“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be”- Karen Ravn.

An experiment was conducted to determine how the thoughts of an insect could affect the flight of an insect. A veil was used to restrict the altitude the insect could attain. The insect tried to fly higher but was continuously restricted by the veil and it returned back to the ground (base).

After sometime, the researcher removed the veil and observed that the insect attained same altitude and returned back to the base repeatedly as it assumed the veil would still be there to restrict it from going higher.

Oftentimes, we have refused to take steps towards fulfilling our dreams, never engaged actions that would enhance our spiritual growth, fail to make decisions that could transform us from being a mediocre to a trailblazer because we have thoughts of limitations cumbered in our hearts.

Like the insect, those veils of past discouragements, failures, limitations and inadequacies have been taken away from you, you only made them remain in your mind. Be conscious of the fact that limitations have only one permanent address which is the mind. You have entertained limitations so long as I guest in your mind, send it packing today and take those long awaited steps you have planned for your life.

“Every new day with God brings the dawn of new possibilities. Today could turn out to be the best day of your life but how it ends largely depends on how you begin it”- Cindy Trimm

Everyday is a plus for you. A moment of deep meditation, strategizing and revisit of your long time plans would do today.

Add to your thoughts action, to your action, add passion, to your passion, add enthusiasm, to your enthusiasm, add faith, to your faith, add patience, to your patience, add endurance, to your endurance, add tenacity. Within this cycle lies the fulfillment of all your desires.

That mindset you have would be a reality soon, that marriage can work, you are getting your dream job soon, you are touching those dimensions of God that look seemingly impossible, that spiritual metamorphosis is becoming a reality.

I tell you, I believe in your future and the fulfilment of your dreams. With love, I write you this morning fam. I’m here waiting in patience to here of your milestone and read about your impacts on the dailies.


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