Days when our close relatives aren’t saved yet we go out there, ministered to multitudes and they encountered the salvation power of God.

Days when we joined our faith with others for financial break through and wealth follows them like a shadow that won’t leave them while we live sometimes by faith for daily survival.

Days when we encouraged others on issues that are of less meaning to us and they got back to their feets while we see many things around us to be discouraged about with no one to really cheer us up as they believe we are fine and will be fine.

Days when we were privileged to minister to men of like passion, they caught the fire and we told them about the potency of fasting and prayer but we didn’t tell them that some of the days of our fasting are born out of our inability to get something to eat yet His glory comes in our secret place.

Days when we package around with empty pockets and people around us tell us they want to be like us but we couldn’t tell them about the part of us that we are tired of experiencing.

Days when we tarried long in his presence and we feel as if nothing happened to us yet we keep pressing in His presence with conquests in view.

Days when we desired to wish some challenges away but when we inquire about them in our secret place, what we heard Him say to us is; “My grace is sufficient for you and my strength is perfect in your weaknesses”.

Instead of praying to God to take away these days from our life journeys, we made the request for Him to stay with us through because we have the consciousness that there are lessons to learn from these experiences.

Folks, there is actually nothing you are going through that you can’t go through. Instead of always publicizing your challenges with others to gain a sense of sympathy why not also consider the lessons you can learn from them having the understanding that it’s not more than what you can bear and it’s only for a while.


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