Some men can be your age mate or even younger than you but what they carry inside of them is older than you, find such men and associate with them.

There are some folks you don’t need to spend years with before you see in full display in minutes their value system, follow such men and relate with them.

Don’t be too familiar with them neither should you despise them. Humbly connect to them closely because they carry answers to many of your questions and solutions to many of your challenges.

“….And they returned to their company”- Acts 4:23

Every one who desires to challenge his status quo must stay connected to his company no matter the height he has attained or would attain.

The apostles drew strength by praying with their company and they went to demonstrate the supernatural. Your company may not necessarily be doing the same thing you are doing out there or be known like you are but they can give you the motivation you need to stand on out there.

Acts 13:13- “Now when Paul and his company loosed from Paphos, they came to Perga in Pamphylia: and John departing from them returned to Jerusalem”.

Acts 15:22- “Then pleased it the apostles and elders, with the whole church, to send chosen men of their own company to Antioch with Paul and Barnabas; namely, Judas surnamed Barsabas, and Silas, chief men among the brethren:”

Apostle Paul had a company of men he travels with that kept him going and rendered a hand of help to some of his challenges. Don’t be isolated, your mindset of trying to stand alone may end you in futility.

Jesus spoke about the devil even getting it right in the place of synergy, he said “even the kingdom of the devil is not against itself”.

The colony of animals Lions are afraid of or can’t overcome are the ones that stays connected together. The Lion only stays at their front to roar to see if anyone could leave the colony out of fear, anyone that leaves the colony becomes his meal. As long as they stay connected, the Lion would continue its anguish in hunger.

Peter couldn’t deny Jesus when he was with the company of the apostles after Jesus was arrested. When he left the company and remained alone, a young girl challenged him that he was among the disciples of Jesus but he denied to the extent of calling the little girl “woman”.

In our days, we would connect to ourselves so closely that disunity won’t be found in our camp. When we see men of like passion, we would embrace them and what they are doing. From our understanding that global revolution can’t be championed by one man, we would continue to synergize and build value-based relationship.




I was privileged today to visit the Lagos State House Of Assembly as my beloved brother, Bar. Tosin Akande hosted me with my intention to consult him on personal issues and politics.

I remember years ago as an undergraduate when I met him for the first time as he graced an event back then as the guest speaker. He asked about my aspirations for the next five years of my life and I told him about my love for the media and shared the vision of “Masterpiece Publishing House”. He told me he would follow me up to see how serious I would take actions on what I shared with him.

Ever since then he has indeed followed me up, though I see him more on the media (T.V and newspaper) as he speaks on social transformation and the fate of the Nigeria Politics. I haven’t achieved all that I desired and shared with him but all glory to God, many of the goals have been achieved and I’m working tirelessly to see the rest fulfilled.

As I appeared close to the Lagos State House Of Assembly, every moment seem to appeal to me and got me thinking. I sighted from afar two giant five storey buildings side by side and I imagined that the decision for the centre of excellence is made in this buildings by the men who are privileged to be there.

Like Abraham Lincoln said to his wife after his first visit to the White House, he told her this would not be their last visit to the White House and they won’t visit any longer as a stranger but as a foreman of recognition. I also told myself, “this won’t be my last time here and I won’t come as a stranger again”.

As I got to the security post, the drama started. It was Act 1, Scene 1 at the security post. Prior to getting to the security post, Bar. already told me to tell the security personnel where and who I was intending to see and ask them to direct me but one of them said to me, “where are you from?”. Hmmm, I was dazed by that question and tried to put myself together before responding. I responded by also asking, “where are we? and what does where I’m from have to do with the person I desired to see or will it change how to get to him?”.

To avoid unnecessary drama, I called Bar. to speak to our friends and I got over the drama. Seriously, the good reports of Bar. started from the security post as other security personnel told me if they were aware earlier that it was Bar. Tosin Akande I desired to see they would have directed me straightway and won’t have attended to me in such manner. I told them I could relate to that but very soon I won’t be experiencing such drama anywhere I go and we all smiled.

I found my way to see him though I still had to meet different personnel to get through to him. It was a wonderful time. I told myself; “a day is coming where God’s grace and impact in our lives we put personalities on ovation when we visit places like this, such day won’t tarry”.

These are what I concluded for young folks who are intentional in making positive progress and transform their generation;

One day, your critics would soon be your fans. Very soon, those who wrote you off would read in volumes what others would write about you. Ask Christiano Ronaldo how he did it that the home fans of Juventus football club gave him an ovation after spearheading the lost of their team to the advantage of his side. Very soon, those who wrote you off would read in volumes what others would write about you.

The foreign universities you applied but failed to grant you admission due to one thing or the other would call your attention to honour you with honorary doctoral degree if you are remain enthusiastic about your dreams.

The T.V station that turned you down when you desired to get an airtime to show the world your concern for humanity through your expertise will one day pay you to broadcast your impacts even when you won’t even have the time to view it yourself.

The newspaper dailies you desired to publish your thoughts and nuggets but despised you will soon make your exploits their headlines day after day but you won’t have the time to read it yourself because you would be busy with doing more than what they published having the understanding that you haven’t gotten to the peak of it all yet.

A time is coming where you will visit the embassy where they once asked you tens of questions and yet they denied you visa. At that time you will get there, they will ask; “how may we help you?”, you will respond by saying; “I must help your country because your government requested for my attention as an answer to your economic issues”. They would no longer ask you questions because you would have metamorphosized to being an answer to the needs of the nations.

Be patient folks and be discerning. This is not time to be discouraged or to give up. Only time would tell. There is something about you that our generation is yet to see.



We are in a generation where we experience a man being termed to be “showing off” when he makes his progress visible or known to others even when the person is just being himself without being satisfied of his present state.

Listen to me, you don’t need to look beggarly or confused to make someone happy. Acting like a mediocre or pitiable is not a sign of humility.

Jesus was just fulfilling His call and ministry but the Pharisees continued to accuse Him of “showing off” neglecting the fact that He was just being who God sent him to be. He didn’t only show them He could demonstrate the power of God, He also sent those He ministered to in the absence of the Pharisees to go and tell the Pharisees in the temple what had happened by their encounter with Him.

There are young folks out there, fulfilling God’s mandate on their lives and being who God has made them but they are being accused of “showing off the power of God and His grace”. Thank God they are accused of “showing off the power of God” because I have realized that these accusers are silent when they see men who are of the world “showing off the power of the devil”.

Lately, I realize that people dislike to hear your testimony when making progress on a conquest but are happy to hear about your tribulations and frustrations when retrograding. They laugh at your tribulations in the camera and behind the scene but criticize your testimony in the open.

You owe no man an apology for progressing positively. You owe no man an explanation for being the wonder that you are.

“Do not allow the shade of your critics block the light of your success”- Bishop FEB Idahosa

I see young folks on social media publicizing immorality and people of like passion like them celebrate. Immoral post gets more likes, shares, comments and less criticisms while posts of a young folks that is succeeding on a conquest and relating a rightful mindset gets lots of corrections and critics from people of his kind. What a wickedness I have seen under the sun.

You don’t need to snap picture in the dustbin to tell us you are humble neither do you have to snap in Miamia to show that you are proud. Just be who are, where you are.

Don’t try and get people’s attention by being who you are not because you will have to continue faking it to retain the attention of men which may be costly all along.

Hear me sir and ma, you can’t be a “fault-finder” and be a “pathfinder” at the same time, you can only be one. If you see a man making progress, appreciate them not only in your heart and closet. Don’t compete with them, commend them and connect to them.

You can’t attract in the secret what you criticized in the open. You can’t desire in the secret, what you despised in the open. You can’t connect in the secret, what you condemn in the open. Listen to me, all these, “kole wark”.




Since I met this young man, I knew there was something special about. Though we disagreed on many things to agree on few things.

Lol, I remembered serving in Benue State, Makurdi when I told him the Editorial and Publishing Community Development Service (C.D.S) needs our expertise and dexterity.

I convinced him to join me as we made plans to join the C.D.S. We told the zonal inspector that we desire to change our C.D.S and we gave our reasons.

We also met the coordinator and he told us he would put us on probation since we were not members of the Orientation Broadcasting Service (O.B.S) and he can’t attest to our skills as a prospective Journalists.

We were there and he asked us what can we offer, Emmanuel said he could fix the graphic design issues for the magazine of the batch A that has been delayed and I said I could help on the editing and the lay out.

In one week, Emmanuel came up with a proposed cover design for the magazine and the coordinator was dazed. This warranted us to become members of the editorial board for NYSC, Benue.

After some weeks, I told Emmanuel to contest for the post of the President of the C.D.S that he got all it takes having watched him closely. He told me that would be a big one for him since he was not a statutory member of the C.D.S from inception.

I told him I only needed his consent and if he doesn’t comply with my instructions I would set him up.

We were both at NCCF, family house in Makurdi when I started cooking up strategies to push Emmanuel to becoming the president.

I co-authored and published articles with and for Emmanuel on my online community. Asked him whether he had any vision for the CDS. He told me to give up on the task of making it possible for him to be the president, the more he said that, the more I had more convictions on how to go about it.

I got my first strategy from the awareness that Emmanuel was not on the CDS WhatsApp group page, then I wrote an article on behave of Emmanuel to show his intention to becoming the CDS President and told the members of the CDS I was posting it on the page on his behave as his campaign manager.

Some folks laughed at the intention as they said he was a stranger and can’t just come and lead them.

Emmanuel wasn’t aware at first of what I had done until he got to the CDS meeting days after and the people brought his attention to what was shared on the group page on WhatsApp.

He knew I would have done that. Some folks applauded him for the content of the article while some stood on the fact that it wasn’t possible for him to emerge as the president of the CDS.

He got back to me after the CDS and asked me why I was doing that to him, I told I haven’t seen anyone who could have been in the position better than he would have been.

He told me he wasn’t really in it and what if he loses the election. I told him “I’m not a loser” and if peradventure the opposite happens he should put all the blame on me and tell everyone I lured him into it.

I went back to my drawing board, requested for a cover design photo of him with his intention, wrote a pre-election manifesto and share it on the group page as the election day draws closer. The uproar began on the page.

Here we were on the election, gave him a draft of how his speech should be and how to attend to the circumstances at hand. I told him he should ensure he is the last person to speak because the last words before voting can influence the intention of many and he should make sure he wishes his fellow contestants well.

Voting began and Emmanuel won the election. We were both awed and rejoiced together as a brother that we are. Emmanuel took the position of leadership at the CDS with various innovations and interventions that seem unachievable but before the end of his tenure we experienced the reality of all.

Tears filled my eyes when I had the testimonies of good works Emmanuel spearheaded and the lives that was transformed during the secondary school interventions and members of the CDS who got a bearing for their lives from the words and lifestyle of Emmanuel.

I must say this, he is also a man that leverages on the supernatural. Moments at CDS meetings and secondary schools empowerment programmes, Emmanuel prays in tongues when he leads prayer during the events. He has hosted me several times for days at his lounge at his place of primary assignment just for us to share thoughts and pray together.

I’m not surprised about what he is doing now, the peak performance classes, leadership conferences, entrepreneur seminar, empowerment video skits, and graphic designs for companies. I would have been surprised if he is doing something less than this.

Emmanuel remains my brother who I will forever be proud of. Many of my books cover designs were made by him and he has told me to keep on writing the manuscripts that he is at my service any day.

I celebrate this rare gem specially today. Though, today is not his birthday bit everyday can be a day of impacts for him.

We are connected for life “EMMANUEL AHMADU INTERNATIONAL”. If you are Kaduna coonect to this grace or follow him on his online platforms for personal development, entrepreneur empowerment and peak performance strategies.



Sometime ago, Martin Luther King Jr. called Billy Graham on phone to join the CIVIL RIGHT MOVEMENT.

Billy responded “Keep your lane, My lane is souls”.

Lesson- don’t be distracted by where others are going, maintain your lane.

Remember, you can succeed on the wrong course, get an applaud and ovation from people for doing something contrary to God’s will for your life.

My generation leaves me in awe when I see some young folks join some forum, movement or ministry, follow some personalities out of excitement without direction and they end up wasting their lives yet where and who they connect themselves to can’t discern that they are in the wrong place or with the wrong person.

This our spiritual father and son, mentor and mentee relationship has made many to lead some folks out of God’s plan for their lives. Everyone is now trying to say they have someone who desires to be like them as an achievement.

Please sir, if you have the plan to train someone to be like you, you are successful leading someone out of God’s will. Lead them to get God’s plan for their lives and let them follow thus. If I may ask you, who did you follow that you have now become?

If Billy Graham didn’t understand this fact, may be Martin Luther Jr. would have been his mentor or he would have been known as a human right activist instead of an evangelist. Imagine the havoc we would have celebrated to his account for being an activist and what would have happened to the souls attached to his live.

A young folk met me after a meeting sometimes ago and said he desired to be like me, I responded by saying, “that is your first step to failure and missing it in destiny”. I can only guide him and counsel him to be who God has made him and be all that God had proposed for him.

Hear me, if the people that surrounds you are becoming exactly like you, I’m glad to let you know that you have become a cloning machine and your products “clones” are about to miss out of God’s plan.

Young man, I know you love to follow some men to get a bearing for your life, I also follow some men for direction but I had to get the coordinates for my life first before I desire they lead me to get a bearing for my life.

Before you desire you meet a man to mentor you, first meet yourself and know yourself. When Elisha made his request known to Elijah, he didn’t say “that I may be like you my father”. Beyond the carrying of the bag, Elisha desired to carry double portion of the anointing for his own assignment.

Why did he request for double portion? He knew his assignment was different, I could have requested for same portion if he wanted to be like Elijah and when God instructed Elijah to anoint Elisha and Jehu, God didn’t say he should anoint them to be like him (Elijah), God spoke about their respective assignment. Please, where did we get the idea of anointing people to be like us in ministry?

My covenant brother, Awe Ayodele would say, “I’m not a prototype of any man, I’m Awe Ayo, we follow men to be who God has called us to be”.

This generation of young folks that wants to be all ministers of God at the same time. Lol, “Weldone sir, weldone ma”.

This is not a call to despise the blessedness of mentorship but to strike a balance to how it should be.

Dear mentor, stop teaching your followers your performance, teach them the rehearsals of how to perform their own action and lead them to their own stage. If you feel your are not capable to handle their own kind of rehearsals please feel free to hand them over to someone else or recommend another person for them.

Let me stop here.



As I hear the clock ticks and checked the clock to consider how time flies, seconds upon seconds, minutes upon minutes and hours upon hours, it signals to me with much euphoria and phobia how close I’m to writing the anticipated exam I wished I could run away from.

I have received several calls, messages and been engaged with quite a number of discussions with my course mates with many of them telling me how they have been feeling down with little or no motivation to read.

They thought they had met the right person to share their feelings with only to find out that we were all in same shoes. I told them, for me, I wished rapture could take place the night before the first exam so I could escape writing the exams (smiles). I told them that those that are not rapturable should continue to read because the condition that may hinder them from writing the exams may exclude them.

They were all amazed at my sense of humour and they asked me why I had such thought on my mind; “I said because I’m also feeling the same way they are feeling towards the exams”. I realized very few actually had a prospect in doing the masters’ degree program as they have left their purpose unengaged over time. As I conversed with them, I had their purpose crying out within them, “Why did you bring me to the wrong place and left me unengaged?”.

Here I’m again on the table writing this article with volumes of materials that appears more than the volume of a bible to read.

Many thoughts flooded my minds as I considered how to make impacts and engage one’s purpose beyond the class borders and men that are blazing the trail with their impacts which the class room they left are now looking for them to give back to the class.

I remembered an event last week, during the convocation ceremony of Olabisi Onabanjo University, how Mrs. (now Dr.) Ibukun Awosika (Chairperson, First Bank Nigeria) was awarded an honorary doctoral degree in management even as a chemistry graduate. I was amazed at how professors of management, PhD graduands who had read and published papers on management listen to hear her talk to them on what she engaged outside the classroom borders.

I have followed quite a number of speeches delivered at Harvard University Convocation ceremonies, I discovered that 90% of invited guest that spoke at the events are men who left the class room to fulfill purpose and the university invites them to speak to the class room folks as a token of appreciation for them to had follow their passions. The university and the senior staffs are inadvertently passing a message to the graduands to fulfill their purpose at all cost beyond the class room experiences as the guests did.

Men like Denzel Washington, Myles Munroe, John C. Maxwell, Brian Tracy, Mark Zukerberg and many more have graced such event with powerful speeches. No one really cared about the university they attended or grade they finished with because they were more concerned with the impacts and results their lives has produced over time.

I imagined, how many theses Dr. Aliko Dangote has written that makes me a statutory speaker at national and international conferences and summits on entrepreneur and business development? Yet many universities (local and international) have awarded him various honorary doctoral degrees in entrepreneur. What makes him better than those professors of entrepreneur with thousands of articles published in journals? Impacts and results beyond class room borders.

Dr. Sunday Adelaja also bagged an honorary doctoral degree in Humanities after a successful “Orange Revolution Campaign” that saw to the change in the political arm of affairs in Ukraine. His impacts opened him up to being the first black pastor to minister at the United Nations, Council of presidents summit. He has been a resource person to the United States Senate and to the United Nations on how to manage the world economy. I wondered what made him a first choice above the professors of economics all over the world.

I won’t be surprised when men like Fela Durotoye bags an honorary doctoral degree in Leadership and Political Science, Tara Durotoye in Cosmetology, T.Y Bello in Photography, Linda Ikeji in Broadcast Journalism and so on. Governor Rotimi Akeredolu just bagged one in law at Igbinedrion Varsity recently.

If the knowledge you are acquiring or have acquired can’t transform systems, individuals and the society then it’s ignorance in disguise. What’s the prospect for doing what you are doing? Why spend time on engagements that doesn’t interest you? Look inward, there are cravings from within you, let them find expression.

YOU ARE A STEP CLOSER By Olumide Akodu Tosin

I can’t believe that my beloved brother after recently spending some days with me is now writing depths that I’m also getting blessed from. I observed his countenance when he sees me and encourages me those midnights when I’m on the table, reading, writing and typing on the tablet.”

He asked me one day, after getting home late after a very hectic day to resume to the table till late in the midnight, “Man of God is this how you engage yourself to write those articles after busy schedules?”.

He is the second colleague that has been privileged to spend some days with me and returned to his abode to start writing transforming write ups. Though they call it impartation but I call it a stirring of what has been dormant but is in the inside over time.

Read the article “YOU ARE A STEP CLOSER” By Olumide Akodu and get a mind shift for the moment.

YOU ARE A STEP CLOSER By Olumide Akodu Tosin

It has been said that the Slow movement of a Tiger is not cowardice but action in calculation and focus.

You see, I know you’ve got visions and goals, you may not have gotten there yet, but so far you’re moving, you’ll surely get there.

The different between Here and There is the’ T’ which signifies Time. The scriptures will always use the Phrase “In the process of time” and “When the time has fully come”, That is to tell you that, the manifestations of individuals in the journey of life is based on his consistency and Timing.

Never make use of another man’s clock to walk or work. Your time is different from theirs. You may even go to the same school, graduated the same time, attended the same trainings but your hour of showing forth is different from theirs (Luke 1:80).

Employ doggedness and consistency on that which you are doing without giving up, you are only a step closer to your manifestation (You don’t need to bother yourself to know the time that the Lord has put in His own power to act, Acts 1:8). Just keep moving because your next step could be the last stroke that will break the camel’s back.

When next your mockers or the enemy laughs at you or mocks you, never give them attention because if you give them attention, they’ll give you direction.

Tell your self “I AM A STEP CLOSER”. Its in your heart, it will surely get to your hands, for as he thinketh in his heart so he is.

Very soon, your mockers will be your fans. Don’t stop, No waiting, No loitering, Keep moving.

Yours Flamotherapist,