Sometime ago, Martin Luther King Jr. called Billy Graham on phone to join the CIVIL RIGHT MOVEMENT.

Billy responded “Keep your lane, My lane is souls”.

Lesson- don’t be distracted by where others are going, maintain your lane.

Remember, you can succeed on the wrong course, get an applaud and ovation from people for doing something contrary to God’s will for your life.

My generation leaves me in awe when I see some young folks join some forum, movement or ministry, follow some personalities out of excitement without direction and they end up wasting their lives yet where and who they connect themselves to can’t discern that they are in the wrong place or with the wrong person.

This our spiritual father and son, mentor and mentee relationship has made many to lead some folks out of God’s plan for their lives. Everyone is now trying to say they have someone who desires to be like them as an achievement.

Please sir, if you have the plan to train someone to be like you, you are successful leading someone out of God’s will. Lead them to get God’s plan for their lives and let them follow thus. If I may ask you, who did you follow that you have now become?

If Billy Graham didn’t understand this fact, may be Martin Luther Jr. would have been his mentor or he would have been known as a human right activist instead of an evangelist. Imagine the havoc we would have celebrated to his account for being an activist and what would have happened to the souls attached to his live.

A young folk met me after a meeting sometimes ago and said he desired to be like me, I responded by saying, “that is your first step to failure and missing it in destiny”. I can only guide him and counsel him to be who God has made him and be all that God had proposed for him.

Hear me, if the people that surrounds you are becoming exactly like you, I’m glad to let you know that you have become a cloning machine and your products “clones” are about to miss out of God’s plan.

Young man, I know you love to follow some men to get a bearing for your life, I also follow some men for direction but I had to get the coordinates for my life first before I desire they lead me to get a bearing for my life.

Before you desire you meet a man to mentor you, first meet yourself and know yourself. When Elisha made his request known to Elijah, he didn’t say “that I may be like you my father”. Beyond the carrying of the bag, Elisha desired to carry double portion of the anointing for his own assignment.

Why did he request for double portion? He knew his assignment was different, I could have requested for same portion if he wanted to be like Elijah and when God instructed Elijah to anoint Elisha and Jehu, God didn’t say he should anoint them to be like him (Elijah), God spoke about their respective assignment. Please, where did we get the idea of anointing people to be like us in ministry?

My covenant brother, Awe Ayodele would say, “I’m not a prototype of any man, I’m Awe Ayo, we follow men to be who God has called us to be”.

This generation of young folks that wants to be all ministers of God at the same time. Lol, “Weldone sir, weldone ma”.

This is not a call to despise the blessedness of mentorship but to strike a balance to how it should be.

Dear mentor, stop teaching your followers your performance, teach them the rehearsals of how to perform their own action and lead them to their own stage. If you feel your are not capable to handle their own kind of rehearsals please feel free to hand them over to someone else or recommend another person for them.

Let me stop here.


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