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With a heart of rejoicing after a successful outing at Ado Ekiti, I woke up as early as possible, packed my belongings with the consciousness of not leaving anything behind.

Hmmm, missing my beloved kingdom brothers, daddy and mummy in the faith over there who ministered to me both spiritual stuffs and carnal things for my stomach infrastructure can’t be denied. Their hospitality and welfarism was just on point as usual.

As early as I planned, Bro. Tunde as usual came to my rescue as he took me to the park. “Thank God I won’t stay for long” was the words that filled my heart as I discovered only few passengers were remaining for us to take off for Ibadan. 

Entering into the bus, the last memorable scene I could recall was beholding Bro. Tunde waving to me emotionally as he said “we will see in Akure soon” and the last sound I heard was the zoom of the car as he returned.

Entering into the bus I observed other passengers with different expressions and I said to myself “Different faces for different places”.

To avoid boredom as we began our journey, I brought out my earpiece, inserted and started listening to musics. Tracks varying from that of Apostle Awe Ayo, Daps, Lawrence Oyor, Frank Edwards were enough to make me enjoy every second of the journey.

After we journeyed for over an hour, we approached a town with bumps on the road and we had to slow down. Still lost in the songs as I soaked, I had a continuous knock on the glass close to the door where I sat.

I beheld a young deaf and dumb beggar knocking continuously and these thoughts filled my heart.

I imagined a man who has thousands of ideas in his mind but can’t communicate it to anyone and remain limited by his inabilities while we have millions of young men who could communicate their ideas and have heard thousands of tapes, lectures and songs yet they still don’t have a bearing for their lives.

I considered a man who is daily in pains of hunger and his greatest achievement for a day is to get something to eat for that day while we have many folks who could afford three score meal daily but are irrelevant in their generation.

I imagined a blind man who sees visions from within him of heights he could attain, where he could be and how he could be what he saw but he is physically limited by what his inadequacies have warranted him. 

I also considered folks around who could see from within and with out but yet they are irresponsible to their personal development.

I pictured those beggars on the wheel chair who desired deep down in their heart to be up and doing and have plans to visit places where their expertise could be needed but the longest distance they can ever cover is that which their weak hands can help them with as they push the wheels of their wheelchair, may be 30 meters per day.

If you have access to this article, I want you to know that you have all it takes to be who God has destined you to be irrespective of your present circumstances. 

What have you done with your life since that day you had the understanding that you are not handicapped in anyway?

It’s a moment of sober reflection.




“There are more spiritual activities taking place in that which is unknown than that which is known.

The Holy Spirit carries the atmosphere of heaven with Him whenever He moves. The kingdom of heaven that is in the spirit is made accessible by the Holy Spirit.

If we live in the spirit realm, our services will be full of supernatural manifestations”- Prophet Babs Adewunmi

We are paying the demands everyday till we can see the full evidence that our lives have become Pentecost. Such that anywhere we appear, it becomes an upper room for men to touch the reality of God’s presence.

For this reason were we born. Every territory we find ourselves is a target, everyman that encounters us should get ready for the unusual.



So many people have gone to an extent where it seems they are at their best. If you are in this category, I am afraid you may not count when it matters most.

I remember a young man who was the best among his equals in one acclaimed best secondary school in his local community. This guy then was celebrated as being intelligent and for years that record was intact.

Among the rural dwellers, individuals like that young man are always very popular.

But the popularity drew another very intelligent boy from same community but schooling in a big School in the city closer to him.

When they both solved some questions together in preparation for jamb, he (the home based) felt too bad with himself as his performance was less than average.

That momentary ill feeling changed his life forever.

If you have not attempted anything recently that birthed a feeling that you have a long way to go,  you are not likely to be greater than you are now.

Therefore, count it all joy this day when you come by anything that rob you of complacency. 

Be glad when you encounter people doing better than you in that your field, for if you are wise, it shall turn to you for a testimony.

I see you as a very unlucky man sir, if you have been the man of all time in that your territory and in your closet you don’t have the records of those who have blazed trails and gone exceedingly farther than where you are now.

If we can’t buy books to read about history makers, we can use our data to search google rather than catching fun always.  

Some  have been catching fun enough, that their destinies have become funny. 

Funny in the sense that those lives have lost meaning and essence. 

Say to yourself, I will not be deceived by my local championship title.

I refuse to be beclouded by my little success. 

This local championship title maybe that award plaque in your room or office that has been making you to feel important.

Yours maybe your distinction result, first class degree or second class upper.

Yours maybe the appraisals of followers online and on land. 

I don’t know the reward that anyone has offered you for the little you have done, glory to God. But lemme ask you, is that all?

This is a week to pack off the ashes and add more wood for the fire to be kept burning.

From a corner in middle belt, I wish you well this week and beyond.

Ajisafe Olawale M.



“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be”- Karen Ravn.

An experiment was conducted to determine how the thoughts of an insect could affect the flight of an insect. A veil was used to restrict the altitude the insect could attain. The insect tried to fly higher but was continuously restricted by the veil and it returned back to the ground (base).

After sometime, the researcher removed the veil and observed that the insect attained same altitude and returned back to the base repeatedly as it assumed the veil would still be there to restrict it from going higher.

Oftentimes, we have refused to take steps towards fulfilling our dreams, never engaged actions that would enhance our spiritual growth, fail to make decisions that could transform us from being a mediocre to a trailblazer because we have thoughts of limitations cumbered in our hearts.

Like the insect, those veils of past discouragements, failures, limitations and inadequacies have been taken away from you, you only made them remain in your mind. Be conscious of the fact that limitations have only one permanent address which is the mind. You have entertained limitations so long as I guest in your mind, send it packing today and take those long awaited steps you have planned for your life.

“Every new day with God brings the dawn of new possibilities. Today could turn out to be the best day of your life but how it ends largely depends on how you begin it”- Cindy Trimm

Everyday is a plus for you. A moment of deep meditation, strategizing and revisit of your long time plans would do today.

Add to your thoughts action, to your action, add passion, to your passion, add enthusiasm, to your enthusiasm, add faith, to your faith, add patience, to your patience, add endurance, to your endurance, add tenacity. Within this cycle lies the fulfillment of all your desires.

That mindset you have would be a reality soon, that marriage can work, you are getting your dream job soon, you are touching those dimensions of God that look seemingly impossible, that spiritual metamorphosis is becoming a reality.

I tell you, I believe in your future and the fulfilment of your dreams. With love, I write you this morning fam. I’m here waiting in patience to here of your milestone and read about your impacts on the dailies.



After receiving volumes of messages from different people online as they desire my stand and comments on the late happenings in the body of Christ. Some said to me, “you disturb us with daily posts but you are mute on the recent happenings”, others said I’m an hypocrite if I remain mute and they would unfriend me soon.

I’m not writing this to satisfy anyone or because of what anyone said to me, I’m only writing as a result of the promptings I have at the moment and I’m only addressing the fact that I will remain mute till necessity is placed upon me in right earnest. To those who are still going to crucify me for this, I’m all yours. I have positioned myself on the cross already, you can drive in your nails. 


1. The social media is a platform where everyone has an opinion. No wonder on our facebook status, we see this question “what’s on your mind?”. Don’t be deceived when someone criticizes your post or like your post. Your post will always attract people because the platform is now a market and people are so gullible in this age, even when someone shares lies or something sarcastic people would like it. 

That a man gets volumes of likes and comments doesn’t mean everything he does is right. Even porn sites and personalities have more followers, comments and likes than the church and her personalities from statistics.

2. I don’t have time to argue with anyone because arguments can’t save a soul neither those it really transform lives. I don’t want to add to the damages because the ones on ground is still yet to be fixed.

3. We are in a generation where everything wrong can be justified with scriptures while the rights justified with scriptures are now called heresy. It is not all ” believers” that deserves our attention if truly we desire to grow spiritual. 

I don’t have time to respond to believers who sees nothing wrong in seeing “Big Brother Naija (the modern day pornography)” but sees everything wrong in paying tithes. I remember writing an article on the reasons why believers shouldn’t get involved in the act but the responses I got was very sarcastic.

4. I can’t argue with folks who believe that there is nothing wrong with paying 1 million for table of 5 at a comedy show but pastors are wrong for selling spiritual devotionals for #1,000.

5. I can’t afford the luxury of talking to a man who thinks he is up to the task to insulting a man of God whose last born is older than him and his own salvation is traceable to the impact of the man he has been insulting. You can’t bite the finger that has once feed you and not feel the pains too.

6. I don’t have time to listen to conversations of how you think a pastor has missed it when you yourself have no place on the platform of impact, transformation and the supernatural. No man gets to the top by trying to pull others ahead of him down. 

7. I don’t want to listen to men who accuse other that are increasing in grace as being proud while they that feel they are humble, God is resisting them of spearheading a transformation. Remember, “He resists the proud and gives grace to the humble”.

To those that used to be in the world like me, you should be able to answer this, where is Kelly Handsome who tried to start his music career by insulting M.I who has a proven record he is yet to achieve? Where is Nico Gravity who thought he will emerge on the platform of greatness in music by singing about the faults of Timaya who was ahead of him?

The questions are; what has our arguments over time added to the body of Christ? How many souls has it saved? How many people has it healed? How as it caused us to love one another with the unity of the body of Christ? Has these issues caused us to pray?

If you think someone is wrong as a believer then if you know the right thing do it and let’s see the results.

My heart bleeds at this present happenings when I see men fighting themselves on these online, when we are seeking and capitalizing on the opinion of a mere unbeliever, when believers are becoming enemies of one another, when men are now leaving social media platforms because of these as they neglect their assignments online, when the space of division in the body of Christ that we are met to close is now been expanded by our shortcomings, when I have to know the basis of what someone believes about tithing, eternal security and grace before I can his or her friend in the body of Christ.

A breed is rising. Please, if you are angry with me with this piece, we can disagree in love and agree later in the future. I want you to know that I love you and the present circumstances can’t rob me of my love for you. I remain your brother in transformation.



This message goes to every christians, especially young Christians & young ministers. You will need to think twice if all you are hearing about our Fathers in faith is what you are believeing!

1. Brethren, think twice if you are taking side with a particular teaching or concept in the scripture because it’s popular or trending. It does matter, think twice, maintain a balance.

2. Think twice if your General Overseer/Bishop has not been attacked/persecuted, those that are facing persecution might not be wrong either. It might just be a misconception or misunderstanding.

3. Think twice if you are still a young minister and you’re open to fresh insight of the scriptures or Rhema. Never despise old minister whether they are right or “wrong”, don’t think they are irrelevant. These are men who have history with God while you are just starting out.

4. You will need to think twice if as a young christian you are in support of condemning and chiding ministers of God especially on social media either they are right or wrong. God has never given anyman condemnation or correction as a ministry.

5. Think twice  when you are quick and apt to respond or reply on social media on a dicy matter such as the Church, clergy, Holyspirit and giving at this perilous time all in the name of speaking the truth. All those posts or articles are genuinely sponsored by the devil through the unbelievers. Yes! you might be speaking the truth but is your truth in LOVE?

6. Think twice and examine yourself if all your christian experience is reduced to mere teachings or talks. Stylishly, you have excuse the miraculous or signs, wonders from your ministry, tour excuse is fake prophets, pastors are out there, check your Bible and Jesus’ ministry!

7. Think twice if your conclusion about  Christianity is not balanced in this perilous time. If your perception is affected by the falsehood you are hearing, news such as ‘the devil is in control or nobody is preaching the gospel’. Let me tell you there are still people preaching the gospel, winning soul and doing ministry right. Last month a woman of God named Pastor Victor Karen  went to Pakistan to minister and gather over 34,000 people in such an islamic nation, souls were won, you need to see healings.

8. Think twice if you still believe ministry is only when you are a pastor and you are a  christian youth. God want to raise you as a minister in all sectors including commerce and politics.

9. You will really need to think twice if you have receive the Holyspirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues and we can not come with divine strategies, ideas, solutions to every day problems in the nations. Verily, verily I say to you, you have not only receive the Holyspirit to fight the devil or Vibrate in prayers. There is more responsibilities attached to your life.



There are three kinds of people living on earth today, those who waste their lives, those who spend their lives and those who invest their life.

As a growing up lad, we all had aspirations of what to become in the future. However, we will discover we are far from it at the moment. As you read this book, something is telling you, you must be a minister of the Gospel, a medical doctor, an entrepreneur, etc. 

It may look impossible but do not settle for less. Don’t want that career. Follow God’s plan for your life. 

We have put our hands into the plough, we can’t look back. We will declare the Gospel all over the nations of the earth. We will behave like it, appear like it everywhere we go and we will say it aloud. This will we do till we see Him in glory.

Will you make a decision to be all that Christ has died for you to become today?

God has given everyone an equal opportunity to have a fulfilled life, but life’s fulfilment is solely dependent on man’s obedience to God’s leadings and continuous strive for growth and development. 

The bible says in Proverbs 4: 18 – “But the path of the just is as a shining light that shineth more and more unto the perfect day”; there can never be a more upon another more if complacency is the other of the day. 

If you are contented with reading your bible for 30minutes daily, praying 10 minutes daily, having just a degree when you need to have more, having just one kiosk when you need a plot of land et cetera, the scripture is not being fulfilled. 

There should always be an improvement on the previous; that is when we can now say our lights are shining more and more. 

Everyone predestined by God has a high calling, a mission and vision to actualize, but most times this high calling is not actualized because of complacency i.e. enjoying the crib of our comfort zone even when God is calling out for more. 

Any field we find ourselves to serve, it is expected of us to move from our comfort Zone and keep blazing the trail, finding more paths and setting more paces.

Our assignment is to show the world all the qualities of God, to make people hungry to know God and want to change their life. God has put us among unbelievers to make us their deliverers.

God always raises deliverers from among his people! We all are deliverers where God has put us! Like the light of this world, we are called to bring God’s relief and comfort.

Excerpts from the book, “IMPACT DRIVEN LIFE” coming soon. Anticipate.