I was privilege to grace a meeting sometime ago and I was astonished by the response of the young folks to the result of His presence at the meeting. After the meeting, some young folks followed me as I prepared to leave the location after moments of returning all the glory to God. 

Those that were able to reach me said “sir, what a wonderful moment of being under your ministration, can you pray with us and impact us with the grace to do what you are doing”. I believe in impartation and transference of spirit because I have experienced the realities at work in my life but I took a moment to listen to the voice within me.

I didn’t want to do the usual of laying hands on them as I have always done to pray for them to receive what they desire as their faith would have them. Then comes the voice from within me saying “if you only show them what you are doing and pray for them to have the kind of results you have in ministry without telling them the process, you are doing more harm to them than the good you think you are doing”.

I stood back speechless in awe and asked for wisdom to attend to these people. I got a bail out, I told them in few minutes about the process and told them to do the reqiuisite as the first step to get what they desired. I gave them an assignment to engage them that very day and told them to call me afterward then I will pray with them for the grace that they desire.

To my amazement, none of them called me even as I write now. I concluded that they only want the results but are not ready to pay the price for the process. I would have imparted them by praying for them to have a grace that would depart from them due to their irresponsibility to the process.

Hear me friends, don’t desire a grace you are not ready to do the demands. This is one of the reasons many anointed hands have been layed on some folks but still find themselves on the same level. There is a price for the dimensions and heights you desire. The people you see there didn’t just arrive there,  they climbed till they made it overtime.

If you think there is a shortcut to see that results and impacts you desire, then it must be a broad way to not seeing that result when you are not ready to follow the demands. Instead of concentrating more on the result of those great men you love, concentrate more on how they got their results. Talking, appearing, walking, and behaving like them would not make any difference until you do the secret things they do.

Impartation is not a shortcut to the process, what it really does is to create in you more hunger, desperation, strength and commitment to the process.

A young folk met me recently and said “how on earth can I get to do what you are doing especially in the place of your consistency”. I smiled and said when you are ready to lose your sleeps, breakfasts, seeing movies, comfort and pleasures. He looked offended and I asked him “can you wakeup in the middle of the night meditating for hours? can you sit on the chair for hours reading things for your personal development and not for academic examination without your eyes closing at all?


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