“The world is full of so-called prayer warriors who are prayer-ignorant. They’re full of formulas and programs and advice, peddling techniques for getting what you want from God. Don’t fall for that nonsense”- Matt 6:7 (MSG)

In a generation where people pay less attention about the pains and tears of others. In my country where we pray for unity but never take action and responsibility for transformation. We pray, fold our hand and watch people die due to our inadequacies and irresponsibility of citizens.

We say we love ourselves but when we hear of killings and attacks on our fellow citizens, we say we would pray for them but our heart whispers to us “thank God they are not my family members and it’s not happening in my state”.

The question is, if we hear that our houses and some members of our families are set ablaze, will we continue on our kneels without taking a step?

If we hear that our brothers and sisters are kidnapped, will we go online to say those that are reacting against kidnapping are over exerting their pains?

If we hear that our parents are slaughtered by same set of people that have been killing other families, will you say those that are protesting are not spiritual and born again?

I know if Elijah was in our generation, we would have sent him out of the church and told him he is not a christian for not joining the other prophets in the cave eating bread while they claimed they were praying to God to touch the heart of Ahab and stop the atrocities of Jezebel.

We would have denied Moses of being part of us for going straight away to Pharaoh for the freedom of the people. We would have told him, we would continue to be at the mercy of the taskmaster and continue to pray that one day God will deliver us from the Egyptians.

We would have said Jael and Deborah do not understand the bible for rising up against the rulers of the nations. We would have called them enemies of peace, unity and progress.

Continue clapping hands when men are preparing to be corking guns against the church. Continue to pray when people around you are already making believers preys due to negligence and complacence when they are suppose to take steps to back up the victories from our prayer chambers.


Where are men like Martin Luther King (Jr.)? Who was a voice on social rebirth and against impunity. A man who does not desire to live long but to initiate a legacy that would speak till eternity.

Where are men like John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln who died for a course against immoralities and decadence. Men that are unbendable to false compliance.

Believe me friends, these men also prayed too but their kneels never made them irresponsible to get to their feet and take actions.

So painful that we can quote these men, read their books and called them our role models but never make attempts to do what they did.

I apologize to that 8 months old champ in the womb who rejoiced at the cutting of the abdomen of his mother thinking it was a caeserian session for him to live the anticipated life out of the womb but later realized that the Fulani herd men was the doctor using the cutlass for a brutal operation that took his life and that of his mother.

I apologize to that family who finished eating together that night, said good night to one another and had thoughts of seeing again the next day but they saw themselves suddenly that same night in pool of blood.

I apologize to that farmer who has labored so hard on his farm land and expecting his yield in due time but ended up a cadaver and cattles took over his inheritance.



For the love of Revival, Spiritual Reawakening and Global Revolution


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