In our gang, we are not ashamed to identify with ourselves, neither are we afraid to any man; “we belong”. We belong to the supernatural confraternity, a breed from the throne room and a company of fire crooners.

Our fellowship with the celestial and connection to the Holy spirit, “our source” have made us “grand masters of data” like Glo network and like mtn “everywhere you go”.

Before the woman with the issue of blood touched Jesus, she understood Jesus’ hotspot is always on if one has the password of faith._l

She connected to the hotspot to download healing virtues. Jesus got the notification from heaven “one user connected ” among all that surrounded him, so so data is exhausted, so so is remaining for the day.

No wonder Jesus asked, “who touched me”.

In our gang we don’t run out of data. We are aware that there are moments which we could personally run out of data by attending to things that drains our data (divine virtues) e.g ministration and carnality or by not subscribing on time in fellowship in the spirit due to busy schedules, negligence and laziness.

The hotspot gang has been our bail out, we quickly call a friend by praying with them to put on their hotspot for us since they have enough data at that moment.

We attend celestial meetings where unlimited data is available and the hotspot is available to connect. As we do these we make ourselves worthy to subscribe personally after we get out of the coverage of the hotspot.

In our gang we don’t mind people connecting to our hotspot to get spiritual data to upgrade their spiritual application and software.

We identify from among us momentarily, men that have enough subscription from their intimacy with the holy spirit and we commune with them.

We don’t run out of data, we are a team. Will you join this gang today? Our hotspot is available to all but not accessible to all.

We remain closely knitted to ourselves so we don’t go out of coverage.


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