As an undergraduate, I remember preparing for an exam. I planned reading through the night but I ended up sleeping all through the night, I slept from glory to glory. When I woke up the next morning and I explained my plight to a colleague, he said it must be the devil that hindered me from reading through the night.

I smiled and told him, no devil can enter or survive in my room for I’m conscious of the presence of His majesty and the angelic companies in room. I prayed that morning, gave thanks and started reading. To God be the glory, in that exam I had an “A”.

Why are we so conscious of the devil around us than the presence of God around us? Why didn’t my friend think in such manner, “David was tired that day and God gave him a good night rest even when he has an exam”?

If you say that devil is always against that you in embryo, have you considered that the devil is yet to be through with men like Daddy Adeboye, Bishop David Oyedepo, Apostle Johnson Suleiman, Apostle Arome, Apostle Selman, Pastor Paul Enenche are so on. These men are on daily basis brutalizing the kingdom of darkness yet they are still successful in their life pursuit.

Imagine the mentality the folks in the east had during Job’s tribulation when he was tormented by the devil after God gave the devil permission. It would be an error for them to think the devil was against the success of their careers and businesses at that time when the devil was with busy Job. Their failure at that time would be a product of their irresponsibility. Job despite the torments was more conscious of God in the ordeal than the devil, you can read his words.

Have you not seen men who don’t pray against any devil yet they lived a principled life and they are making tremendous results?

What do you think you are doing that is making you feel you are getting the attention and commitment of the devil? how many dead have you raised? How many demons do you cast out of people every week? How many soul do you win daily? How many sick many have you prayed for to receive their healings? How many hours do you pray against territorial power daily?

It is arrogance to claim the devil is against you when you are really doing nothing against his kingdom. Many people that claim the devil is against their progress and exploits are not even known by the devil. If one is privileged to ask the devil about them, the devil would say, “I haven’t heard that name before, tell him to be responsible with his life and ministry if he desires my attention”.

This mentality of claiming the devil is always responsible for your failure has crippled your progress and impacts. Many are lazy, complacent and irresponsible to doing the necessary yet they blame the devil for their failure in a particular conquest.

Stop making the devil take responsible and taking glory for your ignorance. Many of your challenges are traceable to your irresponsibility.

I told a colleague of recent from my experience of counselling young people, I said some folks need some rounds of slaps after counselling and before deliverance session to reset them to “default factory setting”.

They tell us they have issues with lust as youth or teenage leader in church but they spend quality time viewing pornography and BB Naija daily. I asked them; was it the devil that downloaded pornography on your phone?

They say they have issues with their prayer life when they spend all the day watching Africa Magic as they think building a fervent prayer life is also a magic, was it the devil that took the TV remote when you know you should be praying?

When you are suppose to pray, pray sir. When you are suppose to fast, fast ma. When you are suppose to study and read, please do. Swallow your pride and arrogance, do the necessary to avoid guilt and excuses. I know there are evil manipulation but the chances are slim on rare cases and could be avoided when we do what’s necessary per time.

Young minds in the ministry, don’t blame the devil for your slackness, slumber or for being lukewarm. You are just coming up oo, it’s too early. Hope you know that many of you is yet to really get his attention, the devil is yet to know your name if they ask him.

Young men like, Revivalist Iyke Oriaku, Minstrel Lawrence Oyor, Apostle Awe Ayodele, Apostle Tosin Adegoke, Pastor Daniel Olawande, Pastor Richards Osanaiye, Bishop David Oghenerobor, Apostle Caleb Agyhor, Evangelist Tosin Ayodele, Evang. Olorunsola Samuel, Apostle Komolafe Emmanuel and so on are on holy rampage brutalizing the devil in territories yet they aren’t complaining. Me, I’m connecting to them so that I can also learn and if the devil comes to disturb me I would be able to tell him, I’m not the only one, he should go and meet my brothers that are doing more of the havoc first.


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