“Usually, when a pregnant woman craves a particular food, it is because her body knows exactly what she needs at that moment for the development of the child. Most doctors tell women not to dismiss their cravings.

Spiritually, our cravings symbolize a necessary component to development of what God has placed on the inside of us. In other words, your hunger is an indication of what you are impregnated with.

If you are feeling a pull by the Holy spirit to study the word more, feed the craving. If you are desiring to spend more time in prayer, feed the craving.

The more you feed your spiritual cravings, the stronger they will become and the more you will see spiritual growth and manifestation in your life” – Kynan Bridge

Sometimes, we get surprised at the reactions of pregnant women to situations and circumstances. Many of their husbands get tired of their demands but they have no change of how they are in view no matter the recommendations of the people around them and they are not apogetic about it.

For example, in a cold weather environmental condition, they would request for blanket as they acclaim that they are feeling hot. They stay awake all night and sleep during the day. Their food combinations looks strange and lots more.

It is not a matter of their personality but they react to the demands of what they are carrying. If they birth and release what they carry they become normal until they become pregnant again.

Folks, if truly you are pregnant with virtues and values, you can’t be normal. If truly something is kicking within you, your actions will be so strange to mediocres and those that are irresponsible to their spiritual growth.

Have you forgotten, “out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water”. You gat some divine resources shut up inside of you that have to take over your actions. Some of this actions would look stupid to a mere man. Things that bothers majority would be of less concern to you and something strange would continually drive you.

To some, the kickings and cravings comes with actions of studying voraciously, praying every time and everywhere they find themselves, evangelizing in areas where many considered as not necessary.

Please, don’t abort the resources within you, don’t terminate these kickings and cravings. Let it find more expressions. Some have aborted and terminated these cravings by the influence and criticism of others. Remember, a pregnant woman is never apologetic about how she acts wherever she finds herself.

Give attention to this gestation period, what you have conceived needs more attention. Go for pre-natal, ante- natal and post natal care in God’s presence. If you have seen the reality of birthing and releasing some of these resources shut up inside of you with evident manifestations, conceive another one.

Don’t be tired of conceiving another, take in as many times as you can. Don’t consider the option of “family planning” in conceiving more divine resources like many folks do. Continue to have daily intercourse in intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

If you are not pregnant or heavy yet, receive grace to conceive. You shall not be barren, you will be fruitful and multiply.

Excerpt from Book 6 of 1,000 coming soon, “ENGAGING THE NEXT LEVEL MENTALITY”


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