Connecting to strange men births strange experiences. I have been privileged to be with Evang. Olumide Akodu lately. We have been having wonderful moments together but we had an issue that made us reconcile in the spirit this morning. Hmmm, when spiritual men have score to settle, it demands real attention oo.

After a very hectic day yesterday, we came back to the house later in the evening and I had to resume to the kitchen because of my passion for cooking. My Brother just left me in the kitchen oo as he went tonguing in the compound. I thought he should be back soon as I didn’t want to be like Martha while he is taking the place of being a Mary as he was enjoying fellowship with the Lord.

For hours, I didn’t see him, I could only hear him rattled in tongues. I finished cooking the beans, took a moment to eat with the siblings that were around. They later went to bed as I was anticipating the arrival my covenant brother. After, he would say I’m the one that expresses this dimension of travail more and often.

I was agitated in my spirit as I said to myself; “this guy has robbed me and also Jacobbed (deceived) me today” as I was thinking of my own pay back.

Finally, he came very late in the night into the sitting room. I could feel him literarily dripping with spiritual virtues he has soaked with and his face was burning.

He didn’t even bother to greet me as I had also resoluted not to answer if he did. As he was going into the room to attend to other things before going to bed, I said to myself; ” I will do my own ooo and you (Bro. Olu) won’t sleep tonight”.

I entered another room to travail too. I tongued for some hours and came out to feel myself, lol. To my amazement, MOG was still studying and actively awake. I entered the room and continued tonguing again. Lol, in addition to my intention is my desire that he sleeps so I would disturb him as pay back.

After some moments again, I came checking in his room to discover he was now on bed. I stayed in the room and continued tonguing. Baba was just turning on the bed and looking at me with one eye.

After I rounded up later at midnight, I knew my brother would want to pay back too but I stayed alert as I went to bed.

Before the day dawn, I was awake on the bed to meditate and trying to observe angels that would start up my day with me as my brother was beside me. I purposely slept by his side in the same room.

Suddenly, I heard him spoke in tongues violently. I smiled and said to myself; “you think I’m asleep, I’m ready for you this morning”. As he concluded the first statement in tongues, I responded instantly in tongues as we both jumped from the bed to travail.

We didn’t tell ourselves good morning except in tongues as we were still conscious of settling the score. Then, we travailed together to start up the day.

The lesson is; “what is good about our morning if our previous night wasn’t in the Holy Ghost and what good have we done in a day if we didn’t start up the day in the Holy Ghost”.

I will always recommend that before you greet anyman good morning at the start of any day, greet the Holy Ghost first in tongues.


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