I was privileged today to visit the Lagos State House Of Assembly as my beloved brother, Bar. Tosin Akande hosted me with my intention to consult him on personal issues and politics.

I remember years ago as an undergraduate when I met him for the first time as he graced an event back then as the guest speaker. He asked about my aspirations for the next five years of my life and I told him about my love for the media and shared the vision of “Masterpiece Publishing House”. He told me he would follow me up to see how serious I would take actions on what I shared with him.

Ever since then he has indeed followed me up, though I see him more on the media (T.V and newspaper) as he speaks on social transformation and the fate of the Nigeria Politics. I haven’t achieved all that I desired and shared with him but all glory to God, many of the goals have been achieved and I’m working tirelessly to see the rest fulfilled.

As I appeared close to the Lagos State House Of Assembly, every moment seem to appeal to me and got me thinking. I sighted from afar two giant five storey buildings side by side and I imagined that the decision for the centre of excellence is made in this buildings by the men who are privileged to be there.

Like Abraham Lincoln said to his wife after his first visit to the White House, he told her this would not be their last visit to the White House and they won’t visit any longer as a stranger but as a foreman of recognition. I also told myself, “this won’t be my last time here and I won’t come as a stranger again”.

As I got to the security post, the drama started. It was Act 1, Scene 1 at the security post. Prior to getting to the security post, Bar. already told me to tell the security personnel where and who I was intending to see and ask them to direct me but one of them said to me, “where are you from?”. Hmmm, I was dazed by that question and tried to put myself together before responding. I responded by also asking, “where are we? and what does where I’m from have to do with the person I desired to see or will it change how to get to him?”.

To avoid unnecessary drama, I called Bar. to speak to our friends and I got over the drama. Seriously, the good reports of Bar. started from the security post as other security personnel told me if they were aware earlier that it was Bar. Tosin Akande I desired to see they would have directed me straightway and won’t have attended to me in such manner. I told them I could relate to that but very soon I won’t be experiencing such drama anywhere I go and we all smiled.

I found my way to see him though I still had to meet different personnel to get through to him. It was a wonderful time. I told myself; “a day is coming where God’s grace and impact in our lives we put personalities on ovation when we visit places like this, such day won’t tarry”.

These are what I concluded for young folks who are intentional in making positive progress and transform their generation;

One day, your critics would soon be your fans. Very soon, those who wrote you off would read in volumes what others would write about you. Ask Christiano Ronaldo how he did it that the home fans of Juventus football club gave him an ovation after spearheading the lost of their team to the advantage of his side. Very soon, those who wrote you off would read in volumes what others would write about you.

The foreign universities you applied but failed to grant you admission due to one thing or the other would call your attention to honour you with honorary doctoral degree if you are remain enthusiastic about your dreams.

The T.V station that turned you down when you desired to get an airtime to show the world your concern for humanity through your expertise will one day pay you to broadcast your impacts even when you won’t even have the time to view it yourself.

The newspaper dailies you desired to publish your thoughts and nuggets but despised you will soon make your exploits their headlines day after day but you won’t have the time to read it yourself because you would be busy with doing more than what they published having the understanding that you haven’t gotten to the peak of it all yet.

A time is coming where you will visit the embassy where they once asked you tens of questions and yet they denied you visa. At that time you will get there, they will ask; “how may we help you?”, you will respond by saying; “I must help your country because your government requested for my attention as an answer to your economic issues”. They would no longer ask you questions because you would have metamorphosized to being an answer to the needs of the nations.

Be patient folks and be discerning. This is not time to be discouraged or to give up. Only time would tell. There is something about you that our generation is yet to see.


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