The Punishment- Looking Good, The Bail Out.

Route- Ondo City To Ore, Ore to Okitipupa, Okitipupa back to Ore, then, Ore to Lagos in one day. All glory to God for all around journey mercy and safety.

Arriving at midnight, mum said; “you made me stay awake and worried but happy to see you looking good on the outfit anyways”. Lol, you know that kind of smile that you wear when you hear such compliment.

I thought I was going to “stood down” as a punishment till day break but she had something else on mind. She requested that I must take pain killer pills due to the stress.

I pleaded but she insisted. Trust me, she ensured that she watched me closely until the pills went through my oesophagus as she remembered when I was a growing up lad, I often act the drama of throwing pills away even in her presence by pretending to swallow it.

My Explanation For Activating “Flight Mode” On Transit.

Mum didn’t ask for an explanation for boarding night transit. She only recommended that I should trust God to enlarge my coast so I can avoid public mass transit and also avoid land transit.

The only explanation she demanded was why she couldn’t get through to me after the call telling her the time I would be arriving when I was on my way home.

I told her what I always do on transit. After the driver takes off, I always switch my phone to “flight mode” as I imagine myself on air and to avoid in my mind some effects of gallops due to portholes on the road.

It was a wonderful moment gisting with her through the night after my arrival. Love her like “kilode”.

The Surprise I Gave My Bae (My Coldstone Babe)

Little sister was also dear as usual to welcome me, she was able to later get through to me on call while on transit.

She said I shouldn’t forget that which she always demand from me whenever I’m coming home.

Guess what it is? “Plantain Chips”. It was quite unfortunate due to my late arrival, that I didn’t even see anyone selling “Plantain” not to talk of “chips”.

When it’s Bae’s matter on my mind, I always plan for alternative, “Plan B” which is always a surprise to her and she always value it more.

Don’t ask me what the plan B was.

The Lesson.

Ensure you value your family as you have pledged allegiance to your ministry, business and career. Without their supports in one way or the other may be you won’t have gone thus far.

Value, cherish and maximize every moment you share with your family members. Make it memorable and always create time to see them again as you plan your personal schedules.


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