lol, from today I “dis-twin brother you oo” and don’t beg me.

I love you sir, thanks for always inspiring me. Been a long time coming Boss. Together we would be all that Christ has made us and do our part in heralding this generation.

I put my hands into yours and would stand by you till the end. You are my brother, my daddy is your daddy and importantly, my God is your God. Lol, I know some folks are expecting me to add “you spouse is my spouse” but I don’t want to die young. Our daddy (Daddy G.O) during the wedding anniversary told us that he can kill because of our Mummy (Mummy G.O) and I know definitely you can do the same with same believe and covering.

We are connected for life. Greater things are ahead of us. Let’s keep pressing and progressing. Our beginning is yet to began, we are still warming up.

Our minds are made up, our heads are up high and our eyes are on the goal. Everyday is a plus for us.

Thanks for checking on me this morning. I’m not taking it for granted neither did I deserve it, love made it all possible.

Now, I’m waiting for who will apologize or give an explanation on your behave.



The Punishment- Looking Good, The Bail Out.

Route- Ondo City To Ore, Ore to Okitipupa, Okitipupa back to Ore, then, Ore to Lagos in one day. All glory to God for all around journey mercy and safety.

Arriving at midnight, mum said; “you made me stay awake and worried but happy to see you looking good on the outfit anyways”. Lol, you know that kind of smile that you wear when you hear such compliment.

I thought I was going to “stood down” as a punishment till day break but she had something else on mind. She requested that I must take pain killer pills due to the stress.

I pleaded but she insisted. Trust me, she ensured that she watched me closely until the pills went through my oesophagus as she remembered when I was a growing up lad, I often act the drama of throwing pills away even in her presence by pretending to swallow it.

My Explanation For Activating “Flight Mode” On Transit.

Mum didn’t ask for an explanation for boarding night transit. She only recommended that I should trust God to enlarge my coast so I can avoid public mass transit and also avoid land transit.

The only explanation she demanded was why she couldn’t get through to me after the call telling her the time I would be arriving when I was on my way home.

I told her what I always do on transit. After the driver takes off, I always switch my phone to “flight mode” as I imagine myself on air and to avoid in my mind some effects of gallops due to portholes on the road.

It was a wonderful moment gisting with her through the night after my arrival. Love her like “kilode”.

The Surprise I Gave My Bae (My Coldstone Babe)

Little sister was also dear as usual to welcome me, she was able to later get through to me on call while on transit.

She said I shouldn’t forget that which she always demand from me whenever I’m coming home.

Guess what it is? “Plantain Chips”. It was quite unfortunate due to my late arrival, that I didn’t even see anyone selling “Plantain” not to talk of “chips”.

When it’s Bae’s matter on my mind, I always plan for alternative, “Plan B” which is always a surprise to her and she always value it more.

Don’t ask me what the plan B was.

The Lesson.

Ensure you value your family as you have pledged allegiance to your ministry, business and career. Without their supports in one way or the other may be you won’t have gone thus far.

Value, cherish and maximize every moment you share with your family members. Make it memorable and always create time to see them again as you plan your personal schedules.



Days when our close relatives aren’t saved yet we go out there, ministered to multitudes and they encountered the salvation power of God.

Days when we joined our faith with others for financial break through and wealth follows them like a shadow that won’t leave them while we live sometimes by faith for daily survival.

Days when we encouraged others on issues that are of less meaning to us and they got back to their feets while we see many things around us to be discouraged about with no one to really cheer us up as they believe we are fine and will be fine.

Days when we were privileged to minister to men of like passion, they caught the fire and we told them about the potency of fasting and prayer but we didn’t tell them that some of the days of our fasting are born out of our inability to get something to eat yet His glory comes in our secret place.

Days when we package around with empty pockets and people around us tell us they want to be like us but we couldn’t tell them about the part of us that we are tired of experiencing.

Days when we tarried long in his presence and we feel as if nothing happened to us yet we keep pressing in His presence with conquests in view.

Days when we desired to wish some challenges away but when we inquire about them in our secret place, what we heard Him say to us is; “My grace is sufficient for you and my strength is perfect in your weaknesses”.

Instead of praying to God to take away these days from our life journeys, we made the request for Him to stay with us through because we have the consciousness that there are lessons to learn from these experiences.

Folks, there is actually nothing you are going through that you can’t go through. Instead of always publicizing your challenges with others to gain a sense of sympathy why not also consider the lessons you can learn from them having the understanding that it’s not more than what you can bear and it’s only for a while.



“The world is full of so-called prayer warriors who are prayer-ignorant. They’re full of formulas and programs and advice, peddling techniques for getting what you want from God. Don’t fall for that nonsense”- Matt 6:7 (MSG)

In a generation where people pay less attention about the pains and tears of others. In my country where we pray for unity but never take action and responsibility for transformation. We pray, fold our hand and watch people die due to our inadequacies and irresponsibility of citizens.

We say we love ourselves but when we hear of killings and attacks on our fellow citizens, we say we would pray for them but our heart whispers to us “thank God they are not my family members and it’s not happening in my state”.

The question is, if we hear that our houses and some members of our families are set ablaze, will we continue on our kneels without taking a step?

If we hear that our brothers and sisters are kidnapped, will we go online to say those that are reacting against kidnapping are over exerting their pains?

If we hear that our parents are slaughtered by same set of people that have been killing other families, will you say those that are protesting are not spiritual and born again?

I know if Elijah was in our generation, we would have sent him out of the church and told him he is not a christian for not joining the other prophets in the cave eating bread while they claimed they were praying to God to touch the heart of Ahab and stop the atrocities of Jezebel.

We would have denied Moses of being part of us for going straight away to Pharaoh for the freedom of the people. We would have told him, we would continue to be at the mercy of the taskmaster and continue to pray that one day God will deliver us from the Egyptians.

We would have said Jael and Deborah do not understand the bible for rising up against the rulers of the nations. We would have called them enemies of peace, unity and progress.

Continue clapping hands when men are preparing to be corking guns against the church. Continue to pray when people around you are already making believers preys due to negligence and complacence when they are suppose to take steps to back up the victories from our prayer chambers.


Where are men like Martin Luther King (Jr.)? Who was a voice on social rebirth and against impunity. A man who does not desire to live long but to initiate a legacy that would speak till eternity.

Where are men like John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln who died for a course against immoralities and decadence. Men that are unbendable to false compliance.

Believe me friends, these men also prayed too but their kneels never made them irresponsible to get to their feet and take actions.

So painful that we can quote these men, read their books and called them our role models but never make attempts to do what they did.

I apologize to that 8 months old champ in the womb who rejoiced at the cutting of the abdomen of his mother thinking it was a caeserian session for him to live the anticipated life out of the womb but later realized that the Fulani herd men was the doctor using the cutlass for a brutal operation that took his life and that of his mother.

I apologize to that family who finished eating together that night, said good night to one another and had thoughts of seeing again the next day but they saw themselves suddenly that same night in pool of blood.

I apologize to that farmer who has labored so hard on his farm land and expecting his yield in due time but ended up a cadaver and cattles took over his inheritance.



For the love of Revival, Spiritual Reawakening and Global Revolution



Some folks have asked me lately about proposing to someone and they get a “no” for an answer while others said what if the person they desired is not showing any attraction.

Hmmm! I have my reservations though and I’m not a relationship expert as it appears. I’m even yet to really experience one and if they knew I wasn’t engaged, they would have understood they met the wrong person on the subject. Lol, it appears like the blind leading the blind.

These are my reservations;


A. Anyone that rejects you the way you are out of God’s will as a man gives your future spouse (wife) the opportunity to appreciate God for bringing a wonderful man like you her way if you have discovered purpose and on the quest of fulfilling it. Be of good cheer.


B. Anyman you desire but not showing attraction signals that he is not for you, your “Prince Charming” is on the way. Don’t attract someone’s so you won’t fall in the wrong hand. You don’t have to let someone who shouldn’t be occupy your heart, that’s not how to prove that humans are “matter” and can occupy space. The scripture “occupy till I come” is for our soon King Jesus, not someone “occupy till He(your prince charming) comes”.


C. Purpose is greater than Marriage and marriage is a choice. God allowed Adam to have the understanding of his purpose and the assignment before him before the need of a help meet. Why are so worried to discover your spouse when you are yet to discover purpose?

If young people give attention to “purpose discovery” the way they give attention to “spouse discovery”, the world would have been better than this. Many ideas, innovations and inventions have been lost on the journey of relationship and marriage.

If young people can listen to messages and attend seminars on purpose the way they listen to messages and attend seminars on relationship, the population of young people that are mediocres would have been negligible by now.

And to those changing fiance and fiancees like clothes, I tell you “weldone sir and weldone ma”, if you have been changing your approach to your purpose like this, you would have made a headway.

I would rather remain a single fulfilling purpose than get engaged to someone when I have disengaged from purpose. Lol, but I want to have beautiful wife and wonderful kids too that why I have been working tirelessly to fulfill purpose maximaxilly.

I want to be an asset to my spouse and I want her to be the same. I don’t want to be a liability neither do I want her to be. Enough of my generation raising confused singles that are graduating to confused partners without a direction for their lives.

To some, their duration of being in a relationship to see whether it would work is equivalent to the time of having a MBBS degree. They are also doing “house job” by sleeping around in the home of each other after over seven years of being in a “cult-ship”. Many are doing something productive with their years, you are reducing yourself with something you don’t understand. Look at my lips as I do this “Smhhh”.

My friend by wise, it’s only a fool that blames others or a factor for his ignorance.


D. If God is in it, it will work.  At this juncture, I’m not speaking to category of people that tells me they are engaged but not sure whether the person really want to marry them. I have answered them often to continue fooling themselves as pleasure toys and waste bins.

When it’s on a godly basis with a purpose in view, it will work. Stop comparing who you are engaged with to someone else’s spouse. Whatever you desire from him or her, let the person know. Build what and who your spouse to be constructively with mutual agreement.

Let me stop here, before some people crucify me. I hope with this few point I have been able to convince you and not confuse you to stay focus on your purpose and get connected to the one who deserves you and not demand you.

Thanks for reading. I know it’s worth a while and it’s on relationship, you love it. Please if God has told you who my spouse would be please help me tell her, I will meet her soon someday. Sooner than expected, we would get to know ourselves. It’s not that I don’t desire to look for her now but I also desire to settle some things at this season of my life, she would appreciate and admire me the more for this.



Satan visited me and asked me: “How far?..

I told him: “I thank God for everything…”

He laughed me to scorn..

He said what on earth should I thank God for:

He showed me my mates who are living inside mansions, I showed him my mates who are also inside the grave. He show me some of my mates who are inside the costliest cars in town.

I also showed him some of mates who are inside the costliest caskets in town. He showed me the fat bank account of some of my friends. And I showed him the hospital bills of some of my mates who are terribly sick.

He took me to boutiques, to show me those who are dressed with the most expensive designer clothings.

I took him to the prisons and cells scatteted all over the country. I showed him guys who were accused innocently who have been there for many years. Even there loved ones has forgotten them there.

He wanted to leave me alone. But I told him to follow me to one more place. I took him to some mortuaries and also showed him many of my mates who are lying down there naked and dead.

He could not say anything again. He left me and ran away. Friends, don’t let the enemy get you depressed. There is always something God is doing that you can use to shut the enemy up.

You can’t withdraw your own money from your bank without your ATM card or bank slip. The Bible said that with joy we shall DRAW from the wells of salvation. There are many things to draw from God.

But JOY is your ATM card . Without JOY, you will draw nothing. That is why Nehemiah, in the midst of battles, he was able to say: “The joy of the Lord is my strength…”

He might not have done everything. But he has done many things. If only you know how many that came to your Facebook since the past 1month to know if they are writing R.I.P on your wall, you will appreciate God for the garri you drank today.

To him that is joined to the living, there is hope. .For a living dog is better than a dead lion. Brother, if you are thoughtful, you will be thankful.

David understood this and he said:

“If it has not been the Lord who was on our side, they would have swallowed up quick when their anger was kindled against us…

But our souls as a bird has escaped the snare of the fowler…”

Friends, if you can, forget all your pressures. You have tried in praying. Today, find somewhere in your house and praise God and dance like you have not done for a long time.

Remember the food poisonings, The malaria, The typhoid, The accidents and stray bullets He saved you and your family from.

Dance. Me, I am doing it this night. I have even started mine inside this vehicle I am now. Truly truly, He has been faithful. In case you are ready to join me. Then, let us dance.