“We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves”- Rom. 15:1

We would have no pleasure in the fall of our brothers and sisters, rather, we would comfort, pray with and encourage those that are falling until they are back to their feets marching into territories God has delivered to them.

If our delight is to celebrate the fall of our fellow believer then we are of all men most miserable. We would bear each others’ burdens, confess our weaknesses to one another and confide in ourselves without being ashamed.

The spiritual welfare of our brother is part of our statutory ministry and call. If my brother is down, I will stretch forth a lifting hand and carry him on my back so we can run together till he recovers strength to run alone back to his lane. 

We won’t compete, we would complement one another. None of us is trying to be the first in the ministry God has called us because we have the understanding that the least among us is enough to cause a global impact and invade any territory with the power of God.

We won’t complain about what we think our brothers are doing wrong as regards our believe, we would contend together until they are restored back to our fold.

We won’t compare the graces at work in us, we would only connect to the graces at work in each of us when we meet. This is how we won’t break our ranks, by connecting to one another in doing the kingdom business in love and unity.

Like soldiers, we would ensure that we leave no one as casualty to die in loneliness. We would pick them up and not be scared to call them one of us.

We don’t need any prophet from among us to tell us how well we are doing spiritually, we only need to consider how fellow believers around us are waxing in the spirit.

When we feel weary and tired, we would call ourselves up to discuss what we need to engage to be fervent again. We won’t hid anything from ourselves.

We won’t give ourselves to vain arguments and babblings because we understand that we know in parts and prophecy in parts.

If there is a reasons for us to disagree over a revelation or conviction, we would correct ourselves in love having the knowledge that there are thousands of things our faith have in common so one issue is not worth our separation and quarrels.

If you are born of God, you are my brother and sister. The same spiritual D.N.A runs in us. We are baptize into one spirit, same grace saved us.

I love you always, love me back. That’s how we roll!


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