Show love to a hawker today as you step out today. I have been privileged overtime to converse with quite a number in the market places, on transits and so on. I discovered they have dreams too, they desire to be loved and desire a change of story.

Many of them eat more than they gain but they have to find a way around their survival. They are not lazy, they are diligent and committed to what circumstances has turned them to. Among them would have been great medical doctors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, barristers and so on.

Don’t distain them, don’t insult them and don’t add to their worries.

As you step out today, if you are able to reach out to any who is an orphan and desires to be educated, please do well to reach me. I have a link to a foundation that can help them. Together we could rescue a dream and save a live. It begins with us.

Read the article below of my beloved brother to spur you to the task today.


They’ve chosen to hustle, they signed a deal not to beg but to eat from their sweat.

Since they have the ability they’ve vowed not to be a liability and to steal no one’s property, they thrive amidst harassment.

You see them racing after cars, not for medals but to make ends meet. Come rain, come shine, they are always on post.

When the day is bright and even in the night they roam the road on an empty stomach, putting a mask of smile as they shove their goods at you.

They endure your scornful looks, never retaliate your insult, they always comply when they are chased away.

They’ve been tagged a nuisance though I call them hustlers. When you drive past them you may only see a bread seller without knowing he is also a breadwinner.

They’ve been labeled and treated like dirt, without hesitation you will choose your pet over them. Even oshomole told them to go and die.

They put their lives at risk, they never say never. They have big dreams, instead of sleeping they are awake chasing those dreams. Think big, start small is their logo.

I know you always see them on Highways, I need no soothsayer to know you’ve never said Hi. You wouldn’t do it even if you were high.

After reading this I hope you give it a try, try to say hi and make them smile. You might be the only one that have greeted them for that day.


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