Having been privileged to be a mentor to Femi Falade, one of the most passionate young writers I have ever met, he has dazed me again with this piece that struck an unusual cord deep within my heart.

I have wrote the foreword of one of his book, endorsed others and been following his articles closely. I have told him times without number that he shouldn’t say I once trained him in writing because I have been learning quite a number of things from him.

I’m not surprised that he is close to publishing his 200th article, touching lives in over 11 countries in less than two years, has published 3 mind transforming books and been consistent on his online platforms. He has been the brain behind the interior design of my books and I will remain proud of him till eternity.

His article below blew my mind tonight, I desire all and sundry to read it, lines upon lines. It’s worth reading over and over again. Stay blessed.


Read from-

PLEASE, please and please encourage young writers oh ye readers. Many writers who would have been meeting the needs of the people they are sent to are killed by our castigations and neglects. We are familiar with “popular authors” and underrated the letters of young writers claiming that “what did they know!”

Many people who have words for their generation are discouraged by the poor responses and unwillingness of readers and other writers in the process of growing their visions. When we get to bookshops, we ask for popular authors’ names and not necessarily check the value of their books.

When we see the titles that answers the cry of our hearts, we look unwilling when we check the names of the unpopular authors that wrote the book. These books tarry in the bookshops not because they have no value but because the author has “no name”. How long shall we continue to add salt to the injuries of these young writers?

By God’s grace, we have proofs to say that we have young writers with strong letters. Personally, I have recorded outstanding testimonies from close to 200 articles and 3 books I have been privileged to publish so far and words of recommendation from the ones coming especially “DON’T DIE POOR: A CLARION CALL INTO FINANCIAL PROSPERITY FOR ALL CHRISTIANS” and “OPERATING HEAVENATIONAL SYSTEM ON EARTH” and others.

I kept saying “amen” with the joy of the Holy Spirit to all the prayers I have been receiving and those who blessed and are still blessing us in all wise. I must say that we appreciate God in your lives all who according to a reader “are addicted followers of our articles”. Thank God we do not die with this vision and burdens to reach our generation via the world of pen.

As if people never read or hear this kinds of spiritual articulations before, we have been encouraged by the volumes of commendations and recommendations we receive per time. God indeed proved that he has sent us and we did not send ourselves. We thank God.

Reaching about 11 countries with God’s word in less than 2 years without leaving the borders of Nigeria (the country of the author of this piece) but via the internet, blogs and broadcasts and published E-books God has indeed fuelled the days of our little beginnings.

Sarcastically, at the very beginning, we received many condemnations and discouraging words that tend to describe us as “young writer with poor letters”, we are soon surprised when God proves the devil and his entourages that, we are youth, yet He has put HIS word in our mouths, (Jer. 1:7) and that we should speak to the people via the fingers of God.

At this time we felt like giving up on this vision, God indeed stood by us to enable us birth the vision in us. This same God is able to help you if you will embrace Him, oh young writer.

By His grace we have continued to receive testimonies from our audience and many people have met with Jesus, delivered, healed, rekindled and transformed for Christ. If God have decided to reach these people not with the books and articles of “great writers” or what we call “renowned authors” but via young writers, shouldn’t we understand that, there is no partiality with God and that God has reserved everyone’s word with different authors.

Young writers who will not be discouraged by the poor responses they are receiving from their audience will go far in this course. Don’t be discouraged. Be encouraged. Our dream to reach the entire world with God’s word will soon be a reality if we do not lose heart!

Remain steadfast.


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