Though today is not your birthday but I’m more concerned with the understanding that everyday is the Lord’s day and celebrating a man of like passion is the least I could do in acknowledging how you have been a blessing to me.

We are not born by same biological parents but we are sure that we are born of God and we have overcame the world and it lusts thereof. We have told ourselves repeatedly “your parents (biological) are my parents” even as we affirmed generally with other men of like passion “parent of one of us is the parent of all of us”.

We are not born on the same day but we are born to same generation. The days when the love of many for God is waxing cold, the days of the end time move and latter rain, the days when men embrace godliness but denies the power thereof, with much harvest but few laborers, and on and on. 

After our knowledge of the time we came, this was what we have to say; “tell our generation, we are here and for these reasons were we born”.

We may not look exactly alike but we look like Christ, we are made in His image and we have an assurance that when we appear, we would look like Him because we would have grown up into Him in all things.

We may not have the same temperament but the ultimate we know is that, it is the same spirit at work in us and He is producing the same fruit in us. It is called “the fruit of the spirit”.

We may not have the same call but we share the same ultimate call; to bring people to a new life in Christ, to increase the knowledge of the glory of God on earth, advance God’s kingdom, set men ablaze for glory use and give our lives totally as templates for the supernatural.

We may not be going or seen in the same destination always but we have an ultimate destination on mind and we are doing all that we can to bring as many as possible with us even as we are laying hold on its realities anywhere we find ourselves. Heaven is our ultimate destination, that’s where we are from.

We are not from the same hometown but we are all citizens of heaven and legislators of one government, we bring every systems, patterns, schemes, doctrines, events and territories to the obedience of Christ.

Men on holy rampages. There are more territories waiting for us, everyone around us is a target to be set ablaze and sentenced to the glory realm. Join this chariot, we are progressing daily.

I celebrate all apostles of fire and emerging apostles that were part of the just concluded Face to Face, much love. We are connected for life.


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