So many people have gone to an extent where it seems they are at their best. If you are in this category, I am afraid you may not count when it matters most.

I remember a young man who was the best among his equals in one acclaimed best secondary school in his local community. This guy then was celebrated as being intelligent and for years that record was intact.

Among the rural dwellers, individuals like that young man are always very popular.

But the popularity drew another very intelligent boy from same community but schooling in a big School in the city closer to him.

When they both solved some questions together in preparation for jamb, he (the home based) felt too bad with himself as his performance was less than average.

That momentary ill feeling changed his life forever.

If you have not attempted anything recently that birthed a feeling that you have a long way to go,  you are not likely to be greater than you are now.

Therefore, count it all joy this day when you come by anything that rob you of complacency. 

Be glad when you encounter people doing better than you in that your field, for if you are wise, it shall turn to you for a testimony.

I see you as a very unlucky man sir, if you have been the man of all time in that your territory and in your closet you don’t have the records of those who have blazed trails and gone exceedingly farther than where you are now.

If we can’t buy books to read about history makers, we can use our data to search google rather than catching fun always.  

Some  have been catching fun enough, that their destinies have become funny. 

Funny in the sense that those lives have lost meaning and essence. 

Say to yourself, I will not be deceived by my local championship title.

I refuse to be beclouded by my little success. 

This local championship title maybe that award plaque in your room or office that has been making you to feel important.

Yours maybe your distinction result, first class degree or second class upper.

Yours maybe the appraisals of followers online and on land. 

I don’t know the reward that anyone has offered you for the little you have done, glory to God. But lemme ask you, is that all?

This is a week to pack off the ashes and add more wood for the fire to be kept burning.

From a corner in middle belt, I wish you well this week and beyond.

Ajisafe Olawale M.


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