YOU ARE A STEP CLOSER By Olumide Akodu Tosin

I can’t believe that my beloved brother after recently spending some days with me is now writing depths that I’m also getting blessed from. I observed his countenance when he sees me and encourages me those midnights when I’m on the table, reading, writing and typing on the tablet.”

He asked me one day, after getting home late after a very hectic day to resume to the table till late in the midnight, “Man of God is this how you engage yourself to write those articles after busy schedules?”.

He is the second colleague that has been privileged to spend some days with me and returned to his abode to start writing transforming write ups. Though they call it impartation but I call it a stirring of what has been dormant but is in the inside over time.

Read the article “YOU ARE A STEP CLOSER” By Olumide Akodu and get a mind shift for the moment.

YOU ARE A STEP CLOSER By Olumide Akodu Tosin

It has been said that the Slow movement of a Tiger is not cowardice but action in calculation and focus.

You see, I know you’ve got visions and goals, you may not have gotten there yet, but so far you’re moving, you’ll surely get there.

The different between Here and There is the’ T’ which signifies Time. The scriptures will always use the Phrase “In the process of time” and “When the time has fully come”, That is to tell you that, the manifestations of individuals in the journey of life is based on his consistency and Timing.

Never make use of another man’s clock to walk or work. Your time is different from theirs. You may even go to the same school, graduated the same time, attended the same trainings but your hour of showing forth is different from theirs (Luke 1:80).

Employ doggedness and consistency on that which you are doing without giving up, you are only a step closer to your manifestation (You don’t need to bother yourself to know the time that the Lord has put in His own power to act, Acts 1:8). Just keep moving because your next step could be the last stroke that will break the camel’s back.

When next your mockers or the enemy laughs at you or mocks you, never give them attention because if you give them attention, they’ll give you direction.

Tell your self “I AM A STEP CLOSER”. Its in your heart, it will surely get to your hands, for as he thinketh in his heart so he is.

Very soon, your mockers will be your fans. Don’t stop, No waiting, No loitering, Keep moving.

Yours Flamotherapist,



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