We have companies of men around us and also companies of virtues within us. The company of men around us are our siblings, spouse, neighbors, course mates and so on while the company within us are our potentials, gifts, expertise, dexterity and so on.

It is the company within us that improves us for the company around us to approve us.

Oftentimes, we hang out, have fun and go on a date with the company around us to make our days memorable and eventful. Spending time with the company within you does not really make your day memorable, it makes it worth it and more fulfilled.

It is the quality of time spent with the company within that determines the quality of your life. As you plan your days to create time for the company around you, create more time for the company within you.

Make your loneliness your best friend, your quite time, your best time and your secret place, your permanent address where God can always find you.

Personally, after moments of attending to stuffs and people doing the day, I take out time at midnight to spend time with myself, to meditate, plan and talk to myself in quiteness. When some folks spend the night with me, many say I’m kind of weird, when they wake up and see me sitting down at midnight and sometimes looking at the mirror in silence. I always told them, everyone need to adopt this strategy to leave a balanced life with maximum impact.

So disappointing today that many folks attend to their bosses but fail to attend to themselves all day long, render help to others but fail to meet their own personal needs, talk to others but fail to talk to themselves, encourage others but fail to encourage themselves and admire others but fail to admire the kind of personality God has made them.

Within you lies all that eyes have not seen, ears haven’t heard, no man has conceived. They are the treasures in earthen vessels, solutions to problems of the spheres of this world, influence people desire to reckon with and healings of the nation’s ills.

Make new decisions today, hang out with your potentials today. Have a timeout with the company within you by having moments of retreat, meditations, visit the library, read books, watch tapes, attend conferences and leverage on the supernatural by praying.

I can hear the cry of potentials inside many young people across the nations. Potentials are taken to and used in the wrong environment. Some are yelling to God saying; “oh Lord, why did you commit me to a man who can’t spend time with me and is irresponsible to my demand”. 

Don’t let your potential cry too long before attending to it. Make today count.


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