So many people have gone to an extent where it seems they are at their best. If you are in this category, I am afraid you may not count when it matters most.

I remember a young man who was the best among his equals in one acclaimed best secondary school in his local community. This guy then was celebrated as being intelligent and for years that record was intact.

Among the rural dwellers, individuals like that young man are always very popular.

But the popularity drew another very intelligent boy from same community but schooling in a big School in the city closer to him.

When they both solved some questions together in preparation for jamb, he (the home based) felt too bad with himself as his performance was less than average.

That momentary ill feeling changed his life forever.

If you have not attempted anything recently that birthed a feeling that you have a long way to go,  you are not likely to be greater than you are now.

Therefore, count it all joy this day when you come by anything that rob you of complacency. 

Be glad when you encounter people doing better than you in that your field, for if you are wise, it shall turn to you for a testimony.

I see you as a very unlucky man sir, if you have been the man of all time in that your territory and in your closet you don’t have the records of those who have blazed trails and gone exceedingly farther than where you are now.

If we can’t buy books to read about history makers, we can use our data to search google rather than catching fun always.  

Some  have been catching fun enough, that their destinies have become funny. 

Funny in the sense that those lives have lost meaning and essence. 

Say to yourself, I will not be deceived by my local championship title.

I refuse to be beclouded by my little success. 

This local championship title maybe that award plaque in your room or office that has been making you to feel important.

Yours maybe your distinction result, first class degree or second class upper.

Yours maybe the appraisals of followers online and on land. 

I don’t know the reward that anyone has offered you for the little you have done, glory to God. But lemme ask you, is that all?

This is a week to pack off the ashes and add more wood for the fire to be kept burning.

From a corner in middle belt, I wish you well this week and beyond.

Ajisafe Olawale M.




We owe the world a spirit filled life and an encounter with God. Without us yielding to the fullness of the Holy Spirit in and upon us, we do not give God a surrendered vessel to flow through.

World changers are not men who reside in Heaven. They are men who are in the world yet standing for Heaven and bringing the will of God to past here on earth.

We don’t focus on heaven while we neglect our sole responsibility on earth, seeking the best place (heaven) is making our present place (earth) better.

We are conscious of the processes and our responsibilities. We don’t wish to sleep and wake up then become successful because we can as well in the blink of an eye sleep and wake up to become failures again. We know success comes with a price and demands our responsibilities.

No one can stop a man who is conscious of his convictions. We know our believe and convictions would be tested but compromising is not an option. Our eyes are on the goal, minds made up and heads up high.

Though our personalities seems strange to many, thank God we are at least bringing people to the awareness that some folks are “crazy” for God and they owe no one an apology for who they are.

We are not ignorant of the chaos and decadence here and there, it only reminds us of how humanity could be helpless without us. Only time would tell, the dailies would caption it in volumes.

Tell our generation we are here, for this course were we born. We are called, chosen, sent, anointed, charged and discharged to invade, possess, transform, take over and herald our world. Nations would feel the heat of our impacts, every spheres of life is our target.

This global revolution and social transformation is real friends. We would fix the issues of our nations, bring healings to the ills of our society and lift the banner of righteousness across the globe. It begins with you, a formidable team are we.



I am tired of coming online and seeing every one saying: ‘Pray for Nigeria’. As if all these years, we have been cursing Nigeria.

Where was all our prayers when armoured cars rolled into Abia State and entered private residents?

Where was our prayers when armed military men intercepted armless youths and forced them to drink mud?

Where was our prayers when the military opened fire on boys who were not with any knive and their dead bodies littered the streets of their mother land?

As if that was not enough, we were still kneeling down, praying, few hours after, they invaded a home and shot and killed many people and allegedly took their dead bodies away.

Were we not praying when harmless boys who went to pray in Ngwa High School Aba, for the success of their course were shot and killed?

Were we not praying when some herdsmen invaded communities, and slaughtered everyone insight at night? Razed down buildings and till today none of them were arrested. We were still praying, and recently, they invaded another place in Plateau State and killed scores of people, cold blooded.

And we are still kneeling down praying?

Some of the people behind boko haram bombings and killings and mass destructions were pardoned. But some of the boys who are just gathering, with no razor blade on them were shot with live bullets and killed. Many of them, their bodies were taken away. Some, were lucky to be given mass burials.

What did they do?

Because they say they want to leave Nigeria and be on their own.

Because thy say they are tired of injustice and tribalism.

Because they said they want to be left to go and kill themselves by themselves.

It is better for them to kill themselves by themselves than for a foreigner to be killing them in the name of One Nigerian. They say they want a referendum. For the whole world to see the result and judge if they are interested in Nigeria or not.

Was that too much to ask for?

Did they shoot any gun?

All the while they have been going from city to city, in their millions, have we ever heard that one bottle of coca cola was broken?

But they were cornered and slaughtered in the most heartbreaking ways. And you are still kneeling down praying for Nigeria? 

We sure need to wake up from this religious slumber. If we are praying when we should be talking, we are joking. If we run inside the church, holding a prayer program for Nigeria when we should meet our leaders in their offices and talk sense into them, we are joking.

Have we not prayed enough?…

Is Nigeria the only country with many ethnic groups seeking for secession?…

Is Nigeria the only country with many religions?…

Why will it be only Nigeria that we will be praying for every time?…

When are we going to talk to Nigeria?

Will America or Britain or France give live bullets to their military to start shooting at unarmed civilians?

Yet. These countries don’t pray half of the way we pray. But there is order and value to human lives. So, you want me to start praying for our military to know that they use rubber bullets to combat insurrections and civil defiances in other countries?…

You want me to pray so that God will go and remind our leaders that those Fulani herdsmen that has killed and are still killing people need to be arrested?

You want me to pray so that they will remember that it is constitutional all over the world for a people to peacefully seek for separation from their host States when they feel alienated?

Should we call a prayer for our leaders to know that there was no civil unrest in Umuahia, Abia State, for all these years, until few days ago when the military invaded that town?

What will be our prayer topic?

Is it for our leaders to know that human lives are more important than cattles and cows?…

How long shall we keep praying for a nation that values the lives of animals than the lives of the human being they are leading?…

A nation where children are beaten and are also beaten for crying?

This is not Nigeria against IPOB. It is a between conscience against callousness. It is a war between facts and brutality. A war between this generation and the stories they will tell the coming generation.

Have we not seen tribal chaevenism enough in this country?…

Have we not felt the heat of religious rancour enough?

What I am seeing coming to Nigeria, sitting in church and ‘praying’ for Nigeria will not be enough to save us all from it. Thousands of those that have been killed and displaced by Boko Haram insurgents were not there the day Mohammed Yusuf was killed extra judiciously by Nigeria government. But that single ‘successful operation’ has cost many families their bread winners.

We have prayed enough in Nigeria. It is time to talk to Nigeria. This is not about Nigerian Army and IPOB agitators. This is between wisdom and error. Between intellectualism and mental retardation.

The muslim religious leaders were kneeling down praying for Nigeria the way we are doing now when the government invaded Mohammed Yusuf and killed him. Since then, how many innocent Nigerians have paid for that social injustice with their lives?

Have the people that ordered the killing of that young man been affected by Boko Haram?

Have they died?…

Perhaps, none. But directly and indirectly, it has affected all the tribes of this country.

How can we kill people that we have not tried and found guilty?

May Christians not kneel down and be praying and watch this government repeat the error they did in Adamawa, in the house of Mohammed Yusuf, the founder of Boko Haram. If not, the consequences will affect everybody. Remember that Nigeria also boasted with their army with Boko Haram. They also threatened with their armoured tankers and plane fighters. But how many military men have being lost since that error was made?

And has there military capacity been enough to quench that fire we ignited and fanned by our restiveness and power drunkenness?

Friends, we have ‘prayed’ enough. Let’s look for ways to talk to our leaders. Because Nigerian Army might not have the capacity to withstand what I am seeing in the spirit.


We don’t want another war. And we don’t need it. Because we already have enough tribal and religious cold wars going on here.

I want to talk to IPOB members now. Brother, hate speech can only get you attention. But it will not give you the freedom. I might not tell you to drop the cause. But violence will bring a curse to the cause.

Don’t ever think about it! There is no need dying young for a cause you should be living long for? If you die, the cause might die. If you use wisdom your journey out from ‘serfdom’ might be faster.

Friends, I have spoken to IPOB. Can someone else help me speak to Nigeria?

IF they can be ready to dialogue with terrorists that have killed thousands of men and women. Why is it hard to use dialogue with these people that have not shot one bullet since they started? When machine guns replaces the use of dialogue, we are only inviting anarchy and postponing the end of rebellions.

A group of people that doesn’t deserve to be invited for dialogue has every right to ask for secession from that country.

I say No to war….

I say No to cold war…

God bless you!e



Nigeria our great nation, our home land, the land of peace and strength in diversity, the land with the prophetic mandate to evangelize the world is at the verge of breaking. 

We cannot afford to stay at ease, no longer is it okay to keep silent and watch. The church must arise and take her place. She must sit at the mountain of wailing, she must match on the streets of righteousness and never cease to labour in travail until Nigeria is healed.

For our land is sick! Sick with the disease of corruption and greed, sick from the poison of injustice and inequality, sick from the mismanagement of wicked hearts, sick from the violation of violent minds. Nigeria is sick and at the verge of death and we must arise and redeem her fast.

The mandate of God upon this nation is too grave to be slaughtered on the alter of division. God’s investment in Nigeria cannot be traded for the filthy gains of ethnic bigotry. We cannot sit down and watch the men without vision tear this nation to pieces, we must arise.

We must arise and take our stand in this nation. We must declare where our interest lie. We must make it known that we are driven beyond the present current of tribal differences. We must show that we are not going to dine at the table of greedy taste for corrupt power. We must let all know that we have one passion, one focus, one goal, to see Christ reign in Nigeria.

Yes, to see his kingdom prevail in all sectors of this nation. We must not compromise this stand, for to do otherwise is death to the nation or any nation yet to arise.

For what plagues Nigeria is beyond the distribution of the control of power, it is beyond the distribution of resource control and benefits, it is beyond the manifest injustices and political intimidation.

What plagues Nigeria is the ill of the human nature, that self that has fueled the wickedness and hardships that is tearing Nigeria apart.

Who says that it is restructuring that is the solution? Who says that Biafra would end the marginalization of man by man? No it cannot, because hidden within it, is the yeast of greed and lust for power that is soon to leaven the lump and make it unpalatable. 

Therefore the church must rise to this occasion and shine the light. The church must travail for the son of righteousness empowered with wisdom of the Holy Ghost to arise. The church must sever from strange relationships and unite to enthrone that son that would bring the reign of righteousness, justice, peace, equality and healing to Nigeria and other nations of the world.

Where the righteous rule, the nation is prosperous. Where the kingdom of Christ is established, the nation is peaceful. No peace for the nation where the wicked is in power, no matter how pure his intentions, his nature remains a reproach to the nation.

So I say to the church, arise! Nigeria is crying for the righteous Leadership only the church can provide. Selah!



Many people have never bowed to the god of immorality ever in their entire lives.

Some have never stolen in their offices or defrauded any man in their businesses and services hitherto.

That majority are doing evil doesn’t imply that everybody is doing it.

I can boldly say, God is pleased with those lives because their knees are not bowed to Baal and they will enter heaven.

But all these morality without impacts is not sound enough Sir.

Seven thousands (7,000) people (excluding the prophets that were killed already) were reserved for God in Israel in the days of Elijah, yet idolatry, immorality and profanity prevailed all through that land.

Only Elijah with his attendant were known outside their homes standing for God. Others were in their homes, farmland and cattle fields bearing no burden for the kingdom.

No wonder Elijah locked heaven of rain over all of them alongside the unbelievers.

None of them had registered voice in heaven to change what Elijah proclaimed over the land for good three and half years.

Because of indifference to national affairs,

No identification with the generals of God,

No undertaking nor influence even in their little corners; Elijah concluded that only him was left serving God in the entire Israel.

Because others were not bold (not that they were humble), they made that prophet of God to press and became pressed to frustration to an extent of preferring death to life.

Many of these unrecognized, indifferent and spiritual reactionaries were undergoing servitude to the kings of the land with his princes in order to survive.

Yet they were never a threat to the kingdom of darkness, but the prophets of Baal waxed fat.


That you’re very moral as a Christian shouldn’t be overrated in any sense because grace is teaching us godliness sufficiently.

However, I wish to say our impacts have not been felt in the land as much as expected.

Even though we are recognized by God, as His own; should we leave only the few combating overtly the coven of darkness to the task alone?

How pleasant would it have been for the 7000 to have been on fire? Considering the number of people @ the upper room who latter turned the world upside down.

I opined that the land would have been covered without anybody being worn out.

This religious affiliation coupled with fruitlessness must just stop.

This Churchy activities with passive or negligible contribution to societal, national and humanitarian development is not helping sir.

In that industry, all you are known for is to take opening prayer even after serving there for 15 years.

Sir, when you lack the technical and intellectual know how to stand among the governing board, how many of those that came after you have you influenced ahead of time?

Enough of complaints Sir, your voice is not heard even when you use microphone.

If we continue like this, there can’t be any change anywhere. We must be the change we clamour to have, or else we die in silence!

Let everyone rejoicing in chastity without identity and morality without value change for better.

Pursue after knowledge, add values to yourself, we need your brands (of sound characters) in the elms of affairs.

But we don’t want to be ashamed later by your promotion due to lack of substance.


Let those that have not bowed to Baal, rejoice for the leading champions are at the brink of relinquishing power and mantles.

Press to be anointed like Elisha for that’s the difference maker.

I want to assure you, that anyone that escape the sword of Elisha shall Jehu slay and anyone that escape the sword of Jehu shall Hazael slay. No escape for the enemy for the rising armies are on rampage.


Ajisafe Olawale M.



Years ago when the Lord gave me the mandate to subdue the media using my writing skills via the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, many of the responses I got from people was that it was not possible for me to make a tangible difference due to kind of stuffs we get to see often online. 

They asked me;
What do you know about writing?

Who has time to be reading articles momentarily?

What do you have to write that people can’t read from books of renowned authors?

Who knows you and trust you with their time to read your stuffs?

Who are you to inspire or motivate others?

The questions goes on and on from different people I shared my plans with. I sat down one day weighed the questions with my determination and inner drive, I concluded that the answer to these questions is based on my disposition about the reality of my vision. 

I said to myself no man can see the reality of my vision better than I do. I started confessing it loud to myself, “By the help of God;

I will touch the whole world through my write ups?

Nations, families, organizations, sectors and individuals will impacted by my writings?

I will create an online global community for writers and all the nations shall visit it and be blessed by the wisdom of God at work in men?

I will give men the right approaches and mind sets for a life of fulfilment in Christ Jesus?

No man’s criticism or negative opinions will stop me from doing what God has given me the power to do?”

Where there challenges?
Yes! They were coming in volumes as I proceeded on this course. I knew nothing about blogging and online publishing at first but I developed myself. 

I remember those days when I read my own articles and say to myself, “this is rubbish, who will read this”. I developed myself by reading and following other authors that came my way.

I remember when I started, some folks told me, “do you think people are reading all these your daily posts” but I told them”that you don’t read it does not mean others are not reading it or will not read it”. Smiles, My response is weird.

I have seen many lives transformed, many getting bearing for their lives, yokes of addictions broken, people revived and getting very serious with their spirit growth, writers, bloggers, publishers arising from a direct or indirect contact with Masterpiece Publishing House, I have trained many writers online and on ground and so on to the glory of God.

If you desire to know!

Against all odds and different challenges I experience momentarily, By His grace, Masterpiece Punishing House is reaching out to over 3,000 souls in over 80 countries momentarily. Over 400 life transforming articles and tens of e-books have been published yet we are still very far from our expectations but no regrets, we are still grateful to God.

We have trained hundreds of writers, bloggers, editors and publishers yet we are still training ourselves daily to improve our writing skills and get more knowledge about what we do and what we are yet to do.

Why am I saying all these?

May be you are reading this post and you are saying in your heart he is boasting, I have these words for you;

All have said is true without any iota of exaggeration, you can make your finding or ask me for the proofs.

If my present progress is giving any one headache, the headache might aggravate to something more chronic soon because am still far from my dreams. What you see now is just a preparation phase of what lies ahead.

May be you are reading this post and you are saying in your heart this guy has done wonderful stuffs or you are applauding me, I have these words for you;

What have I done that God does not have an hand in it?, without Him I can do nothing.

Any man can do beyond what I have done if God gives him the grace and strength.

I still have volumes of things to do and am still far from what lies ahead.


I am saying these to let you know that you can achieve virtually almost everything for which you have unlimited enthusiasm for if you are conscious of God’s grace at work in you.

Don’t allow anyone deceive you that what you are doing or planning to do is not worth it, many of them desire they could conceive the idea or take some of the steps you have taken.

Many of the things people criticize and try to talk down about your headways are pointers to areas of your life that you took responsibility for.

When you see any man criticize your positive progress, know that such man desires to have the opportunities you have at heart.

I am concern about your progress, future and exploits. Together we would herald this generation positively with notable results.

Keep your head up high, continue to response to the promptings of the spirit and silence every voices that make you feel you don’t know what you are doing after having a clue of your positive progress over time.

Everyday is a plus, I believe in you. Much love. 



In my pursuit for God over the years came a burden I haven’t been able to shake off over the years. Out of several burdens I had for the Kingdom, one seems to top my list which is the passion for Revival, Spiritual Re-awakening and Global Revolution. I had wept in my secret and couldn’t control the tears has I continually beheld the degrading spiritual state of men around me including believers. I saw decadence as the order of the day to the extent that it is making the headlines of the media on daily basis. I envisioned men looking for solutions and answers to their challenges and predicaments but they couldn’t get one having visited different places including the church and tried different methods.

With my heart burning as a young believer, I started seeking the face of God to equip me and grant me the enablement to contribute my quota. I discovered that the need of humanity is so much and urgent and my transformation as a believer is the transformation of many. I knew that I was not just saved and spirit-filled to remain as a mediocre because from the beginning of creation, God has a global perspective as regards His mandate. I believe that salvation is also a requirement for global impact, pace setting and trail blazing. I started asking God these questions  as an undergraduate day in and day out;

How can I be a solution to the needs of mankind?

What are the requirements for global responsibilities?

What is the essence of my redemption?

How get myself committed to solving societal ills as a believer?

As I continued waiting on the Lord, I got the response of a lifetime which made me put my hands permanently in the plough of national transformation. Guess what it is? Someone got me a book titled “CHURCH SHIFT”. The book “church shift” resulted in the paradigm shift my life experienced as regards kingdom responsibility. While reading the book with yellings in my heart, I got the answers my soul desires. I saw what true ministry is all about. I discovered the pathway for my ministry.

As if that was not enough, I had an encounter that gave me a quantum leap. The Lord while reading the book at a particular night brought the author “Pastor Sunday Adelaja” out of the pages of the book to speak with me. I can’t forget the words and the vision, it is fresh in my memory like the morning dew. The Lord instructed later to pattern my ministry after Pastor Sunday Adelaja’s order for Revival, Spiritual Re-awakening And Global Revolution.

Ever since then I had kept contact with Pastor Sunday Adelaja, he took me as a son and disciple. Words would fail me to narrate the volumes of lessons I have learnt from his words to me, his video messages and broadcast, books and materials.

His coming back to Nigeria isn’t strange to me because I have seen it in visions years ago and am conscious of it. History is about to be made in Nigeria, revolution is coming her way and a great Nigeria is a reality.

I am an influencer, an impact maker and a history maker, I am conscious of my status that is why am always ready for the service of redeeming and transforming mankind and its environment. I always count it a privilege to associate with the Apostle of the Ukrainian Revival, I say it boldly again “I STAND WITH PASTOR SUNDAY ADELAJA”.

For the love of my Mentor, Mankind and National Transformation

Olawade David B.


Ukrainian based Pastor Sunday Adelaja is on a mission to contribute to a positive transformation of the continent of Africa starting with the programme of reformation in Nigeria. In 2015, during a two-week solitude, he claims that Jesus appeared to him and endowed him with 25 points to rid the country of its social ills.

Through his social media channel, Pastor Adelaja has shown optimism and personal conviction that his next assignment is to embark on the programme of changing the culture and value system in Nigeria.

Although this might seem to many, a daunting task but Pastor Adelaja is no stranger to turning a country around. He has a track record. He has done it before by bringing a revival to post-communist Ukraine. Pastor Adelaja considers himself a reformer and lover of God, rather than just a preacher.

His achievements in Europe can be compared to the likes of the late Pentecostal revivalist, Lewi Pethrus. In 1994 Pastor Adelaja established Word of Faith Church, which later became the Embassy of God. He is regarded as one of the most successful pastors in Europe with more than 25,000 members and 700 churches planted in over 45 countries. This has collectively brought millions to Christ. His work as a revivalist was so prevalent that in 2007, the United Nations invited him to speak on two separate occasions.


Pastor Adelaja has shared that it is his aim to bring a righteous value system, not through the traditional route of planting a church, but by working alongside like-minded individuals to bring lasting change to the country. He believes that in order to bring about change, the churches will also need to play a huge role. He feels that a total character transformation is required to bring believers to a state of reflecting the image and likeness of God.

Another driving force for going back to Nigeria after 30 years in Europe is to build an effective programme in Nigeria involving high-level technocrats from all over the world with the aim of building the capacity of the nation and develop the people to enjoy a successful and accomplished life, comparable to the standard of living in the developed parts of the world.

Pastor Adelaja has already confirmed that he will be returning to Nigeria with 200 highly skilled Ukrainian and Russian citizens. He has also inviting an additional 2,000 people all over the world particularly Nigerians in diaspora to be part of his Nigerian transformational team, for a minimum of 2 years.

It is confirmed that many people have now signed up to become a part of the team, coming from diverse countries including United States, UK, China and others. These people have the chance to make history, becoming revivalist and having the opportunity of working under Pastor Adelaja’s effective and highly intense leadership.

Judging by the tangibility of his performance, it is clear that Pastor Adelaja is driven by measurable results and positive outcome. For example, in his book Money Won’t Make You Rich , he explains how he was responsible for raising 200 millionaires in less than 2 years including those regarded as down-and-outs.

Although he has contributed immensely to the advancement of the Kingdom of God, he has also faced opposition in various forms including character assassination and death threats. In his own words, he said that, *“There is no person who is in the limelight that is not being accused of one thing or the other on a regular basis. If you want to be nothing, do nothing. Maybe then people won’t accuse you of anything.”* This response to accusations levied against him actually portrayed him as someone with a very sound mind and having a thick skin, not relenting his efforts in doing good as propelled by Jesus Christ.

Prior to his plans to leave Ukraine, he has most recently written about his strategies on how he aims to impact the nation with his new book titled Nigeria and the Leadership Question .