Burning Bushes BY WARI EKI

Burning Bushes BY WARI EKI

(Exodus 3:1-6)

Moses was busy attending to the flock of his father in law when he noticed a burning bush. This seemingly simple observation at that point was the key to the liberation of a nation. 

Burning bushes in themselves weren’t uncommon in the desert, there was a logical explanation for their occurrence. However, Moses was observant enough to notice that it wasn’t being consumed, and so he went to take a closer look (v3). 

Now take a look at v4, “When the Lord saw that He had caught Moses’ attention, God called to him from the middle of the bush, “Moses! Moses!” “Here I am!” Moses replied.” (NLT, emphasis mine).

God then went on to introduce Himself and set into motion plans for the deliverance of His people. 

Often times God shows us signs to catch our attention so that His wonders can follow, but we’re too busy to notice. 

Now Moses was tending his sheep. He had a valid reason to just turn away and say “I don’t have time for this” but he went to take a closer look. 

Sometimes the only thing standing in the way of us getting a solution or an answer or an instruction from God is that we have not yet stopped to take a closer look at the burning bush. 

We have to stay alert to seek Gods working. God isn’t “pushy”.  Benny Hinn says “the Holy Spirit is a gentleman”.  He’ll give a sign then wait for us to notice and come to Him. He won’t force Himself on us.  If we don’t notice the signs He keeps giving, He eventually goes quiet. 

Are you too preoccupied with your own self to take note of the ways God is trying to catch your attention? Take a step back and look around you. Look for the burning bush.


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