I don’t need to ask a man how serious he is about his purpose; I only need to observe closely what gets more of his time daily.

A man can only have a fulfilled day when he spends quality of the time of the day in doing things that brings him closer to the reality of his dreams.

Spend more of your time on and do more of the things that brings you closer to the reality of your plans, purpose and pursuits.

The greatest demon fighting a man in fulfilling his dreams is not that of his or her father’s house, it is the demon of wasted time and years. These demons thrive in ignorance and guess walk but can be overcome by understanding the brevity of time and being sensitive to divine signals per time.

Say no to procrastination. Take that step today, re-strategize, add to your expertise, get counsels and evaluate your progress thus far today. Remember those areas of your life that you have made up your mind not to settle for less and have a deep thought about things you promised yourself to do this year.

Leverage on the supernatural, you can be more consistent this year. Spend time in His presence today, pray more and study the scriptures with a receptive heart. There is a limit to what that your 10 minutes daily devotional can do, you have to upgrade. Start up your day by spending quality time in your secret place and engage your quiet time more.

This will also help you, make up your mind daily to always speak to God and hear God first before speaking or listening to any mortal man. This will really help you to be more productive and in making decisions in time of need.

As you plan daily to nourish and take care of your body, engage your soul with productive positive imaginations and thoughts, focus more on your spirit. Build up your faith and stir up the gift of God in you by praying intensely in the spirit.

I tell you fam, everyday is a plus. There is no better time than the time you have now. To all reading this, promise me you will do beyond the usual today and give attention to some of the areas you think you need to improve and upgrade.

I pray for those who are sick, depressed and tired, healing virtues of Jesus and strength is made available for you. To those who are frustrated again this morning due to lack of fulfilment in doing the job they do, in due time, the Lord will prepare something better for you. May the Lord breath on your finances, businesses and academic.

I believe in your future and in the reality of your future. Together, we will be all that God has made us. I’m concerned about everything that concerns you.

Masterpiece cares. Good morning fam.


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