Dear MasterQueen,

Let me play the ring tone to you again, “you know I love you and I will always do”. I can hear your sonorous voice in response to the statement and it sounds as if it’s your first time of saying it to me. My heart is resonating in thoughts while my brain is revolving round the statement in deep meditation.

Bae, I’m yet to figure out the status I was when I approached you to pronounce my conjugal manifesto in anticipation of the ultimate proposal that would penultimate my action to take you to the altar for the whole world to see that I got a good catch finding the bone of my bone.

I can’t say if I was in the spirit or flesh when I approached you but I think what happened had never happened to me before. I was in the spirit and in the flesh at the same time.

I was in the spirit because I knew I prophesied, all the revelational and vocal gifts were at work in me at the same time; the discerning of spirit, spirit of prophecy, word of knowledge and word of wisdom found great expression as I told you things that happened to me years ago that I didn’t know earlier and experiences that would happen to us in years to come after moments of speaking in tongues before approaching you.

Bae, not only were Revelational gifts of the spirit were at work that day, the power gifts were at stand by. I held to the gift of faith, if you give me a “red card” for my intentions, I will remain positive, keep the faith alive that better days are ahead and with God all things are possible. I was steadfastly with the gift of healing, if you broke my heart with your disposition that day, I would be able to heal my heart immediately.

Even the fruit of the spirit were also at play; I am “gentle”, I felt “peace”, I had “Joy” like a river, I am “humble” and ready to let go of myself and ego, I was ready for “longsuffering”, to be “patient” and to “endure” if you will keep me waiting or on hold for long. I had to check my “temperament” to agree with yours and I have decided to be “faithful” to my words as a “meek” dude that I am.

I was in the flesh as I felt nervous and lots of vibrations were occurring inside me at the same time. I was emotional and looking into your eyes answered the thousands of questions on my mind.

I told you that I like you and you said you like me too. I told you again that I love you and you said you love me, but with the love of Christ and I began to wonder if my own love is love of Dragon. I proposed to you to marry me and you said you need to pray about it. I hope my manifesto hasn’t turned you to a prayer warrior and intercessor?

Please don’t use the time we are supposed to start this experience that I’m anticipating to go on your knees and if you are praying to rebuke that spirit that led me to you, “kole wark oo”. I’m also praying and ready to stay on your matter.

Please, in case your answer is going to be YES. Also pray that Jesus won’t come here anytime soon oo. Because you and I will not join Him back ooo. We will take permission and travel to one Island, for our honeymoon.

After some months, they will give us direction how to meet them up there in heaven. I have read Bible front and back, I have not seen any where God said there will be honeymoon in heaven.

I know you will report me to your friends, mentors, spiritual and biological parents. Before you make your decision, think deeply on their advice and counsels. Don’t just anchor your decision on them but if I be a man of God, every counsel of Ahitophel would not stand. Please permit my prayer, I don’t know how it’s doing me again my dear.

For your friends, I may have offended one of them before unconsciously or one of them is eyeing me and sees this time as a pay back; your mentors don’t know me, they may have issues against my name and career which may influence their judgment; your parents may not like my tribe and pocket, this can result in them being biase with their advice.

Bae, I know marriage is a spiritual institution but we would not leave the carnal engagements unturned ooo. As we would concentrate and give attention to the spiritual we would also take our time on the carnal involvements too.

I know speaking in tongues would be the official language in our home, we would greet ourselves in tongues, pray together, prophesy together, study together, fast together, get revelations together, get visions and fall into trance together.

We will also be carnal together, play football and watch matches together, exercise together, cook together, grace occasions together, play together and so on. We would minister to ourselves in the spirit, also in flesh and blood.

We will both be active together in the “upper room” and in the “other room”. As the people of Israel appeared before the Lord and were not ashamed. We would appear before ourselves and know ourselves intimately, we would not be ashamed.

We would have regular intercourse in the glory realm, we would smile, speak in tongues, prophesy and catch visions about the seeds that would be conceived. When you conceive, I won’t say, “You are pregnant”, I would say; “We are pregnant” because intercourse is an action between two parties in agreement. We would both take all the responsibilities; the house chores, waking up at midnights, cooking and even delivering of our baby.

We won’t use personal or subjective pronouns for entities in our pocession. We would say; our houses, our cars, our children and so on.

MasterQueen, as we had proposed over time to make ourselves the first mentor to our children in ministry, finance, marriage and career, we would do all in our capacity to live the best of life we can.

Matching attires and outfits is not negotiable in many of our outings oo. We will make some of our outings fashion parade and our children would be the judge.

To be continued.


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