“It is necessary to pray consistently and never quit”- Luke 18:1

Every great move of God starts with a prayer move. Every dimension of God attained in prayer can only be sustained by prayer no matter the “thus saith the Lord” upon it.

The dimensions of God we seem to experience the reality over night started with an overtime pressing in His presence.

If you are weary, don’t feel sorry, you only need to tarry to carry the substance that would change your story.

Enough of giving excuse for withdrawing from your secret place. Take a prayer posture where ever you are, don’t wait for a feeling or sensation because they would not always come.

I cry O Lord for 1,000 souls that would give the tithe of the day which is 2 hours, 40 minutes in prayers daily all through 2018.

The prayer life of a man is measured in “consistency” not in the hours he prays momentarily. The prayer life of a congregation is measured by the individual consistency of her members in prayers not by the prayer sessions organized momentarily.

Yes! You can pray for 3 hours in tongues at a stretch but the question is “how often do you engage it”. A man who prays one hour consistently daily is better than a man who prays 10 hours at stretch once in a month.

Enough of this emergency days of fasting and prayers after we discovered we have been distracted for long and far from our secret place.

Enough of attending programs, jumping from city to city to be under ministrations as a cover up for lack of fervent prayer life. It won’t work like that! Your secret place is calling you today.


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