“Years don’t make a shift without a mind shift”- Awe Ayodele

“For who do you know that really knows you, knows your heart? And even if they did, is there anything they would discover in you that you could take credit for? 

Isn’t everything you have and everything you are sheer gifts from God? So what’s the point of all this comparing and competing? You already have all you need. 

You already have more access to God than you can handle. Without bringing either Apollos or me into it, you’re sitting on top of the world—at least God’s world—and we’re right there, sitting alongside you!”- 1 Cor. 4:7-8

1. Don’t try to achieve anything, receive your accomplishments by faith, according to the measure of grace at work in you. Remember, “no man can receive anything except it’s given Him from above”.

2. Esteem others than yourself. You can’t learn from a man you despise or think you are better than. There are dynamics in the lives of the people around you that you can learn the rudiments.

3. Our life span can only accommodate divine plans. Be accountable for every moment. Don’t procrastinate, anytime you propose a task, you will have to do the task at a time you are supposed to be doing something else.

4. Don’t allow your leisure time be your seizure time from doing things that brings you closer to the big pictures you have conceived over time.

5. The purpose and ministry call is not a call for an event, it is a lifetime call and engagement. Give all diligence to your purpose and take heed to the ministry you have receive from the Lord.

6. Be consistent. In your consistency lies the divine acceleration you desire for that conquest. Consistency is the secret that makes great men go fast and far in what they do.

7. Don’t compare your pace to that of someone else, connect with men of like passion.

8. Don’t be satisfied with any level or dimension you attain. Being impressed with your progress momentarily will make you slack and relax. Remember, there are hundreds of folks out there that are progressing faster than you can imagine.

9. The reward of hard work is more work. The more you meet a target, the more targets to meet by demands.

10. Don’t always build your convictions on the dispostions and opinions of the people around you. There is a voice within saying; “this is the way, walk therein”

11. Don’t allow your concern about the immediate make you lose sight of the future. Things can always be better if you are enthusiastic enough.

12. Be the status quo you challenge before considering the people around you and the environment. Your goal shouldn’t be to be better than others but to be better than who you were yesterday, who you are today and to be all that God has given you capacity to be tomorrow.

13. There is no excuse for giving an excuse. Instead of imagining why you can’t, conceive in volumes reasons why you can succeed in that conquest.

14. Giving up is not an option. Remember all that you have put into that idea and desire. The reason why you think you should give up can be converted to the reason why you shouldn’t.

15. Appreciate who God has made you. Spend time with yourself, medidate, look at yourself in the mirror and don’t allow your uniqueness make you shy. Remain the wonder that God has made you.

16. Learn something new daily. Be careful with your routines and habits. Read! Read!! Read!!!

17. Don’t talk beyond what you know and document your goals. Evaluate your progress time after time and note your shortcoming momentarily.

Make sure you set at least 18 targets this year. I believe in your figure and in the reality of your dream. Minds made up, heads up high and eyes on the goals. Everyday is a plus.


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