The only game Africans can play well is politics so don’t get hurt that two Africa nations have already crashed out of the world cup after playing just two matches. Tell those countries that are doing well at the world cup to come and compete with us in politics and see who can do it better.

We have track records of presidents, governors and senators retaining their positions for over 20 years despite several elections.

People whose votes from the results of our elections are more than those who registered to participate in the election, how many countries can beat that? Or how many countries have presidents who is older than the country in age?

As the world cup continues with different surprises, Africans has dominated in the surprises. 4 out of the 5 own goals were conceded by African teams while the 5th we had a hand in it for the other country to concede it. Meaning, we are experts in killing ourselves and making other people kill themselves too.

Out of the several direct free kick goals scored at the world cup, none was scored against an African team. Meaning, no free campaign or responsibility would thrive in Africa.

80% of the goals scored against African teams were from set pieces. This signals that any arrangement set in Africa would soon be pieced over time if care or proactive measures aren’t taken.

Now to the team “Nigeria”, if it would interest you; Our team prayed before the match, at the beginning of the match and after half time but they ended up losing to Croatia. The lesson is, some things answer to hard work, diligence and preparation not prayer or anointing. Don’t just pray for the Nigeria team to win, pray for them to prepare and strategize well.

After the loss to Croatia, do you know while many lamented and complained, the players got their financial alert for the match bonus, some visited a place to dance and celebrate as some Russian sisters in the Lord ministered to them in flesh and blood.

There is something different about our team that no other team can do. They make us, the fans to become mathematicians and soothsayers. They always leave us with a responsibility to predict the failures of other teams that can favour their failure or be to their advantage each time they represent us in a competition. Please, celebrate this uniqueness today ooo.

Please, someone should help me rebuke the spirit of “falling down” in Victor Moses ooo. Is he a London Bridge, a Mango tree or Rain?

If football was a spiritual gift and the Holy Spirit is a coach, it would have be written in the scriptures; “he gave some falling down and some hugging of their opponent”. Someone should also help me tell “Ekong” to stop hugging the opponent so intimately during the match oo. He should stop making the Referee avoid homosexuality display by awarding penalty to the opponent.

Someone should help me tell John Obi Mikel to stop jogging and doing fine boy on the field oo. He is not better than Marcelo or Ronaldo who are not ashamed to get stained on the field of play. He should neglect the statement of his wife after the loss to Croatia. She said whether he loses or wins, he remains a winner. If he loses, he is not a winner ooo, he would become a Returnee and Participant from Russia ooo.

Iceland is a country with population slightly above 300,000. The population in my local government area of resident is more than the whole country. Their football team comprises; medical doctors, farmers while their coach is a dentist by profession. Nigeria team have players that have been playing football for at least a decade as their profession so they have no excuse not to win today.

The big day is here, I stand with Nigeria as a patriot. We are winning, we are qualifying and we are proceeding to the next round by our calculations. Argentina and Iceland beware of the Super Eagles. Let’s go to Russia.

For the love of my Country, Patriotism and Football.


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