Some folks have been like; “Masterpiece has missed his call for delving into relationship matters”. It’s so hilarious to me as I imagined if they were there when God called me or they were the one that gave me the assignment God has committed to my hands.

So sad that many have expectations on how we should live our lives while they have no expectation for their own lives. They are the people who are finding faults in your life instead of fixing their own inadequencies.

You are not really facing your own call when you are looking for “faults” in other people’s call. When you tell someone else that he or she is not focusing on his or her assignment could be a prove that you have missed or neglected your own assignment.

You can’t know a man’s call than the caller and the called. You can’t explain a man’s assignment better than he or she who was assigned by the giver of the assignment.

What is moving us is different and that’s why we are not seeing things the same way. That we are not doing the same thing or doing what you feel we should do is a sure prove that our tomorrow is not likely to be the same and we can’t be on the same horizon.

1 Corinthians 7:20- “Let every man abide in the same calling wherein he was called”.

One of my life time goal is to become all things to all men that I may by all means save some as Apostle Paul lived (1 Cor. 9:22). I do what I do by different means for the reality of my passion; “Global Revolution, Spiritual Re-awakening and Social Transformation”.

Before you attack my posts or articles that you feel are hilarious after neglecting the message embedded in it, have you ever commended my other posts or articles that are “serious”?

If it is the “serious me” that you saw on the pulpit with microphone that you love to relate with there is also this part of me that is “unserious” with the pen and I’m not ashamed of it. I’m glad to know that this “unserious” part of me is transforming lives and profounding solutions to the need of some with testimonies.

I’m not among the folks that would always make you feel they are spiritual 24/7, I have a social life ooo. I don’t pray 24 hours a day neither do I read my bible all day, I give attention to other things that concerns me. We are all tripartite entities, it is not wise if we only give attention to our spirit man by neglecting our soul and body.

Sometimes, some folks see me playing football on the field and they ask me; “MOG, what are you doing sir?”. I love to respond in such matter; “I’m ministering, can’t you see the pulpit and the congregation”.

Another instance, some would meet me at my leisure seeing my Liverpool football match at a viewing centre and they ask me; “what are you watching here MOG?”, I’m glad to respond like this; “I’m watching how rapture would take place, can’t you see Jesus on the screen with the whistle as he wants to blow it like trumpet for rapture to take place?”.

I have seen men who are spirit filled but their soul is “depression-filled”. I make myself hilarious to some so I could also heal the broken hearted in a way that is best for such moment.

Listen, that you don’t do some things on personal convictions or you feel some things aren’t necessary for your kind of person doesn’t make it bad for others. So painful today that we have exalted people’s personality and way of life as spiritual doctrines and we are quick to condemn does that defaults such acts.

As a reformer, I have realized that it is not everyone we can get to come to our “church” or programs. We may have to lay low to their level, go reach them where they are and how they are by not minding who they are as we believe they could be who they could be.

We shouldn’t allow our “spiricoco” mindsets and actions make others around us conclude that they can’t believe what we believe.

It is not everyone that would desire we get their attention or give us their attention by our “spiricoco”. Some are interested to initially get to see the other side of us before they accept what and who we really represent.

One of our statutory responsibilities is to set me ON FIRE for God and ON FUN for God. If any man tells you that Christianity is boring, tell them they haven’t tasted, experienced or observed the real one.




Having a busy scheduled the previous day, sleeping late at night and having volumes of schedules to attend to the new day is not an excuse not to travail in the morning before starting the day.

If you have an exam early that morning or an emergency interview that morning, you plan and prepare yourself for it. You meet up with the time no matter how hectic the previous day was and the preparations you engaged through the night.

What makes you feel you have an excuse for not engaging spiritual exercise but secular engagement demands more consciousness?

To stop excuses, go to bed early, you can switch off your phone when necessary, set alarm, control your appetite, reduce hours you sleep and so on.

You don’t just have to start the day with shabbily murmuring of words in prayer but in violent travail in tongues.

The act of travail comes with an “until” condition. Until we feel the presence of the holy ghost heavy and God speaks to you, we don’t stop tonguing. Why are you in a hurry to rush out of His presence when He hasn’t come.

Many morning prayers and devotions are just daily rituals born out of religion without true communion.

The word “travail” in the scriptures comes with a condition. “Until the spirit is poured upon us from on high”, “my children with whom I travail until Christ is formed I’m you”.

The word is also used synonymously with delivering. I have never seen a pregnant woman says she would decide for the doctor when she wants to be done travailing in the labour room.

In our own labour which is our secret place, we have always told our Dr., the Holy Spirit when we want to be done travailing because we are often in a hurry to leave. No wonder we have no child to show forth over time as a result of incomplete travail.

Some would even receive calls before they start to travail and tell the caller to reach them in the next 30 minutes as if His manifest presence would come before that time.

The areas where Africans especially Nigerians engage and embrace the principles of travail are; their appetite, sex and in the toilet. If you like say you are not an African because I said this about Nigerians. Or you want to deny because of your skin colour. Listen, “Caro white cream can never make you a white European no matter how much and long you have been using it. The best it could do is to make you a fair-black African”.

Nigerians won’t stop eating until they get to the beam of their stomach, get full and eat to stupor. They won’t stop a moment of sex with their spouse until they expend all their energy and can’t stand up again. How I wish they use this mentality for their prayer life in the sense that they won’t stop travailing until they reach the peak of it.

We only hear you groan in the toilet but we don’t hear you groan in the secret prayer room to travail.

As you consume all manner of eatables to groan in the toilet, consume all manner of relevant spiritual stuffs so you could groan intensely in your secret prayer altar.



Connecting to strange men births strange experiences. I have been privileged to be with Evang. Olumide Akodu lately. We have been having wonderful moments together but we had an issue that made us reconcile in the spirit this morning. Hmmm, when spiritual men have score to settle, it demands real attention oo.

After a very hectic day yesterday, we came back to the house later in the evening and I had to resume to the kitchen because of my passion for cooking. My Brother just left me in the kitchen oo as he went tonguing in the compound. I thought he should be back soon as I didn’t want to be like Martha while he is taking the place of being a Mary as he was enjoying fellowship with the Lord.

For hours, I didn’t see him, I could only hear him rattled in tongues. I finished cooking the beans, took a moment to eat with the siblings that were around. They later went to bed as I was anticipating the arrival my covenant brother. After, he would say I’m the one that expresses this dimension of travail more and often.

I was agitated in my spirit as I said to myself; “this guy has robbed me and also Jacobbed (deceived) me today” as I was thinking of my own pay back.

Finally, he came very late in the night into the sitting room. I could feel him literarily dripping with spiritual virtues he has soaked with and his face was burning.

He didn’t even bother to greet me as I had also resoluted not to answer if he did. As he was going into the room to attend to other things before going to bed, I said to myself; ” I will do my own ooo and you (Bro. Olu) won’t sleep tonight”.

I entered another room to travail too. I tongued for some hours and came out to feel myself, lol. To my amazement, MOG was still studying and actively awake. I entered the room and continued tonguing again. Lol, in addition to my intention is my desire that he sleeps so I would disturb him as pay back.

After some moments again, I came checking in his room to discover he was now on bed. I stayed in the room and continued tonguing. Baba was just turning on the bed and looking at me with one eye.

After I rounded up later at midnight, I knew my brother would want to pay back too but I stayed alert as I went to bed.

Before the day dawn, I was awake on the bed to meditate and trying to observe angels that would start up my day with me as my brother was beside me. I purposely slept by his side in the same room.

Suddenly, I heard him spoke in tongues violently. I smiled and said to myself; “you think I’m asleep, I’m ready for you this morning”. As he concluded the first statement in tongues, I responded instantly in tongues as we both jumped from the bed to travail.

We didn’t tell ourselves good morning except in tongues as we were still conscious of settling the score. Then, we travailed together to start up the day.

The lesson is; “what is good about our morning if our previous night wasn’t in the Holy Ghost and what good have we done in a day if we didn’t start up the day in the Holy Ghost”.

I will always recommend that before you greet anyman good morning at the start of any day, greet the Holy Ghost first in tongues.



Psalms 42:1-3 (MSG)- “A white-tailed deer drinks from the creek; I WANT TO DRINK GOD, deep draughts of God.

I’m thirsty for God-alive. I wonder, “Will I ever make it— ARRIVE AND DRINK IN GOD’S PRESENCE?”

I’m on a diet of tears— tears for breakfast, tears for supper. All day long people knock at my door, Pestering, “WHERE IS THIS GOD OF YOURS?

Systems, nations and territories have been asking; “WHERE IS THIS GOD OF YOURS?”. Our answer to them lies in drinking God. We won’t tell them, we would show them who we represent. we would “represent and re-present” the dynamics of God.

There are three brands of spirit that we need to get drunk in; 2 Timothy 2:7- “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind”. THE SPIRIT OF LOVE, POWER AND BOLDNESS. We need these triple combinations without missing anyone for effective demonstration.

It is those in the kingdom that really drink “spirit” not the worldly carnal people. Tell them to stop borrowing our words, if they really want to drink spirit, let them come to our camp (our joint). They will “Taste and See” that the Lord is good, they won’t “Taste and feel” because our “spirit diet” affects the sight.

Abnormalities are becoming the order of the day, hence, there is a need for the rise of abnormal breeds in God.

When a man is high, no one bothers to ask him where he got drunk because they are more concerned with the evidence.

Being drunk or high advertises itself with evidences. No drunkard tells any one that he is drunk, it is those that observed his actions that would conclude.

What matters in a bar is the substance you are served with not the place you are served. A drunkard doesn’t only show what he is served with, he becomes it by demonstration.

No matter how professional a drunkard is, he can’t tell when he will be drunk- “Tarry ye in Jerusalem UNTIL you are endued with power”, “UNTIL the spirit is poured upon us from on high”.

It is not the last drink or shot that makes a man high, it is the accumulation of what he has been drinking consistently and in patience over time.

If Jesus could turn over 600 liters of water to wine when he proposed that His hour hasn’t come, now that we know it’s our time to arise; “What would be said of us?”.

If men could still refer to God’s move through a man in 1930, what would be said of God’s move in our own days?

We are the move of God, we are the evidence nations are waiting for. We are the manifestation those in the valley of indecision have been waiting for. We are the medications for our sick world. We are the life saving system for this dying generation.

Men won’t have to wait for another generation for what God has commissioned for us to birth in this time. Men won’t wait for another move of God because we won’t miss out of God’s agenda for this season.

We would prepare His coming in details and mighty men of stature would emerge from among us. Pure breeds, spiritants and drunken masters.



I have met quite a number of young believers in meetings and what I experience around them never ceases to amaze me. These experiences left me with answers why many young folks would never carry the fire of God despite their activities and “passion” for God.

Meeting some of them for the first time, before discussing in two statements, I hear them bring tell me; Last week, I was at Koinonia in Zaria with Apostle Selman, I will be at Convergence this weekend with Apostle Arome Osayi and next week, I will be at “Fire In My Bones” with Pastor Daniel Olawande, next month, I will be at Face to Face with Apostle Tosin Adegoke.

Don’t get me wrong sir, I’m not saying attending meetings is outrightly wrong. I attend some of these meetings too consistently but I would be addressing some strange motives on this caption

I get to listen some folks arguing at meeting and some come to ask me, who is more anointed among Apostle Johnson Suleiman, Pastor Paul Enenche and Pastor David Ibiyeomen. So painful to hear this among folks. Please, how did we get here? Who did this to us?

I was conversing with a folk online who told me he felt led to follow me and he started telling without asking him his spiritual port folio. He said he has over 500 messages of Apostle Selman, over 300 messages of Apostle Arome Osayi. When I heard that, I told him; “you don’t need to follow me, go and do the instructions in the messages. I’m surprised that your spiritual life still lacks evidence all this while”.

I’m not among those men that are looking people to follow them as a proof for spiritual growth, I’m among the gang that are looking for more pathways of the spirit to follow and looking desperately for more signs to follow our lives as we also look for more prices to pay.

I was chanting with a folk of recent and he started telling me about great men of God that have laid hands on him that he is still reaching out to more hands to be laid on him. I laughed, as I wondered how he has seen laying on of hands as a short cut to spiritual growth.

Thank God for the hands that have been laid upon me but my desire and concern is laying hold of more dimensions of God personally in my closet.

Listen to me, if there is any shortcut to spiritual growth then it must be a broad way to spiritual retrogradation if not properly approached. I don’t think any believer needs a prophet to know that prayer, fasting and study of the word has no substitute in our quest to host the presence of God.

Those great men of God with proven track records of kingdom exploits that you are running after their ministrations touching their cars or clothes for transference of the anointing, ask them if that was the method they used to attain the dimension they are operating from?

Even if you see them transfer the anointing with their handkerchiefs, why can those materials carry the anointing while your own head is still empty after many hands have been laid on it?

A preacher’s popularity can’t ignite the fire of God to you, go to the secret place. Visiting a man of God will not confer the power of God he carries on you until you visit where he visited or visits momentarily, the place of prayer.

Elisha saw beyond carrying the bag of Elijah and calling Elijah his father in the Lord. He built a capacity in hunger and thirst to carry double portion of the anointing. God told Elijah to transfer his anointing to three people due to the magnitude; Hazael, Jehu and Elisha.

Three people were qualified to substitute for Elijah’s departure. Meaning they were qualified to get one third of the anointing each but Elisha’s thirst and capacity made him to get double portion of the anointing not the following alone.

I hear folks say, if so so man of God is not coming to that conference, I won’t attend. Hmmm, this mentality of knowing the guest minister coming for a meeting before attending shows that you are not really hungry for God. If a man is really hungry, he does not care about who serves him or the kind of restaurant to visit.

What a saga, many are missing in their secret place while they are always available in different public meetings, that’s why their spiritual lives have no evidence of tangible results and track records of consistency.

Some are trying to dodge spiritual responsibilities and commitments by keeping relationship with a man of God and attending “big” conferences. Listen to me; “kolewark”. Let your motive for attending meetings be out of the capacity you have developed in the secret place, that’s is how you can sustain, utilize and effectively maximize what you receive from a meeting or relationship.

I have tried to engage some of these folks who claimed to be consistent in attending quite a number of different meetings, have volumes of messages and different hands laid on them. When I tried praying with them, in less than 30 minutes they yawn in weariness and I wonder how all the claimed spiritual pedigrees can’t build their prayer life over time.

Listen to me, there are some folks who are in the secret without seeing their faces regularly in public meeting but are desperately burning for God. Very soon, the line of demarcation would be drawn between those that are really seeking God and those that have been carried away by activities. Only time would tell, the results would soon speak.

These folks may not attend many public meetings, they may not have all the tapes, they may not read all the books, they may not have several hands laid on them, their spiritual father and mentor may not be popular, they may not have the contact of “big” man of God or may not be privileged to snap pictures with anyone of them but their consistency and fervency over time would soon speak.

Don’t be intimated if you are in that category, only make your prayers in the secret place more intensed and see what follows you later. Hear me, using a popular man of God as your profile picture can be a way of honoring them but that’s not what adds to your own spiritual profile.

I’m looking for a generation that would focus on the dimensions the men of God ministered and be provoked to pray than the man of God. I’m looking for men that would run into the bush or their prayer closet after a minister’s ministration rather than running after the minister. Sir, impartation is good but consistency and commitment to spiritual growth is the ultimate.

Enough of young people who love traveling with men of God than travailing with them. We miss it when we prefer to chat with ministers rather than chant with them. We are now taking most of our time with our mentors and spiritual fathers playing with them instead of praying with them. We are becoming familiar with them because we spend more time organizing meeting with them rather than agonizing in prayers for what we desire in them.

Many words, encounters and spiritual realities have passed you by because you despise the preacher for not being popular or the meeting for not being the “big” conference you desire.

Please, take heed to these. You can change this false mentality. You can carry this fire and host his presence if you engage the right approach.

PS; I will be at the meeting, Face to Face with God, Ado Ekiti, a 3 days Marathon prayer and fasting encounter on the 20th to 22nd of July as we consider “How To Host The Divine Presence”, powered by Holistic Healing Crusaders. I believe we would be able to expound on this caption more.



The angels are brewing, the bar (His presence) is opened, the Holy Ghost is the bartender to give every man according to their thirst.

In this brewery, they don’t run out of stock. It’s going to be 12-hours non-stop drinking. We long to be intoxicated.

We won’t drink responsibly, we would drink intentionally till we enter that realm we desire. A realm of the usual where anything can happen.

We would demonstrate free madness as spoken in the scriptures that a spiritual man is mad (Hosea 9:7). We have come to understand that; it takes a level of madness to experience some spiritual dimensions and manifestations.

We would misbehave and demonstrate abnormalities. We would not only fall under the anointing, we would fall into portals and realms of the celestial.

We would see strange things and communicate with strange beings. Our manner of communication would be strange because we would speak mysteries in ancient language.

We won’t wait for our drink to ferment, it would be served fresh yet it will be 100% “Godkaholic”. We will purge and consecrate ourselves, we would avoid putting new wine in old wine skin.

Everyone of us will appear with different levels of thirst and desperation. Some we get knocked out by one teaspoon, some one cup, some one litre, some one gallon, and so on. Everyman with his vessels and limits.

It would be an experience that would provoke encounters and invoke celestial manifestations. The glory of the Lord would saturate the atmosphere like thick cloud and smoke.

In that realm, anything can happen ooo and it fit be you ooo. Don’t be surprised when the person beside you levitates or translocates, you pay attention to your own drink because suddenly, something strange will happen to you soon.

Get ready, plan and prepare to attend “FIRE IN MY BONES”, 12 Hours non-stop prayer cruise, JULY EDITION, 20th of July, 6pm to 6am. THEME- DRUNKEN MASTERS @RCCG, Messiah Praise Sanctuary, Redemption Camp.



They could have done other things with this enthusiasm and prosper but they decided to prosper in God’s will.

They are not a full time pastors because they were failing in their academics or were confused about which career to pursue but they chose and responded to the call of the master.

It was not for show off that they started full time ministry during NYSC at that time. They could have saved their allawee like other corp members to invest. Even if it was MMM ponzi scheme they started as an early bird, they could have had small change to start up their lives as a man.

When others where looking for jobs with the highest pay, they were looking for souls with the highest gain, now we are knowing who is wiser.

They didn’t do it with ulterior motives but with the ultimate motive in view. Not for personal gain but to be a personality of gain with purpose in view. They had other options but considered “The Option”.

Out of the tens of voices speaking to them for the next phase of their lives they chose the singular voice that said; “this is the way, walk therein”.

Many called them names that they were jobless at that time but we are now knowing who is really jobless in the long run.

They may not have some of the things others who chose something else in expense of God’s call but they have the joy and fulfilments many of them don’t have.

All other things many folks are spending all their lives for are being added to them without them praying for it because their burden is, “Thy Kingdom Come” and they are seeking first the kingdom of God, other things are added to them as kingdom bonuses.

Listen to me, if you want to rate their worth by their present circumstances, you are wrong oo because they are still in the making and the beginning is yet to began.

Please, if you see any man after God has enlarged their coasts and increased their worths who thinks he could castigate them, do well to let me know.

I will ask them, were they were when they were fasting with empty pockets and flying bike to programmes as if it was their birthrights.

If you see them flying private jets, living in mansions and cruising the Bugatti tomorrow, before you criticize them, first discuss with me and I hope I won’t end up giving you a slap in the long run.

Young men that desires to be like them, this is for you; nothing would fall on you if you despise their sacrifices in the secret and pains over the years. For their products today, there were procedures and processes yesterday. For their performance now, their were rehearsals then. For the glory to manifest, many deep groanings were initiated.

I celebrate your courage brothers. I love you, we are connected for life. Together, we would be all that God has made us, we would not leave any of our brothers behind. Every sector is our target, we are not called for an event but for a lifetime.

Folks, join me today as I celebrate all ministers of the Gospel.