After receiving volumes of messages from different people online as they desire my stand and comments on the late happenings in the body of Christ. Some said to me, “you disturb us with daily posts but you are mute on the recent happenings”, others said I’m an hypocrite if I remain mute and they would unfriend me soon.

I’m not writing this to satisfy anyone or because of what anyone said to me, I’m only writing as a result of the promptings I have at the moment and I’m only addressing the fact that I will remain mute till necessity is placed upon me in right earnest. To those who are still going to crucify me for this, I’m all yours. I have positioned myself on the cross already, you can drive in your nails. 


1. The social media is a platform where everyone has an opinion. No wonder on our facebook status, we see this question “what’s on your mind?”. Don’t be deceived when someone criticizes your post or like your post. Your post will always attract people because the platform is now a market and people are so gullible in this age, even when someone shares lies or something sarcastic people would like it. 

That a man gets volumes of likes and comments doesn’t mean everything he does is right. Even porn sites and personalities have more followers, comments and likes than the church and her personalities from statistics.

2. I don’t have time to argue with anyone because arguments can’t save a soul neither those it really transform lives. I don’t want to add to the damages because the ones on ground is still yet to be fixed.

3. We are in a generation where everything wrong can be justified with scriptures while the rights justified with scriptures are now called heresy. It is not all ” believers” that deserves our attention if truly we desire to grow spiritual. 

I don’t have time to respond to believers who sees nothing wrong in seeing “Big Brother Naija (the modern day pornography)” but sees everything wrong in paying tithes. I remember writing an article on the reasons why believers shouldn’t get involved in the act but the responses I got was very sarcastic.

4. I can’t argue with folks who believe that there is nothing wrong with paying 1 million for table of 5 at a comedy show but pastors are wrong for selling spiritual devotionals for #1,000.

5. I can’t afford the luxury of talking to a man who thinks he is up to the task to insulting a man of God whose last born is older than him and his own salvation is traceable to the impact of the man he has been insulting. You can’t bite the finger that has once feed you and not feel the pains too.

6. I don’t have time to listen to conversations of how you think a pastor has missed it when you yourself have no place on the platform of impact, transformation and the supernatural. No man gets to the top by trying to pull others ahead of him down. 

7. I don’t want to listen to men who accuse other that are increasing in grace as being proud while they that feel they are humble, God is resisting them of spearheading a transformation. Remember, “He resists the proud and gives grace to the humble”.

To those that used to be in the world like me, you should be able to answer this, where is Kelly Handsome who tried to start his music career by insulting M.I who has a proven record he is yet to achieve? Where is Nico Gravity who thought he will emerge on the platform of greatness in music by singing about the faults of Timaya who was ahead of him?

The questions are; what has our arguments over time added to the body of Christ? How many souls has it saved? How many people has it healed? How as it caused us to love one another with the unity of the body of Christ? Has these issues caused us to pray?

If you think someone is wrong as a believer then if you know the right thing do it and let’s see the results.

My heart bleeds at this present happenings when I see men fighting themselves on these online, when we are seeking and capitalizing on the opinion of a mere unbeliever, when believers are becoming enemies of one another, when men are now leaving social media platforms because of these as they neglect their assignments online, when the space of division in the body of Christ that we are met to close is now been expanded by our shortcomings, when I have to know the basis of what someone believes about tithing, eternal security and grace before I can his or her friend in the body of Christ.

A breed is rising. Please, if you are angry with me with this piece, we can disagree in love and agree later in the future. I want you to know that I love you and the present circumstances can’t rob me of my love for you. I remain your brother in transformation.


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