Why are you so quick to bring out the red card? Hope is not that brother with the “red car” that you are envisaging that he would come and propose to you someday. Bae, he may tarry long and never come, by then you would have missed this one and those that would come that time may not be an option but you will see them as a rescue mission.

Why are you so quick to tell him you are still praying when you knew you will never take his matter to God because you have already made your decision from Day 1. Please, stop this prayer warrior camouflage approach and let the Bobo know his faith oo.

Why are you saying you are not convinced when you know you are really confused because you never imagined such a brother coming to you.

The reason why you want to answer that brother with a “No” is because he doesn’t appear like the brother you are envisaging and you already have a standard for your future boo.

Sister, stop comparing that brother with “Masterpiece” ooo. He may not dress like Masterpiece who is still on “Legedes Benz” and using “solé airways” (a moving motor park) for his journeys while the brother loves to appear on casual with his Lexus SUV.

Don’t compare that brother with David Olawade who has a sense of humour and can write romantic letters. The brother may appear gentle and not be expressive but he can learn to be that kind of man you desire if you give him your consent.

The brother may look too spiritual and you have made up your mind not to go out with a SU. Remember, he won’t be a SU in the “other room” oo. That he always talk about the upper room doesn’t mean he doesn’t mind the other room when you give him the chance, only time would tell.

Don’t be deceived because he didn’t propose to you like your colleague’s boo did to her. What matters more is the end, not the approach.

Don’t judge that brother or his spiritual life because he doesn’t appear on the posters, what is more important is he appears in the portals of heaven and he is gaining ascendancy momentarily.

He may not appear before men often to minister as you desire of a boo but be sure he appears before God often to touch more spiritual realities. Remember, there are lots of men who minister to people but maltreat their spouses.

You may not get to see him in many events that you desire to see him, be sure he is not missing in the secret place. You may not see him with the microphone but he is called to do something in God’s agenda and the microphone may not be his own tool.

Aunty, if you want to give him a red card, please, give him on time. Don’t use him and keep him waiting to fill in the gap as you anticipate your desired “Prince Charming”.

Don’t also think of giving him a red card because you are afraid and concerned about how you can cope with the height he has attained in life, ministry and career. Before he considered you among others, he must have thought of that and he saw something in you that you may not be conscious of. See it as a privilege and an opportunity to brace up and learn.

You can make your decision now ma.

*Much love,*
_Legislator and Minister of Affairs, Association Of Baeless Single Brothers Of Nigeria,_
*Masterpiece David Olawade*


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