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Sister, if that your Boo tells you he loves trousers, don’t tarry to get convictions to start wearing trousers. He wants to see something on you that other strange ladies out there have been calling his attention to. Please, do well to wear the trousers and flaunt something for him. As simple as that is, it can save your boo from being a fornicator or an adulterer.

Don’t say, you are S.U or a pastor. You can wear it at home or special occasion with your boo. That doesn’t make you an hypocrite. Don’t give attention to what people would say about that because they will also have something to say when your boo starts flirting around or when your marriage start having issues.

Don’t be deceived when folks tell you; ” trousers would take you to hell”. If that’s true, women like Kathryn Oilman should be in hell after all her exploits for the kingdom than her contemporaries who had never wore trousers in their lifetime.

Sister, if your Boo says he loves to see you wear ear rings, please wear it ma. Don’t be like those sisters that condemns people who wear ear rings but when their Boos gave them engagement rings to propose to them after years of waiting, they collected it and put it on. What’s the difference between hand or ear?

Lol, if they tell you your golden ear ring will take you to hell. Argue with them, tell them; “it is only heaven that has streets made of gold and angels wear golden crowns not hell”. Tell them, what you are wearing can only be seen in heaven not hell. Tell them to get understanding of what qualifies one for hell.

Anty, If your Bobo likes different styles of braids and hair fixing that requires attachments and weavons. Please, wear it ma. If they tell you, those artificial hairs are made by mermade under water. Tell them that’s the reason why a spirit filled sister like you should wear it so that the anointing on your head can terminate the evil agenda they are plotting with it.

Bobo, you can follow my footstep oo. I have been following my Coldstone (younger sister) to salon when I’m not busy. I’m learning how to be patient and how to share my time with my spouse when she goes to the salon rather than feeling lonely till she comes back.

When I get to the salon, I ask for the hairstyles magazines, memorize the names of the ones I love, ask my sister about the one she did and help her to loose it when it’s due.

Brother, help your Bae to loose her hair, wash her hair when it’s on shampoo or conditioner, it’s part of your duty sir. You can start learning it now. Those are part of the preparation for a good marriage not only by speaking in tongues.

Speaking in tongues can’t send angels to assist your wife in the kitchen, you have to avail yourself to do that. You can’t prophecy for your Bae’s hair to get loosed, you have to hold the cutting comb yourself.

As the saying goes; “a true gentleman never goes out of fashion”, please sir, “be fashionable and be a fashionister”. It doesn’t cost you much, it only demands you paying attention to it.

Don’t say; “I don’t care about fashion”, your Bae may care about it. It’s an insult for your Bae to always tell you she loves how some brothers use to dress. What makes you different from those brothers is your negligence, they aren’t better than you.

Brother, you can go online and start saving those atiires you want your Bae to appear on and sister, do the same. Save and snap those attires that “burst your head” when you see people on it and recommend it for your spouse. Don’t rate someone somewhere above your spouse, you can create whatever you desire in him or her and bring him or her to the knowledge of it.

Sister, you can enrol in a catering school now. You can start joining your mum in the kitchen again to learn more dishes. As you are memorizing stuffs about your career, also, memorize the recipes too for your marriage.

Brother, I know you are a man and you may have lots of stuffs to attend to. Please, create time to ease that Bae in the kitchen. Don’t be like those men who enter the kitchen only to complain to their spouse when they can’t endure hunger again.

If you want your Bae to remain classic, relief her of stress and pain. Remember, she has quite a number of pains to attend to momentarily. She has her monthly menstrual pains, pregnancy pangs for nine months, child birth pains during and after delivery. Biko, don’t add to her pains.

Entering the kitchen sometimes to cook for your Bae is not a prove that you don’t have something to do, it’s actually a prove that you have something to do but you value what your Bae has been doing.