BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY 1 By David Oghenerobor

BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY 1 By David Oghenerobor

Joshua 18:3 KJV

And Joshua said unto the children of Israel, How long are ye slack to go to possess the land, which the Lord God of your fathers hath given you? 

I have met so many people with dreams and “wishes”. They have expectations of the kind of man or woman they should be. But they don’t look like they moving towards that at all.

I have seen people who want to grow spiritually, they talk about how “One Day” they will pray for 15 hours, or a time will come when they will win 50 souls per month, or how they will become voracious readers. But when you watch them closely today you see that they’ve not started doing anything.

If you fall into that category or you know someone who does, my question is this: WHEN WILL YOU BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY?

In the verse above, the land had been given to the children of Israel, but they were so slack to possess it. Joshua had to persuade them again and again to go take what was already theirs. 

The problem is that many of us feel that may be because God has said this is what we will become then it’s done and we don’t have any part to play. Well, that’s half truth!

God speaks the end of a thing from the beginning. But whether it will come to pass the way he said it, has a lot to do with us.

Isaiah 42:9 KJV

Behold, the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them.

You that wants to grow to pray for up to 10hours, have you started praying for at least 30 mins per day?

You that wants to heal the crippled, have you started praying for the people with headache around you? 

You that wants to hear God, have you started reading the written word?

You say you want to make spiritual progress, who are your friends? 

Or Do you give up on Godly things once it starts getting boring?


I know you will begin Now!
I love you, you’re blessed.


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