There are three kinds of people living on earth today, those who waste their lives, those who spend their lives and those who invest their life.

As a growing up lad, we all had aspirations of what to become in the future. However, we will discover we are far from it at the moment. As you read this book, something is telling you, you must be a minister of the Gospel, a medical doctor, an entrepreneur, etc. 

It may look impossible but do not settle for less. Don’t want that career. Follow God’s plan for your life. 

We have put our hands into the plough, we can’t look back. We will declare the Gospel all over the nations of the earth. We will behave like it, appear like it everywhere we go and we will say it aloud. This will we do till we see Him in glory.

Will you make a decision to be all that Christ has died for you to become today?

God has given everyone an equal opportunity to have a fulfilled life, but life’s fulfilment is solely dependent on man’s obedience to God’s leadings and continuous strive for growth and development. 

The bible says in Proverbs 4: 18 – “But the path of the just is as a shining light that shineth more and more unto the perfect day”; there can never be a more upon another more if complacency is the other of the day. 

If you are contented with reading your bible for 30minutes daily, praying 10 minutes daily, having just a degree when you need to have more, having just one kiosk when you need a plot of land et cetera, the scripture is not being fulfilled. 

There should always be an improvement on the previous; that is when we can now say our lights are shining more and more. 

Everyone predestined by God has a high calling, a mission and vision to actualize, but most times this high calling is not actualized because of complacency i.e. enjoying the crib of our comfort zone even when God is calling out for more. 

Any field we find ourselves to serve, it is expected of us to move from our comfort Zone and keep blazing the trail, finding more paths and setting more paces.

Our assignment is to show the world all the qualities of God, to make people hungry to know God and want to change their life. God has put us among unbelievers to make us their deliverers.

God always raises deliverers from among his people! We all are deliverers where God has put us! Like the light of this world, we are called to bring God’s relief and comfort.

Excerpts from the book, “IMPACT DRIVEN LIFE” coming soon. Anticipate.


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