Tip toed I walked through compound late in the evening. I pondered within me;

“Is daddy back from work?
Is mummy back from the market?
Where could Joshua (my younger brother) told them I went to?
If I can get over this today, I wouldn’t spend my evening doing this again!”

Oh! Dad and mum are back home. Thank God for my friend down the street for helping out with water to wash my dirty legs, for the reminder of taking extra clothes along to replace the dirty clothes I used playing and for holding few note books along with me to the field.

Hmmm! I have the required evidences to appear in the court of my parents as a defendant. I had to tell them I was at a class mate’s house to get help for my mathematics assignment though I was with my Basic Science note and textbook because they might not have the luxury of time to check the note or ask my class mate later.

I got the bail again, though I said to myself; “if I overcome this, I won’t go to the field again” but deep inside of me, I feel like experiencing the moments I shared on the field on daily basis. This desire as made me a liar, turned my younger brother to a partner in crime and made me wondered why I could long to be in this mess for long.

As a growing up teenager playing football used to be my hobby. I played for my street during local competition, played for my secondary school and I loved it as a hobby. I couldn’t really see myself being a star in it, I was more concern with the pleasure of playing. If I was committed enough with good prospects, may be I would be playing for my dream club “Liverpool Football Club” by now and I would never be walking alone as the club slogan goes.

You can’t be a star by just doing what you love doing as a hobby.

I have been privilege to mentor quite a number of young folks on writing, they asked me; “why is it that we can get close to the match of your productivity?”. I have repeatedly told them, “what makes the difference is that you are writing as a hobby while I have found purpose for writing and made it my profession”.

The day I discovered my purpose for writing, I gave more attention, commitment and expertise. When you haven’t seen purpose in what you are doing or made what you are doing a profession, being lax about it can be welcomed and accommodated but when it calls for purpose, you give all even when it’s not convenient.

Add to your hobby, passion. To your passion, expertise. To your expertise, commitment. To your commitment, diligence. To your diligence, consistent. Within this cycle is the rise of a champion and a master of what you love doing.

85 percent of young people who are on a job return home depressed on daily basis, feel reluctant to go to their place of work every morning, pray for the weekend to come soon and pretend to be happy with the job they are doing.

Make your passion your purpose and profession. Identify things you can do without being paid, things you can do for hours without being stressed and things you do people praise you for but you feel you did with little efforts. Disengage from hobbies that you don’t see a future in that takes your quality time.

I say again, I believe in your future and in the reality of your dreams. I’m concerned with all that concerns you, together we can make everyday of our lives count and worth a while.

Excerpts from the book coming soon, “ENGAGING THE NEXT LEVEL MENTALITY”, anticipate.


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