Sometimes ago, I was ministering at a program, I was under the influence of the anointing such that provoked great manifestations of revelational gifts of the spirit. I was able to call people’s cases and sicknesses, some with their names and all of that but something caught my attention that I would love to get a bearing from for this caption.

After diverse manifestations, I was led to tell the congregation that there are seven (7) people that the hand of the Lord will come upon for a particular issue which I mentioned. In few seconds about twelve (12) youths were on the floor and slained under the anointing.

Some of the folks in the meeting were dazed as they wondered and needed an explanation for twelve people instead of seven responding to the word that came forth.

Thoughts like; “does the Holy Spirit not understand simple arithmetic that twelve is more than seven?” “Is it the minister that couldn’t hear or did he reduce the number that was communicated to him?” filled their hearts.

I realized that some men could connect to prophetic words even when it’s not initially addressed to them. The other five people partook of the blessing by the reason of their desperation to see such prophecy come to past in their own lives too, they took advantage of it and the Holy Spirit couldn’t pass them by.

1 Timothy 1:18 – “This charge I commit unto thee, son Timothy, according to the prophecies which went before on thee, that thou by them mightest war a good warfare;”

One of my beloved friends in the faith shared an experience with me that changed my mentality about prophecy forever. He said he went to pray with his colleague somewhere. A minister set his colleague apart and told him he saw him travelling out of the country soon for post graduate studies, the colleague who was been ministered to claimed it.

He who had no one to proclaim a prophecy to got to his secret place and prayed through showing his desperation on the need of going out of the country on a Scholarship for his PhD. God hearkened to his heart cry and in few months, he got a Scholarship for his PhD outside the country where he his now while the colleague who claimed the prophecy of having the same witness is yet to see the reality.

Friends, we don’t claim prophecy, we take advantage of it until we see the reality. We don’t just receive it, we retreat with it until it becomes evidential in our lives. We are to war with prophecies not to make it a recitation or memory verse if we desire it fulfilled.

I was at the Redemption camp years ago and the General oversea, Pastor E.A Adeboye was ministering as usual with diverse revelational gifts such that he was saying what God is set to do in specific individuals during the meeting.

As different prophecies and words of Wisdoms were been spoken, the Holy Spirit ministered to me that many of the people that the utterances are specifically for won’t get it due to their slackness in responding to the words while some people would take advantage of it in faith and get the results.

Please, stop making those men of God look like false prophets, go and do your assignment. They have given you the questions and a clue to the answer. There are many prophecies still hanging on your head, what have you done with them since you received them?

Jesus also took advantage of the prophecies that validated His call on earth (Luke 4:17-21). He walked into the temple and read that part of the scriptures that many of the people in the temple have read before. From the original context of that scripture (Isaiah 61:1-4), emphasis on verse 4 says “and THEY shall build..”, meaning the whole prophecies are for any man called of God not specifically for Jesus alone._

I have realized that sometimes in a prophetic meeting, the people that are less blessed are the people whose cases and names are mentioned for divine instructions. Many of them are always carried away by the excitement of the supernatural insights and they get home with no response to the instructions.

This is not a call to despise or forbid prophecies, it is a call to know how to engage its dynamism and understand the need for being responsible to prophetic instruction.

Also to those despising prophetic graces, stop giving glory to darkness. If a witch doctor who has not met you before can know your name, what has happened to you and what is ahead of you, how much more the Holy Spirit at work in a believer.

By His grace under the influence of the anointing, we have called people we haven’t met before by their names, tell them their date of birth, some of their other personal information and what God would have us tell them but what we really desire is their responsibility to the words and the fulfilment of the words in their lives.

Even if we fail in our own areas of life, we desire that God’s Word continue to prosper in our mouths. I have seen some young folks with dangerous prophetic graces and we are yet to come to the fullness no matter what we see now.

My beloved brother, Prophet Jide Adesanya, after calling people by name, would call 10 digits of 11 digits of their phone numbers accurately and tell them he is saving the last number for security reasons.

Proving to people that we are anointed is not our focus, our gaze in continually on Jesus and the results will speak in volumes in due season if we remain aligned.



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