There are dimensions of God we are yet to experience. The challenge over time has been that we are quickly too satisfied with a level and we remain there for long.

There are more encounters waiting for us, the Holy Spirit is calling us deeper.

A broken heart and a contrite spirit the Lord would not despise.

My heart is quaking right now, the distractions of my generation is bulky but there is a way out. In a time like this when information and revelations are increasing while adherences and performances are declining.

A new dawn and a new order. Men on retreat, take a position and posture in the spirit, incline your ears to the signals, stand on your watch tower and discern the season.

We can’t continue to be visitors in our secret place, we are to be dwellers. We won’t only desire His presence, we would seek tireless after it until the full expression is done on us.

Oh my comrades, do the needful for the seasons while these portals are opened. Let ascend and descend, caught in the third heaven to bring down God’s counsel for the now.

Where are the interpreters, watchmen, intercessors and nobles? I call you forth. It time for a personal solemn assembly and a corporate feast of incense. Let us walk in the reality of ancient wisdoms in the crucible of the mysteries of the ages.

Can you hear that sound in the spirit? Can you see those pictures, structures and patterns? Let’s take a new journey in the spirit, relinquishing every limitations of the flesh.


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