“I saw in a vision of the night about 5 years ago that the Lord of Hosts is raising up a rare breed of rugged, ruthless and absolutely fearless female KINGDOM WARRIOR GENERALS for the end-time harvest of the nations of the earth.

They are right now in the trenches of PRIVATE WARFARE as the Lord walks them through the WILDERNESS OF PROCESS and OBSCURITY.

Consumed with the consciousness of their IDENTITY IN CHRIST, they have stripped themselves of the limiting chains of the RELIGIOUS SPIRIT that has tried to keep them bound in the PRISON OF UNBELIEF.

Having received grace to become the Master’s LAID-DOWN LOVERS, they are being taught by the Spirit of glory to walk in the old paths of APOSTOLIC and PROPHETIC CONSECRATION and PURITY.

Their heart’s deepest desire is to be swallowed up in the bottomless depths of the river of the Lord’s TANGIBLE PRESENCE…cultivating increasingly higher levels of INTIMACY with Jesus, the LOVER OF THEIR SOULS.

They are being made ready to bear double portion measures of the MANTLES of Deborah and Esther. The ceiling of the likes of Kathryn Kuhlman shall be their floors. They shall walk in a fearsome dimension of the SPIRIT AND POWER OF ELIJAH the likes of which no woman of all previous generations ever walked in.

Their very bodies and clothing shall be DIPPED IN BLOOD…the vanquished blood of the enemy. Their stronghold shall be the BLOOD OF THE LAMB. Their whole beings shall be saturated with the FIRE OF GOD. Their mere shadows shall HEAL THE SICK, CAST OUT DEVILS and RAISE THE DEAD.

I saw as demonic principalities and unclean spirits BOWED BEFORE THEM and literally BEGGED FOR MERCY.

I saw as multiplied thousands of men, women and children filled their meetings.

I stood amazed as i saw thousands rushing to the altars to be saved without altar calls needing to be made.Get ready saints.”

(Elisha Gaiya)



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