Dear Masterprincess,

I won’t get tired of telling you “I love you” my dear and when those my other sons from another father try to get your head on by telling the same thing, you will be familiar with the statement because I sing it to your ears on daily basis.

I won’t force you to choose a career or discover a purpose, I will only try to connect you to He who has predestined you for a purpose, made you in His own image and knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb. When you get to know this personality then you can make your inquiries and see reasons to be acquainted to Him.

Dear, I’m just like a watch dog over you, you and I will give account someday to this personality that predestined you for a purpose and made you in His image. I beg your pardon, do well to listen to my instructions and directives as you grow to becoming all that God has made you to be.

Don’t just give your life to him because I told you reasons to do so. Please, see reasons and be convinced before making such decision. If some folks tell you that living such life for Him is boring, tell them they are yet to taste the real one. The Holy Scriptures tells us, “taste and see that the Lord is good”, I’m a testimony to this.

There are decisions to make with ulterior motives but there is one that comes with ultimate motive. This decision is not a call to being religious or practicing doctrines, I will emphasize this when we discuss more in person.

Don’t give in to anyone who tells you that wearing ear rings, necklace, make ups, trousers, attaching braids or weavons would send you to hell. If you are comfortable with it in modesty please do my dear, your father is not condemning you and I’m sure your mum won’t. I will even buy them for you if you want me to.

Don’t listen to your friends who would tell you to “dress to kill”. From the intention they asked you to engage “to kill” they want you to partner with the devil on his mission; “to kill, steal and destroy”. Realistically, you end up killing guys in lust with such outfits but they also wound you too by their actions in formication.

Be careful, when they tell you; “you are hot” because they may be telling you in actual sense that you are radiating the heat from hell with your attire.

Don’t let them give you the compliment; “slay queen” by attires that exposes your cleavages, I will present to you a better and a more excellent way to slay guys.

It is called; “slaying in the Holy Ghost”. This kind makes those possessed to vibrate and fall at your appearance in decency. Don’t worry my dear, your mum will teach you more of this because she is also a “slay mama” in the actual context.

If any of friends tells you abstinence and keeping your virginity is archaic, run from her because she is your enemy. Those that lose theirs, lost it due to ignorance and negligence. Many are still feeling the hurts and pains till date and want you to experience similar occurrence.

If they tell you “virginity is lack of opportunity”, tell them you are proud to miss such opportunity to misbehave and live in regrets. Such miss is worth it my princess.

Don’t let any man touch you in a way that isn’t convenient. Any man that is not married to you that licks your lips or any part of your body is not kissing you but tasting you.

Don’t start any relationship at the early stage of your life when you don’t have plan for marriage soon. Don’t try “dating”, prepare to do courtship. Courtship shouldn’t be a Bsc certificate for 4years or MBBS for 7years, there are better things to do with your life. Use the early stage of your life to court your purpose and get married to your goals.

Don’t be deceived by engagement ring that has no marriage in view. Such ring becomes key holder in your finger or handcuff for life imprisonment. Connect with a guy that deserves you not the one that demands you and I will be so glad to hand you over to him in right earnest.

Don’t join folks to do the “twerking”, if you check their lives they are trekking with their future and trending in immorality.

Read and digest these for the now my dear, I will send you other directives as time goes on. I’m anticipating your arrival as I continue in making plans to do the necessary to give you the best life available for you here.

Your mum and I love you forever my princess.

Your soon to be Father,
Masterpiece David Olawade.


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